A retrospective look at 2018 for the European HIMSS Communities

2018年欧盟卫生数据交换战略初显成效,2019年将共同促进卫生保健 IT 发展

2018-12-27 11:21:29 Healthcareitnews


This is the time of the year when we take a moment to look back at the work of our HIMSS communities in Europe during the past 12 months and create new goals for the year to come. For a number of reasons, 2018 has made us proud and energized to make 2019 the best it can be.  This quote encapsulates best the drive behind the work of our Nordic community. We started with small steps in March during the Nordic Workshop at HIMSS18, discussing ownership and use of data within national health systems. The more we deep-dived into the philosophical questions of who owns the data and what the greater good (or threat) would be from its use – the more we realised that we are hitting nails while trying to drive down the road. The rhetoric shifted a few months later during the HIMSS Europe annual conference in Spain – from the ever-pressing “how” to “why” we need interoperability and what’s in for the patient. We “brought to life” patient Julie and Julie’s story of shuffling between Nordic countries all while trying to live a normal life as a young student diagnosed with diabetes Type 1. By looking into how we can help Julie and her condition, a momentum for the Nordics to step up as a region in view of EU Strategy for a Pan-European exchange of health data came to the surface.  In 2019, HIMSS Nordic Community will be showcasing their vision for interoperable and integrated Nordic health system by demonstrating the value for the patient when roadblocks are removed. Under the tagline “Today a Challenge, Tomorrow a Reality”, the Community is looking into enabling patient freedom to live and act in national and cross-border open healthcare ecosystems, which is the picture painted by EU eHealth project "Digital health and care" and Nordic Innovation’s “2030 Nordic Health System Vision". I take the occasion to invite every Nordic stakeholder to be part of the change and join the Nordic Delegation to HIMSS19 for an actionable start of the year.  These were the words of Erik Gerritsen, Permanent Secretary of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, shared with the HIMSS Dutch Community during Community’s annual trip to the US. From beginning to end, 2018 marked an incredibly action- and outcome-oriented journey for the Dutch community. From Las Vegas to Sitges and Amsterdam – this Community always came in highest numbers and with unrivalled vivacity; no matter the global, Pan-European, or local context of the annual community meetings. In addition to “act now”, the Dutch were extraordinarily successful at matching those who own the problems with those who own the solutions – with the patient in the driver’s seat of innovation! This became ever more apparent with the merge of our two brands: “HIMSS” and “Health 2.0”. Namely, the HIMSS community centers on hospitals and healthcare systems while Health 2.0 is a grassroots movement with a great startup scene. The two worlds were first brought together in Europe with the “HIMSS Europe 18 and Health 2.0” Conference hosted under the patronage of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands. The model raised the bar for digital health conferences in Europe, and even more so, it received its twin at the community level with “Patient Included” hosted by HIMSS Dutch Community and Health 2.0 Amsterdam. It comes as no surprise that the Netherlands was selected as the second most innovative country in the world for 2018 according to the Global Innovation Index (GII). From virtual hospitals to connected homes, the Community sees innovation as the panacea to scarcity of resources, especially of leadership, adoption, labour, and financial nature. The Community will be addressing these in 2019, during its first annual touchpoint in February at HIMSS19.   Another European community that will be coming along with a delegation to HIMSS19, is the HIMSS French Community. The French community programme will offer a sneak peek into the future, exploring the roadmap on how to enable data-driven decisions in healthcare and at the same time performing a reality check on where is France with structuring data to inform clinical pathways, AI performance and clinicians’ readiness. The discussion is set to continue during HIMSS Liege in April to include the patient and the local innovation ecosystem in designing solutions that are easy to implement and scale. The HIMSS Italian Community celebrated its first anniversary in March earlier this year with the 2018 goal to provide thought leadership and bring onboard each of Italy’s 20 regions in the advancement of country’s digital health agenda. This, alongside an extraordinary sense of community, has shaped the Italian membership as one of the most active and engaging multi-stakeholder local HIMSS groups in Europe during the past year. From “GDPR Code of Conduct” to an advanced postgraduate course in Health Information Management Systems by ALTEMS, the Health Information Systems laboratory at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) and the HIMSS Italian Community, this Community has been one of the most prolific and entrepreneurial communities at HIMSS. The November meeting saw more than 100 delegates get together in Rome to tackle various topics around data and IT security, the continuum of care, and international cooperation. It also marked the launch of an Italian chapter of the Women in Health IT Community, and the graduation of the first generation of students of the aforementioned UCSC-ALTEMS programme. UCSC-ALTEMS is now accepting applications for the 2019 class of the Healthcare Information Systems course before 19 February next year.  The Community’s next gathering in Milan in March 2019 will address issues about the role of women and leadership in healthcare IT in Italy to then help share community actions, which will include an Italian Pavilion, planned for HIMSS Europe 19 and Health 2.0. On that note, mark in your calendars 11-13 June 2019 to be in Helsinki, Finland and see all the communities that HIMSS has forged internationally come together to foster the development of a health care IT ecosystem and advance sharing of best practice examples. And that’s a wrap. To a great 2019 ahead! Angela Velkova is the HIMSS EMEA Director for Communities and Strategic Relations.
这是我们在过去12个月中回顾欧洲 HIMSS 社区工作并为来年制定新目标的一年。出于多种原因,2018年让我们感到自豪和充满活力,让2019年成为最好的。 这句话最好地概括了北欧社会工作背后的推动力。我们从3月在 HIMSS18北欧讲习班期间开始迈出了一小步,讨论国家卫生系统中数据的所有权和使用问题。我们越深入探讨谁拥有数据以及数据使用带来的更大好处(或威胁)是什么这一哲学问题,我们越是意识到,我们在试图沿着这条路走下去的同时,正打着钉子。 几个月后,在西班牙 HIMSS 欧洲年会上,这种论调发生了变化,从日益紧迫的“如何”到“为什么”我们需要互操作性,以及病人需要什么。我们把患者朱莉和朱莉的故事“带到了生活”中,讲述了北欧国家之间的洗牌,同时试图作为一名诊断为糖尿病1型的年轻学生过正常的生活。通过研究我们如何帮助朱莉和她的状况,从欧盟泛欧洲卫生数据交换战略的角度看,北欧国家成为一个地区的势头浮出水面。 2019年, HIMSS Nordic Community 将展示他们对可互操作和整合的北欧卫生系统的愿景,展示在拆除路障时患者的价值。在“今天的挑战,明天的现实”这一口号下,社区正在寻求使患者能够自由地生活和行动,在国家和跨国界开放的医疗生态系统中,这是欧盟电子健康项目“数字健康和保健”和北欧创新的“2030北欧卫生系统愿景”描绘的画面。我借此机会邀请所有北欧利益攸关方参与这一变革,并加入北欧常驻 HIMSS19代表团,争取今年开始采取行动。 这是荷兰卫生、福利和体育部常任秘书 Erik Gerritsen 的话,他在社区前往美国期间与荷兰 HIMSS 社区分享了这些话。 从一开始到结束,2018年对荷兰社区来说是一个令人难以置信的行动和注重结果的旅程。从拉斯维加斯到西斯和阿姆斯特丹——无论年度社区会议是全球性的、泛欧的还是地方性的,这个社区总是以最高的数量和无可匹敌的活力出现。 除了“现在就采取行动”以外,荷兰人在将那些拥有问题的人与拥有解决方案的人相匹配方面非常成功——患者处于创新的驱动地位。随着我们两个品牌“ HIMSS ”和“ Health 2.0”的合并,这一点变得越来越明显。即 HIMSS 社区以医院和医疗系统为中心,而健康2.0是一个具有良好启动场景的基层运动。在荷兰卫生、福利和体育部的赞助下,这两个世界首次在欧洲召开了“ HIMSS 欧洲18和健康2.0”会议。该模型提高了欧洲数字健康会议的门槛,更重要的是,它在社区层面接受了由荷兰 HIMSS 社区和阿姆斯特丹健康2.0主办的“患者包括”活动。 根据全球创新指数( GII ),荷兰被选为2018年全球第二大创新国家并不令人意外。从虚拟医院到联网家庭,社区认为创新是解决资源稀缺的灵丹妙药,尤其是领导能力、收养、劳动力和金融性质。共同体将于2019年在其2月在 HIMSS19举行的第一次年度会议上讨论这些问题。 另一个欧洲共同体将与 HIMSS19代表团一起出席,是 HIMSS 法国共同体。法国社区计划将提供一个窥视未来的机会,探讨如何在医疗保健领域实现数据驱动决策的路线图,同时对法国的结构数据进行现实检查,以了解临床路径、 AI 表现和临床医生的准备情况。今年4月 HIMSS Liege 期间将继续讨论,将患者和当地创新生态系统纳入设计易于实施和扩展的解决方案。 今年3月早些时候, HIMSS 意大利社区庆祝了其成立一周年,目标是提供思想领导能力,并将意大利20个地区的每个地区都纳入国家数字健康议程的推进中。在过去的一年中,除了一种特殊的社区意识之外,这也塑造了意大利的会员资格,成为欧洲最活跃、最吸引多方利益相关者参与的地方 HIMSS 团体之一。 从" GDPR 行为守则"到 ALTEMS 举办的卫生信息管理系统高级研究生课程、 Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 大学( UCSC )卫生信息系统实验室和 HIMSS 意大利社区,该社区一直是 HIMSS 最多产和创业社区之一。 11月的会议上,100多名代表齐聚罗马,讨论有关数据和 IT 安全、持续关怀和国际合作的各种问题。它还标志着发起了一个意大利章节的妇女在卫生信息技术社区,并毕业的第一代学生的上述 UCSC-ALTEMS 方案。UCSC-ALTEMS 现在正在接受在明年2月19日之前的2019年医疗信息系统课程的申请。 该社区将于2019年3月在米兰举行下一次会议,讨论有关意大利医疗 IT 领域女性和领导者角色的问题,以帮助分享社区行动,其中包括计划在 HIMSS Europe 19和 Health 2.0举办的意大利展馆。 在这方面,在您2019年6月11-13日的日历中,标记将位于芬兰赫尔辛基,并看到 HIMSS 在国际上建立的所有社区团结在一起,以促进卫生保健 IT 生态系统的发展和最佳实践范例的提前分享。 那是个包装。向伟大的2019年前进!