Tenet Healthcare Reaches Agreement With Cigna On Multi-Year Contract


2019-01-02 18:12:02 RTTNews


Tenet Healthcare Corp. (THC) said that it has signed a new, multi-year agreement with Cigna Corporation. The agreement provides Cigna members covered under its commercial health plans with uninterrupted in-network access to Tenet providers, including hospitals, outpatient centers and employed physicians. In addition, all Tenet facilities remain in-network providers for Medicare beneficiaries that are insured by a Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plan. Ron Rittenmeyer, Tenet's Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are pleased to have reached a successful resolution with Cigna. We believe this is the right outcome for our patients, employees and communities, and we look forward to continuing to serve Cigna members around the country today and in years to come." For comments and feedback contact: editorial@rttnews.com Business News
Tenet Healthcare Corp ( THC )表示,已与 Cigna Corporation 签署了一项新的多年协议。该协议规定 Cigna 成员在其商业健康计划中可以不间断地通过网络访问 Tenet 供应商,包括医院、门诊中心和在职医生。此外,所有 Tenet 设施仍然是由 Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage 计划承保的 Medicare 受益人的网络内提供者。 Tenet 的执行主席兼首席执行官 RonRittenemeyer 说:“我们很高兴与 Cigna 达成一项成功的解决方案。我们相信这对我们的患者、员工和社区来说是正确的结果,我们期待着在今天和未来几年继续为 Cigna 会员服务。” 有关意见和反馈,请联系: edition @ rttnews.com 商业新闻