After blueprinting R&D hub, AbbVie dishes out $105M for CD39 pact with Tizona's new CEO from Roche

AbbVie斥资1.05亿美元与医疗公司 Tizona 签订 CD39协议

2019-01-04 16:00:00 endpoint News


With the $10 billion Rova-T program seemingly headed toward the cliff, AbbVie is turning to an early-stage collaboration for a longer shot at cancer drug success. For its latest foray into the tumor microenvironment, AbbVie has partnered up Tizona Therapeutics, an MPM-founded biotech located just up the road from the oncology R&D hub that AbbVie is building at Oyster Point, South San Francisco. The $105 million in upfront cash — in addition to an equity investment — will get AbbVie an exclusive option to license the CD39 program including TTX-030, whose IND has just scored the go-ahead from the FDA. Tizona is responsible for all the clinical work up to Phase Ib, at which point AbbVie will decide whether to take over development and future commercialization. Inhibiting CD39, the companies say, seems to restore and bolster immune responses against tumors based on preclinical findings. “The ATP-adenosine axis has recently emerged as a key immune regulatory switch in the tumor microenvironment (TME) by controlling the inflammatory and suppressive activities of immune cells,” they write. “CD39 is the enzyme responsible for the initial steps in the conversion of immune stimulatory extracellular ATP to immune suppressive adenosine in the TME.” These being early days for CD39 — Innate Pharma is working on an IND for a rival program — AbbVie and Tizona are gunning for first-in-class status with clinical studies scheduled to start this quarter. Tizona is placing this new pact, and more, in the hands of new CEO Scott Clarke, who was most recently Roche’s global head of oncology partnering and head of Asia and emerging markets partnering.
随着100亿美元的 Rova-T 项目似乎走向悬崖, AbbVie 正转向早期合作,寻求更长时间的抗癌药物成功。 为了进入肿瘤微环境的最新尝试, AbbVie 与 Tizona Therapeutics 公司合作, Tizona Therapeutics 是一家由 MPM 创立的生物技术公司,位于旧金山南部 Oyster Point 的 AbbVie 正在建造的肿瘤研发中心的道路上。 这笔1.05亿美元的前期现金——除了股权投资——将使 AbbVie 获得许可 CD39项目的独家选择,其中包括 TTX-030,其 IND 刚刚获得 FDA 的许可。Tizona 负责到 Ib 期的所有临床工作,届时 AbbVie 将决定是否接手开发和未来商业化。 这些公司表示,根据临床前的发现,抑制 CD39似乎可以恢复和增强对肿瘤的免疫反应。 “ ATP-腺苷轴线最近通过控制免疫细胞的炎症和抑制活动而成为肿瘤微环境( TME )的关键免疫调节开关,”他们写道。“ CD39是负责将免疫刺激细胞外 ATP 转化为 TME 中免疫抑制腺苷的最初步骤的酶。” 这是 CD39的早期阶段—— Innate Pharma 正在为一个竞争对手的项目开发一个 IND —— AbbVie 和 Tizona 正准备在本季度开始的临床研究中获得一流的地位。 Tizona 正将这一新协议置于新首席执行官斯科特•克拉克( Scott Clarke )的手中。克拉克最近是罗氏( Roche )全球肿瘤合作主管,亚洲和新兴市场合作主管。