Here's Why Eli Lilly Stock Surged 37% in 2018

2018年礼来公司取得惊人收益,今年又一款偏头痛新药或将获 FDA 批准

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Following years of stagnation, Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY), a big U.S. pharmaceutical company, produced market-thumping gains last year. According to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, the stock gained 37% in 2018. Last year it became clear that smart moves in recent years have set the company up for a growth spurt that's long overdue. In June the FDA smashed Lilly's hope for significant U.S. sales from its oral rheumatoid arthritis treatment, Olumiant. The FDA approved a dosage considered too low to be effective, limited it to patients resistant to Humira, and slapped a black-box warning on the label. Image source: Getty Images. Lilly overcame its Olumiant setback with encouraging sales results for products launched since 2014 and a spin-off of its animal health business into a separate company. The Elanco Animal Health (NYSE: ELAN) initial public offering netted $1.7 billion. Lilly still owns around 80% of the spin-off and accepted most of the IPO proceeds as partial consideration for the business Lilly transferred to Elanco. In addition to the spin-off they wanted, investors were thrilled to see sales of eight drugs launched since 2014 reach $5.1 billion during the first nine months of the year. That was a 65% gain over the previous year, and we could see big gains from Lilly's rookie lineup in 2019. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Lilly launched Emgality, a new monthly injection that significantly reduces the number of migraine headaches people suffer. In 2019, the FDA could approve another new drug from Lilly to stop migraine pain after it starts. If the agency green-lights the application Lilly sent in last year, lasmiditan will become the first new acute pain relief option migraine patients have seen in decades. Emgality will have to tussle with some competition from Amgen and Teva, but that isn't the only drug about to add more than $1 billion to Lilly's top line in 2019. Last February, the FDA expanded Verzenio's label to include newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Pfizer's Ibrance is a similar therapy that racked up $3 billion in sales during the first nine months of 2018 as a treatment for this group, and Lilly's offering could do just as well. More From The Motley Fool Cory Renauer has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends Amgen. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.
在经历了多年的停滞之后,美国大型制药公司礼来制药( NYSE : LLY )去年取得了惊人的收益。根据标普全球市场情报公司( S & P Global Market Intelligence )的数据,2018年该股上涨了37%。去年,显而易见的是,近年来的明智举措已经让该公司实现了早就该实现的快速增长。 今年6月,食品药品监督管理局(FDA)粉碎了礼来公司希望其口服风湿性关节炎治疗药物 Oluminant 在美国的巨大销售。食品药品监督管理局(FDA)批准了一种被认为太低而不有效的剂量,将其限制在对 Humira 耐药的患者身上,并在标签上贴上了黑盒警告。 图片来源: Getty Images 。 礼来公司克服了 Olumant 的挫折,自2014年以来推出的产品获得了令人鼓舞的销售业绩,并将动物保健业务分拆为另一家公司。Elanco 动物健康公司( NYSE : ELAN )首次公开发行( IPO )获得17亿美元的净利润。礼来公司仍持有分拆约80%的股权,并接受了大部分 IPO 所得,作为礼来公司转让给 Elanco 业务的部分对价。 除了他们想要的分拆外,投资者还兴奋地看到,2014年以来推出的8种药物在今年头9个月的销售额达到51亿美元。这比前一年增长了65%,我们可以看到 Lilly 的新秀阵容在2019年大有收获。 2018年第四季度,礼来公司推出了 Emgality ,这是一个新的月度注射剂,显著减少了偏头痛患者的患病人数。在2019年,食品药品监督管理局(FDA)可能批准另一种新药 Lilly ,以阻止偏头痛后开始。如果机构绿灯的应用 Lilly 在去年发出,拉西米坦将成为第一个新的急性疼痛缓解选项偏头痛患者已经看到了几十年。 Emgality 将不得不与 Amgen 和 Teva 的一些竞争对手争吵,但这并不是 Lilly 2019年收入超过10亿美元的唯一药物。去年2月,食品药品监督管理局(FDA)将 Verzenio 的标签扩大到包括新诊断的乳腺癌患者。辉瑞( Pfizer )的 Ibrance 也是一种类似的治疗方法,在2018年前9个月的销售额达到30亿美元,作为对该集团的治疗,礼来公司的产品也可以做到这一点。 更多来自《摩托利的脚》 Cory Renauer 在上述股票中没有任何头寸。Motley Fool 推荐 Amgen 。Motley Fool 有披露政策。