The Green Organic Dutchman Appoints Chief Science Officer

加拿大大麻公司 TGOD 任命 Rav Kumar 为首席科学官,曾任职于GSK

2019-01-19 07:50:00 BioSpace


The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (the "Company" or "TGOD") (TSX:TGOD) (US:TGODF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Rav Kumar, PhD as the Company's Chief Science Officer. Dr. Kumar will lead The Green Organic Dutchman's Science & Innovation Division and oversee all aspects of science-related initiatives including TGOD's science portfolio encompassing advanced and innovative global product lines for patients and consumers. Dr. Kumar will help drive innovation from concept to commercialization at the Company. With over 25+ years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Kumar is a seasoned senior executive with international experience in Europe, Asia and North America. His career has focussed on discovery, formulation development, clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, quality & compliance and business development. Additionally, he has created several multimillion-dollar industry-academic partnerships and received the 2014 Award for Leadership in Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences. "We are incredibly excited to welcome Dr. Kumar to TGOD. He is a proven and seasoned senior executive with extensive international pharmaceutical experience in developing innovative and novel products with some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies," stated Brian Athaide, CEO and Director of TGOD. "We believe Dr. Kumar, combined with our recent additions of Dr. MacCallum and Jacques Dessureault, establishes a strong foundation for our science and medical team and will provide leadership in global organic cannabis to drive premium innovative solutions for both patients and consumers," continued Athaide. Previously, Dr. Kumar held various senior leadership roles with GlaxoSmithKline with assignments in the UK, France and Canada, spanning 25 years. His positions included Vice President R&D Operations, and Business Development & Classic Brands. GSK is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and has a market capitalization of CAD $129 billion. Dr. Kumar was involved in the development of numerous global new chemical entities, vaccines and new products at GSK. Further, Dr. Kumar played a pivotal role in building GSK's Research and Development capability in Canada. Additionally, he conceived and executed a $150M spin-out of GSK's Vaccines R&D Unit to create Neomed Biologics and Vaccines Centre of Excellence in Montreal. Prior to joining TGOD, Dr. Kumar was Managing Director of Apotex India, Apotex's largest investment outside of Canada and included pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing. He was instrumental in establishing "Apotex Global Business Services" in Mumbai, providing medical, scientific, and commercial services to Apotex globally. Dr. Kumar was instrumental in building out a new leadership team, business processes in addition to strengthening alignment and relationships with Apotex global operations. Apotex is Canada's largest private pharmaceutical company with global annual sales of several billion dollars. Dr. Kumar's notable volunteer and board experience includes President of the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences, board member of CQDM – Pharmaceutical Consortium for Drug Discovery Platforms, and National Steering Committee for Patient-Oriented Research (Canadian Institute of Health Research - CIHR) among others. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Bath, UK and a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) from the University of Cardiff, UK. On Behalf of the Board of Directors, The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. About The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TSX:TGOD) is a publicly traded, premium global organic cannabis company, with operations focused on medical cannabis markets in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as the Canadian adult-use market. The Company grows high quality, organic cannabis with sustainable, all-natural principles. TGOD's products are laboratory tested to ensure patients have access to a standardized, safe and consistent product. TGOD has a funded capacity of 170,000 kgs and is building 1,382,000 sq. ft. of cultivation facilities across Ontario, Quebec and Jamaica. TGOD's Common Shares and warrants issued under the indenture dated November 1, 2017 trade on the TSX under the symbol "TGOD" and "TGOD.WT", respectively.
绿色有机荷兰控股有限公司(“公司”或“ TGOD ”)( TSX : TGOD )(美国: TGODF )高兴地宣布任命 Rav Kumar 博士为公司首席科学官。 库马尔博士将领导绿色有机荷兰人的科学和创新部,并监督与科学相关的计划的所有方面,包括 TGOD 的科学组合,包括先进和创新的全球产品线为患者和消费者。Kumar 博士将帮助公司推动创新从概念到商业化。 库马尔博士拥有超过25年的医药行业经验,在欧洲、亚洲和北美拥有丰富的国际经验。他的职业生涯集中在发现,配方开发,临床,监管,制造,质量和合规和业务发展。此外,他还建立了几个价值数百万美元的行业和学术伙伴关系,并获得了2014年加拿大医药科学领导力奖。 “我们非常高兴欢迎库马尔博士来 TGOD 。他是一位久经考验的高级管理人员,具有丰富的国际制药经验,在开发创新和新的产品与一些世界上最大的制药公司说:”布赖恩 Athadi ,首席执行官和主任 TGOD 。“我们相信库马尔博士,再加上我们最近增加的 MacCallum 博士和 JacquesDessurault ,为我们的科学和医疗团队奠定了坚实的基础,并将在全球有机大麻方面提供领导,以推动为患者和消费者提供优质的创新解决方案,” Athail 继续说。 在此之前, Kumar 博士曾在葛兰素史克担任过多个高级领导职务,在英国、法国和加拿大工作了25年。他的职位包括副总裁研发运营,以及商业开发和经典品牌。葛兰素史克是世界上最大的制药公司之一,市值1290亿加元。Kumar 博士参与了 GSK 的许多全球新化学实体、疫苗和新产品的开发。此外, Kumar 博士在建立 GSK 在加拿大的研发能力方面发挥了关键作用。此外,他构想并执行了 GSK 疫苗研发部门1.5亿美元的业务,以创建蒙特利尔的 Nemed Biologics 和疫苗卓越中心。 在加入 TGOD 之前, Kumar 博士是 Apotex India 的总经理, Apotex India 是 Apotex 在加拿大以外最大的投资,包括医药研发和制造。他在孟买帮助建立了“ Apotex 全球商业服务”,为 Apotex 全球提供医疗、科学和商业服务。Kumar 博士在建立新的领导团队、业务流程以及加强与 Apotex 全球运营的一致性和关系方面发挥了重要作用。Apotex 是加拿大最大的私营制药公司,全球年销售额达数十亿美元。 Kumar 博士的著名志愿者和董事会经验包括加拿大医药科学学会主席、 CQDM-药物发现平台药物联盟的董事会成员,以及面向病人的研究国家指导委员会(加拿大健康研究所- CIHR )等。 彼持有英国巴斯大学哲学博士及英国加的夫大学药剂学学士(荣誉)。 在董事会会议上, 荷兰绿色有机控股有限公司. 关于绿色有机荷兰控股有限公司. Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd .( TSX : TGOD )是一家公开交易的优质全球有机大麻公司,业务集中在加拿大、欧洲、加勒比和拉丁美洲的医用大麻市场以及加拿大成人使用市场。本公司以可持续、全自然的原则种植高品质、有机大麻。TGOD 的产品经过实验室测试,以确保患者获得标准化、安全、一致的产品。TGOD 的资金容量为170,000公斤,正在建设1,382,000平方米。ft 。在安大略、魁北克和牙买加的种植设施。 TGOD 根据日期为2017年11月1日的契约发行的普通股和认股权证在 TSX 上交易,代码为“ TGOD ”和“ TGOD ”。WT ”,分别为。