Marijuana News Today: Marijuana Stock Market Erratic to Start the Week

大麻股市变幻莫测: Canopy Growth , Hexo 强劲开局,Tilray急剧跳水

2019-01-22 07:55:00 PROFIT


When it comes to the cannabis stock market, it looks like January will close on an unpredictable note. The marijuana news today has pot stocks flying off in all directions, while Illinois looks to become yet another U.S. state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Before we get into today’s pot stock market performance, let’s take a quick look at the developments in Illinois. Recently-elected Governor J. B. Pritzker has brought with him a pro-marijuana agenda that could see Illinois become the 11th U.S. state to legalize recreational pot (if New York doesn’t beat them to it). (Source: “Illinois’ new governor touts legal marijuana, but will he remove roadblocks to expand medical pot?” Chicago Tribune, January 21, 2019.) Each state that modernizes its drug policy to reflect the will of its majority (by legalizing marijuana) helps build political momentum to an undeniable cascade that would force lawmakers on the national stage to also take up the issue. The likely outcome of a federal legislative vote on cannabis would be some relaxation of marijuana persecution, and therefore, a huge boost to marijuana stocks. While that scenario is months—maybe even years—away, each state that pushes forward with legalization brings us one step closer. Furthermore, a heartening thing we’re seeing in 2019 is that more and more states are taking up the legalization cause within their state houses, rather than deferring the issue to a public referendum. This has been a monumental shift in the process of marijuana legalization. It’s now becoming politically viable—and in some cases, politically necessary—for American politicians to support marijuana reform. If Illinois and New York become the 11th and 12th states to legalize recreational marijuana in the U.S., then expect to see the fight for federal marijuana legalization to kick into high gear. Moving away from the future to focus on the present, the marijuana news today has happenings both positive and negative in the pot stock market. First, Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC) stock was up nearly two percent in early-morning trading today, continuing a strong trend that has seen the stock gain almost 14% in the past five days. While much of these gains are the result of a strong start to 2019 in general (and several developments pertaining to CGC stock specifically, like gaining access to bank capital), today features another breakthrough for Canopy Growth stock: the company’s further expansion into the European market. (Source: “European Update: Spectrum Cannabis enters UK & Poland,” Cision PR Newswire, January 21, 2019.) Canopy Growth has long been interested in spreading its seed (so to speak) to markets far and wide, and a press release today has the company touting its success in the UK and Polish markets. The company has formed Spectrum Biomedical UK, which is looking to take advantage of the British government’s new classification of marijuana (which took effect in November 2018). The new classification permits specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medicines for a variety of ailments. Canopy Growth is using Spectrum to help spread the word of its marijuana products and put its medicines in the hands of doctors and patients. The company’s goal, of course, is to increase its overall share of the UK cannabis market. “Spectrum UK has the expertise and ambition to simplify the UK medicinal cannabis landscape and ensure access to cannabis-based medicinal products for patients with great clinical unmet need,” said Dr. Mark Ware, chief medical officer at Canopy Growth. The company also saw its operations in Poland, Spectrum Cannabis Polska, complete its first import of medical marijuana. This international expansion is a great step toward future success for Canopy Growth, and once again solidifies why I’ve long recommended CGC stock to buy-and-hold investors. Another big story in the marijuana news today has to do with Hexo Corp (OTCMKTS:HYYDF, TSE:HEXO). My favorite marijuana penny stock may not be a penny stock much longer, since its share price has seen huge growth over the past several weeks. HYYDF stock is now up over $7.00 a share, climbing five percent in early-morning trading today. Over the past five days, Hexo stock has gained more than eight percent. Just a few weeks ago, the stock was trading around $4.00, and my faithful readers (including those who subscribe to the Marijuana Millionaire newsletter) would know that I’ve been bullish on Hexo stock for months. This stock has not disappointed, with strong gains that are likely to continue growing as the company registers on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). (Source: “HEXO to begin trading on the NYSE American,” GlobeNewswire, January 17, 2019.) It has been no secret that Hexo was looking to jump to the NYSE, but now we have a firm date: this Wednesday. On January 23, the HYYDF stock ticker will be supplanted by the HEXO stock ticker, and we’ll see this gem of a marijuana company gain access to capital it had previously been unable to tap into—likely sending share prices soaring. For all the good news surrounding HEXO stock and CGC stock, one marijuana stock has taken a steep dive to start the week: Tilray Inc (NASDAQ:TLRY). Tilray stock had enjoyed a rather strong run in December and early January. Over the past week, however, the stock has reverted to its extremely volatile ways of old. TLRY stock fell by over seven percent in early-morning trading today, while the stock is down 20% over the past five days. As is usually the case with Tilray stock, much of this loss is more due to investor sentiment rather than any concrete news or developments. Which is to say, the wild up-and-down swings that we saw in TLRY stock last year (which I believed to be a thing of the past) have not quite been purged. As such, Tilray stock will likely continue to be an unpredictable—but still highly profitable—investment opportunity in 2019. The marijuana news today has me a little bewildered with all the developments, but by and large, it was a good way to start the week. Illinois is looking to become yet another pro-pot state, hastening the path toward full legalization in the United States. Meanwhile, marijuana stocks largely saw gains in the market today, even if some outliers dampened the celebratory mood.
当谈到大麻股票市场时,似乎1月份将以不可预测的价格收盘。今天的大麻新闻在各个方面都有涉及,而伊利诺斯州则希望成为美国另一个将大麻合法化用于娱乐用途的州。 在我们进入今天的股市表现之前,让我们先看看伊利诺伊州的发展情况。 最近当选的州长 J.B. Pritzker 带来了一个支持大麻的议程,伊利诺伊州可能会成为美国第11个将娱乐大麻合法化的州(如果纽约没有打败他们的话)。(来源:《芝加哥论坛报》,2019年1月21日。) 每一个将毒品政策现代化以反映其多数人的意愿(通过大麻合法化)的州,都有助于建立一种不可否认的级联的政治势头,这种级联将迫使处于国家层面的立法者也着手解决这个问题。 联邦立法对大麻进行表决的结果可能是某种程度上放松了对大麻的压制,从而极大地提振了大麻股票。 虽然这种情况是几个月甚至几年后才会出现的,但是每一个推动合法化的州都让我们走得更近一步。 此外,我们在2019年看到的一件令人欣慰的事情是,越来越多的州在自己的州议院内开始考虑合法化的原因,而不是将这个问题推迟到公开公投。 这是大麻合法化进程中的一个重大转变。现在,美国政界人士支持大麻改革在政治上变得可行——在某些情况下,这在政治上是必要的。 如果伊利诺伊州和纽约州成为美国第11个和第12个将娱乐用大麻合法化的州,那么预计联邦大麻合法化的战役将进入高潮。 把目光从未来转移到当下,今天的大麻新闻在大麻股票市场上既有正面的,也有负面的。 首先, Canopy Growth Corp ( NYSE : CGC )股票在今天早盘交易中上涨了近2%,延续了过去五天上涨近14%的强劲趋势。 尽管这些收益大部分来自于2019年的强劲开局(特别是与 CGC 股票相关的几个进展,比如获得银行资本),但如今, Canopy Growth 股票又出现了另一个突破:该公司进一步向欧洲市场扩张。(来源:“欧洲最新消息: Spectrum Cannabis 进入英国和波兰,” Cision 美通社,2019年1月21日)。 Canopy Growth 长期以来一直有意将其种子(可以说是一种比喻)推广到广泛的市场,今天发布的一份新闻稿也让该公司在英国和波兰市场取得了成功。 该公司已成立 Spectrum Biomedical UK ,希望利用英国政府新的大麻分类(于2018年11月生效)。新的分类允许专家医生为各种疾病开出以大麻为基础的药物。 大麻生长公司正在使用Spectrum帮助传播其大麻产品,并将其药品交由医生和病人手中。当然,该公司的目标是提高其在英国大麻市场的整体份额。 Canopy Growth 首席医疗官 Mark Ware 博士说:“ Spectrum UK 拥有简化英国药用大麻局势的专业知识和抱负,并确保为临床未满足需求的患者提供基于大麻的医药产品。” 该公司还看到其在波兰的业务, Spectrum Cannabis Polska ,完成了医用大麻首次进口。 这次国际扩张是 Canopy Growth 走向未来成功的重要一步,也再次巩固了我长期推荐 CGC 股票购买并持有投资者的理由。 今天大麻新闻中的另一个大新闻与 Hexo 公司有关。 我最喜欢的大麻便士级股票可能不再是便士级低价股票了,因为它的股价在过去几个星期里出现了巨大的增长。 目前, HYYDEF 股价上涨了7.00美元,在今天早盘交易中上涨了5%。在过去的五天里, Hexo 股票上涨了8%。 就在几周前,这只股票的交易价格在4.00美元左右,我忠实的读者(包括那些订阅《马里亚纳百万富翁通讯》( Marijuana Millionaire newsletter )的读者)会知道,几个月来我一直看好 Hexo 股票。 这只股票并不令人失望,随着公司在纽约证券交易所( NYSE )注册,其强劲的收益可能会继续增长。(来源:“ HEXO 将开始在美国纽约证券交易所交易,” GlobeNewswire ,2019年1月17日)。 目前尚不清楚, Hexo 打算跳槽到纽交所,但现在我们有了一个确定的日期:本周三。 1月23日, HYYDEF 的股票将被 HEXO 的股票行情所取代,我们将看到一家大麻公司的这颗宝石获得了它以前无法获得的资本——这可能导致股价飙升。 尽管HEXO 股票和 CGC 股票围绕着好消息,一只大麻股票在本周开始急剧跳水: Tilray 公司( NASDAQ : TLRY )。 Tilray 股票在12月和1月初都表现强劲。然而,在过去的一周里,该股已恢复到极不稳定的老路。 TLRY 股价在今天早盘交易中下跌了7%以上,而在过去的五天里下跌了20%。 正如 Tilray 股票通常的情况一样,大部分损失更多的是投资者情绪,而不是任何具体的消息或事态发展。也就是说,我们去年在 TLRY 股票上看到的上下剧烈波动(我认为这是过去的事情)并没有完全消除。 因此, Tilray 的股票很可能在2019年仍将是一个不可预测的、但仍很有利可图的投资机会。 今天的大麻新闻让我对所有的发展都有些困惑,但总的来说,这是一个开始这个星期的好方法。 伊利诺伊州正在寻求成为另一个支持大麻的州,加快在美国实现完全合法化的道路。 与此同时,尽管一些局外人抑制了欢庆气氛,但今天市场上的大麻股票大多出现上涨。