Speech recognition specialists Nuance joins Rewired as sponsor

Nuance 语音识别加入 Digital Health Rewired ,成为其赞助商

2019-01-26 15:32:00 digitalhealth


Speech recognition specialists Nuance Communications has been named as a sponsor for Digital Health Rewired. Nuance has joined as speaker sponsors of the Cloud and Mobile track of Digital Health Rewired. Dr Paul Altmann, CCIO at Oxford University Hospitals, will present on how the GDE trust is using speech recognition technologies. The new Rewired two-day conference and one-day exhibition is taking place on 25-26 March, Day one at Novotel Olympia and day two at London Olympia, and will connect health IT leaders and professionals with the latest disruptive digital health innovations. Developed for everyone working across NHS IT and the wider digital health sector, Digital Health Rewired will provide attendees with insights and ideas they can take back and implement in their organisation, while growing their professional network. Frederik Brabant, vice-president of Nuance Healthcare International, said: “We’ve been long term sponsors of the Digital Health Networks because it keeps us close to the news and views of those influencing and orchestrating digital and technological innovation in UK healthcare. “Over the years since we’ve been sponsors we established and built up some fruitful partnerships with our customers and prospects. “We’re excited to be involved in Rewired because it will be bringing healthcare buyers and HIT vendors together in a fresh environment of challenge, discovery and conversation.” He added: “Our sponsorship of the mobile and cloud track is another great opportunity to meet face-to-face and broaden and deepen those conversations.” Brabant added: “Delegates will get a chance to hear, not just from us, but from some of their peers who are successfully using our solutions to reduce the admin burden and costs associated with clinical correspondence and free clinicians from the chore of typing and clicking into the EPR to focus on patient care.” Jon Hoeksma, CEO of Digital Health, said: “Nuance are a true leader in the application of disruptive voice technologies and AI, which have huge potential across healthcare, including helping to address one of the key challenges of digitisation health organisations: how do you capture and code data at point of care?” He added: “Nuance have been one of our key long-term sponsors and partners of the CCIO Networks and their commitment to Rewired builds on our very strong relationship.” Day one of Rewired, 25 March, will begin with the fourth edition of the Digital Health Leadership Summit, now renamed the Rewired Leadership Summit. The Rewired Leadership Summit will bring together health CCIOs, CIOs, CNIOs and C-suite colleagues to address the leadership challenges of digital transformation. An evening of networking will follow. Day two, 26 March, will be devoted to the brand new Digital Health Rewired Expo, an integrated conference and exhibition, that will showcase some of the very best local and national work of digital trailblazers in health and care. The over-arching theme of the Rewired Expo will be joining up and integrating health and care through the transformational use of technology, with a dedicated conference programme plus hands-on practical demos and showcases. Dedicated zones will also enable delegates to explore latest developments in key disruptive technology trends: AI and Analytics, Cloud and Mobile, Clinical Software and Cyber Security.  Each zone will have a compelling programme delivered in its own show-floor theatre, informed by Digital Health’s News and Intelligence coverage. Make sure you have registered your place today.
语音识别专家 Nuance Communications 被命名为数字健康在线的赞助商。 Nuance 已经加入了云和移动的数字健康在线轨道的发言人赞助商行列。 牛津大学医院 CCIO 的 PaulAltmann 博士将介绍 GDE 信任如何使用语音识别技术。 新的 Rewire 为期两天的会议和为期一天的展览将于3月25日至26日,第一天在 Novotel Olympia ,第二天在伦敦奥林匹亚举行,并将连接健康信息技术领导人和专业人员与最新的颠覆性数字健康创新。 Digital Health Rewire 是为 NHS 信息技术和更广泛的数字健康领域的所有员工开发的,它将为与会者提供他们在组织中可以收回和实施的见解和想法,同时发展他们的专业网络。 Nuance Healthcare International 副总裁弗雷德里克•布拉班特( Frederik Brabant )表示:“我们一直是数字健康网络( Digital Health Networks )的长期赞助商,因为它让我们密切关注那些影响和协调英国医疗领域数字化和技术创新的人的新闻和观点。 “多年来,我们一直是赞助商,与客户和潜在客户建立了富有成效的合作伙伴关系。 “我们很高兴能参与 Rewire ,因为它将把医疗保健购买者和 HIT 供应商聚集到一个充满挑战、发现和对话的新环境中。”他补充称:“我们对移动和云服务的赞助是另一个见面、扩大和深化这些对话的绝佳机会。” Brabant 补充道:“代表们将有机会听到,不仅来自我们,而且来自他们的一些同行,他们成功地使用我们的解决方案,以减少管理负担和与临床通信相关的成本,让临床医生摆脱打字和点击 EPR 的繁琐工作,专注于患者护理。” 数字健康( Digital Health )首席执行官乔恩•霍克斯曼( Jon Hoeksma )表示:“ Nuance 是应用颠覆性语音技术和人工智能的真正领导者。人工智能在整个医疗领域具有巨大的潜力,包括帮助解决数字化医疗机构面临的一个关键挑战:如何在护理点捕获和编码数据?“这是一个很好的选择。” 他补充说:“ Nuance 一直是 CCIO 网络的主要长期赞助商和合作伙伴之一,他们对 Rewire 的承诺建立在我们非常牢固的关系之上。” 第一天的 Rewired ,3月25日,将开始第四版的数字健康领导峰会,现在更名为 Rewired 领导峰会。 重组领导峰会将汇聚健康 CCIOs 、 CIO 、 CNIOs 和 C-suite 同事,以应对数字化转型带来的领导挑战。一个网络之夜即将到来。 第二天,3月26日,将致力于全新的数字健康在线博览会,一个综合的会议和展览,将展示一些非常好的地方和国家工作的数字开拓者在医疗保健。 Rewired 世博会的总体主题将是通过技术的转型使用,与一个专门的会议计划,加上实际演示和展示,结合健康和保健。 专用区域还将使代表能够探索关键颠覆性技术趋势的最新发展:人工智能和分析、云和移动、临床软件和网络安全。每个区都将在自己的展示厅里推出引人注目的节目,数字健康的新闻和情报报道将提供信息。 确保您今天已注册您的位置。