What Should Digital Health Learn From Propeller Health's $225 Million Acquisition

医疗设备公司 ResMed 收购数字健康初创公司 Proller Health 实现共赢

2019-01-26 08:50:00 Forbes


In December of 2018, ResMed announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Propeller Health for $225 Million. ResMed and Propeller Health are expected to finalise the deal before March 30, 2019. Propeller Health will continue to operate as a standalone business, maintaining its product solutions, as well as its partnerships with pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations. Propeller Health is currently considered a world leader in providing digital health solutions for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma patients and was named a “2017 Most Innovative Company” by Fast Company. In respiratory care medication is primarily delivered through inhalers. Studies show that 50% of all patients fail to take their daily medication as prescribed. Monitoring the correctness of the drug delivery technique, as well as tracking whether the patient is adhering to the prescribed regimen is vital to improving the effectiveness of respiratory care pathways. Propeller Health’s digital medicine platform consists of small sensors that easily attach to consumers’ inhalers and pair with a mobile app to automatically track medication use and provide personal feedback and insights. Propeller Health’s digital medicine platform has eight FDA 510(k) approvals. Propeller Health's clinically validated solutions have demonstrated a 58% improvement in medication adherence, a 48% increase in symptom-free days and a 53% reduction in emergency room visits. The Propeller platform is used by patients, physicians and healthcare organisations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Propeller Health has also built various digital health solutions beyond its core sensor platform. For example, Propeller Health's Air is an open API that uses machine learning and data collected from environmental sources, to predict how asthma may be affected by local environmental conditions. Also, Propeller Health has partnered with multiple pharmaceutical companies to build customised digital health solutions. For example, in 2017 Propeller Health started collaborating with Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis to develop a custom add-on sensor for the Novartis’s Breezhaler inhaler for COPD treatments. In 2015 Propeller Health began to collaborate with GlaxoSmithKline for developing a custom smart add-on for its Ellipta inhaler. ResMed is a world-leading medical equipment company based out of San Diego, California. ResMed manufactures and sells equipment related to the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders, including sleep apnea, COPD, and other respiratory conditions. It makes continuous positive airway pressure equipment, as well as the S+, a wireless, consumer-oriented sleep analysis device. ResMed employed 6,080 employees as of June 2018 and operates in approximately 100 countries worldwide. It achieved revenues of $1.7 Billion in the fiscal year 2014–15. The acquisition of Propeller Health will truly catapult ResMed to becoming one of the most significant players in the respiratory care space. “Acquiring Propeller is a significant step for ResMed toward becoming the global leader in digital health for COPD. By working with Propeller's existing partners to offer digital solutions for respiratory care pharmaceuticals and building on our proven ability to support digital solutions at scale, we can positively impact the lives of even more of the 380 million people worldwide who are living with this debilitating chronic disease," said ResMed CEO Mick Farrell. "Helping inhaler users improve adherence and avoid hospitalisations perfectly serves ResMed's mission: to improve people's quality of life, reduce the impact of chronic disease and save healthcare costs across the out-of-hospital care spectrum," said ResMed Respiratory Care President Richie McHale. Perhaps inspired by the success of digital health startup like Propeller Health, medical device companies like Amiko and Adherium are building competing solutions for the respiratory care market. Other smart inhaler manufacturers such as Inspiro Medical was bought by Opko in 2014, and Gecko Health Innovations was acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals in 2015. NUVOair has built smart spirometers that can perform pre and post-bronchodilator analysis and automated data interpretation. As the digital health space gets crowded, it is vital for the CXOs of these companies to remember that their success will be measured based on the impact of their platform on current care pathways. Propeller Health's genius is perhaps not in developing smart sensor technologies but in defining and measuring patient outcomes such as medication adherence, increase in symptom-free days and a reduction in emergency room visits.
2018年12月, ResMed 宣布已达成最终协议,以2.25亿美元收购 Proller Health 。ResMed 和 Proller Health 预计将在2019年3月30日前完成交易。PropellerHealth 将继续作为一个独立的企业运作,维护其产品解决方案,以及与医药和医疗机构的合作伙伴关系。普乐健康目前被认为是为慢性阻塞性肺疾病( COPD )和哮喘患者提供数字化健康解决方案的全球领先企业,被迅捷公司评为“2017年度最具创新力公司”。 在呼吸护理中,药物主要是通过吸气器提供的。研究表明,50%的患者没有按照规定服用日常药物。监测药物传递技术的正确性,以及追踪患者是否遵守规定的治疗方案,对于提高呼吸护理路径的有效性至关重要。PropellerHealth 的数字药物平台由小传感器组成,这些传感器很容易连接到消费者的吸气器,并与移动应用程序配对,以自动跟踪药物使用情况,并提供个人反馈和见解。PropellerHealth 的数字药物平台拥有8个食品药品监督管理局(FDA)510( k )批准。PropellerHealth 的临床地验证解决方案显示,药物依从性提高了58%,无症状天数增加了48%,急诊室就诊减少了53%。Proller 平台由美国、欧洲和亚洲的患者、医生和医疗机构使用。 PropellerHealth 还在其核心传感器平台之外构建了各种数字健康解决方案。例如, PropellerHealth 的 Air 是一个开放的 API ,它使用机器学习和从环境来源收集的数据来预测哮喘如何受到当地环境条件的影响。此外, PropellerHealth 已经与多家制药公司合作,建立定制的数字健康解决方案。例如,2017年 Propeler Health 开始与瑞士制药巨头诺华公司合作,为诺华公司的 COPD 治疗用 Breezehaler 吸入器开发定制的附加传感器。2015年, Proller Health 开始与葛兰素史克合作,为其 Ellipa 吸入器开发定制的智能加装产品。 ResMed 是一家位于加州圣地亚哥的世界领先的医疗设备公司。ResMed 生产和销售与睡眠呼吸相关疾病的治疗相关的设备,包括睡眠呼吸暂停、 COPD 和其他呼吸条件。它制造连续正向气道压力设备,以及 S +,一个无线,面向消费者的睡眠分析设备。截至2018年6月, ResMed 雇佣了6080名员工,业务遍及全球约100个国家。2014-15财年实现收入17亿美元。 收购 PropellerHealth 将真正推动 ResMed 成为呼吸护理领域最重要的参与者之一。“收购 Propuller 是 ResMed 成为 COPD 数字健康领域全球领导者的重要一步。通过与 Proller 现有的合作伙伴合作,为呼吸护理药品提供数字解决方案,并在我们已证明有能力大规模支持数字解决方案的基础上,我们可以积极影响全世界3.8亿人中更多人的生活,他们生活在这种使人衰弱的慢性疾病中,ResMed 首席执行官 MickFarrell 说。ResMed 呼吸护理总裁 Richie McHale 说:“帮助吸尘器使用者改善依从性,避免住院完全符合 ResMed 的使命:改善人们的生活质量,减少慢性病的影响,并在院外护理范围内节省医疗费用。” 或许是因为像 Proller Health 这样的数字健康初创公司的成功,像 Amiko 和 Aderium 这样的医疗设备公司正在为呼吸护理市场构建相互竞争的解决方案。Inspiro Medical 等其他智能吸气器制造商于2014年被 Opko 收购, Gecko Health Innovations 于2015年被 Teva Pharmaceuticals 收购。NUVOair 建立了智能螺旋仪,可以进行支气管扩张器分析和自动数据解释。 随着数字健康空间变得拥挤,这些公司的 CXO 必须记住,他们的成功将根据他们的平台对当前护理路径的影响来衡量。PropellerHealth 的天才或许不是在开发智能传感器技术,而是在定义和测量患者结果方面,如坚持服药、增加无症状天数和减少急诊就诊。