Healthcare Venture Capital Funding Is Off To A Record Start In 2019

2019年1月生物技术公司创下规模最大融资,预计全年 IPO 将放缓

2019-02-06 07:57:43 Forbes


Healthcare startups raised over $2.6 billion in January this year. That’s up 37% from the $1.9 billion raised during the same month last year, and it’s the highest amount raised in January on record since Pitchbook began tracking funding in 2008. (The next highest was in January 2015 when startups raised $2.16 billion.) Biotech startup hub BridgeBio had the largest fundraise of the month, nabbing $299 million from investors like KKR and Viking Global Investors. The Palo Alto company is developing drugs for oncology and a number of rare genetic diseases. The startup operates differently than many in biotech; drugs in its pipeline are housed in various subsidiaries, which all have access to BridgeBio’s resources. The $125 million fundraise at sequencing startup 10x Genomics made it the only company last month to hit a valuation of over $1 billion. Other top fundraises of the month in healthcare included, in the devices and supplies subsector, Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Ablative Solutions, which raised a $77 million Series D at a $132 million post-money valuation. The company is running a clinical trial for its catheter device to test its effectiveness in reducing hypertension. In health technology systems, Pear Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics startup out of Boston, raised $64 million in a Series C at a nearly $500 million post-money valuation. This high level of fundraising may not continue much longer. When asked onstage during the Forbes Healthcare Summit in November whether healthcare VC fundraising in 2019 would continue at the chartbusting levels of 2018, Cheri Mowery, the head of healthcare services investment banking at Morgan Stanley, and Thomas Sheehan, the head of global healthcare investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said they expected it to come down in 2019, especially, Sheehan added, as near-term IPOs come down in 2019, so too should VC funding.
今年1月,医疗保健初创企业筹集了超过26亿美元。 这一数字较去年同期的19亿美元增长了37%,也是自2008年 Pitchbook 开始跟踪融资以来1月份创纪录的最高融资额。(2015年1月,初创企业融资21.6亿美元,创历史新高。) 生物科技初创公司 BridgeBio 本月进行了规模最大的融资,从 KKR 和 Viking Global Investors 等投资者那里获得了2.99亿美元。帕洛阿尔托公司正在开发用于肿瘤和一些罕见的基因疾病的药物。与许多生物科技公司不同,这家初创公司的运营方式不同;其正在生产的药物都存放在不同的子公司,这些子公司都有权使用 BridgeBio 的资源。测序初创公司10x Genomics 的1.25亿美元融资使其成为上月估值超过10亿美元的唯一一家公司。 本月在医疗保健领域的其他顶级融资包括设备和用品细分市场 Kalamazoo ,总部位于密歇根州的 Ablative Solutions ,该公司以1.32亿美元的事后估值募集了7700万美元的 Series D 。公司正在对其导管装置进行临床试验,以测试其降低高血压的有效性。在卫生技术系统中, Pear Therapeutics ,一家位于波士顿的数字治疗公司,以近5亿美元的资金后估值在 C 系列中筹集了6400万美元。 这种高水平的筹资可能不会持续太长时间。去年11月,在福布斯医疗保健峰会上,当被问及2019年的医疗风险投资融资是否会继续保持2018年令人震惊的水平时,摩根士丹利( Morgan Stanley )医疗服务投资银行业务主管奇瑞•莫维( Cheri Mowery )和美国银行美林( Bank of America Merrill Lynch )全球医疗保健投资银行业务主管托马斯•希恩( Thomas Sheehan )表示,Sheehan 补充说,他们预计这一数字将在2019年下降,尤其是近期 IPO 将在2019年下降,风险投资基金也将下降。