Palleon Pharmaceuticals Announces Successful Defense of European Patent


2019-02-07 17:49:13 BioSpace


Palleon Pharmaceuticals, a leading biotech company developing drugs that target glyco-immune checkpoints to treat cancer, today announced that the company, together with the University of Dundee, has successfully defended an opposition to EP1954318, a key European patent owned by the University and exclusively licensed to the company that covers important therapeutic uses of anti-Siglec-9 antibodies. Siglec-9 is a protein found on the surface of various immune cells, including macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer cells and T cells, that suppresses immune activation. Tumors exploit Siglec-9 to evade the immune response, and blocking this activity with drugs offers a novel strategy to treat cancer. The European patent provides broad patent coverage for Palleon’s Siglec-9 programs. About Glyco-Immune Checkpoints Cancer uses multiple pathways to evade the immune system, and glyco-immune checkpoints are a significant and under-appreciated axis of immunosuppression in cancer. Tumors exploit glyco-immune checkpoints, such as Siglec receptors through the alteration of glycans on the surface of their cells, impairing both innate and adaptive immune cells and resulting in a broad, comprehensive suppression of the anti-tumor immune response. Glyco-immune checkpoints had been overlooked relative to other anti-cancer strategies due to the complexity of glycoscience, and, until recently, the lack of scientific tools to demonstrate their function in cancer immune evasion. Palleon has assembled the technologies needed to overcome long-standing technical barriers and make drug development in this field possible. About Palleon Pharmaceuticals Palleon Pharmaceuticals is the leading biotechnology company developing drugs that target glyco-immune checkpoints to treat cancer. The company’s proprietary EAGLE, CONVERGENCE and HYDRA platforms integrate technologies and insights from world-renowned scientific leaders in the glyco-immunology field to create a novel approach to treating cancer. By enabling an anti-cancer response from multiple immune cell types, glyco-immune checkpoint inhibition will tackle resistance to existing immuno-oncology agents and make possible a wider range of rational combination therapies to treat cancer. Palleon has several cancer drug discovery programs underway. Beyond oncology, other important areas where glyco-immune checkpoints may play a role include neurodegeneration, inflammation, fibrosis and infectious diseases. The company is advancing its pipeline and development programs with a $47.6 million Series A financing from leading biotech venture investors SR One, Pfizer Ventures, Vertex Ventures HC, Takeda Ventures and AbbVie Ventures. Learn more at
帕利昂制药公司,一家领先的生物技术公司,开发的药物以糖免疫检查点治疗癌症,今天宣布,该公司,连同邓迪大学,成功地捍卫了反对 EP1954318,一项由大学拥有的欧洲专利,并独家授权给该公司,该专利涵盖抗 Siglec-9抗体的重要治疗用途。Siglec-9是在各种免疫细胞表面发现的一种蛋白质,包括巨噬细胞、树突状细胞、自然杀伤细胞和 T 细胞,它们抑制免疫激活。肿瘤利用 Siglec-9来逃避免疫反应,用药物阻断这种活性提供了一种治疗癌症的新策略。欧洲专利为帕利昂的 Siglec-9项目提供了广泛的专利覆盖。 关于糖类免疫检查点 癌症利用多种途径来逃避免疫系统,而糖免疫检查点是癌症免疫抑制的一个重要和低估的轴线。肿瘤利用糖免疫检查点,如 Siglec 受体通过改变其细胞表面的甘氨酸,损害先天和适应性免疫细胞,并导致广泛的,全面的抑制抗肿瘤免疫反应。由于糖科学的复杂性,相对于其他抗癌策略,糖类免疫检查点被忽略,直到最近,还没有科学工具来证明它们在癌症免疫逃逸中的作用。帕利昂已经组装了克服长期技术障碍所需的技术,使这一领域的药物开发成为可能。 关于帕利昂制药公司 帕利昂制药是领先的生物技术公司开发的药物,目标是糖免疫检查点治疗癌症。公司专有的 EAGLE 、 CONVERNGECE 和 HYDRA 平台整合了来自世界知名糖免疫学领域的科学领导者的技术和见解,打造了治疗癌症的新途径。通过实现多种免疫细胞类型的抗癌反应,糖免疫检查点抑制将解决现有免疫肿瘤药物的耐药性问题,并使更广泛的合理联合治疗成为可能。帕利昂有几个癌症药物发现项目正在进行中。除了肿瘤学之外,糖免疫检查点可能发挥作用的其他重要领域包括神经退化、炎症、纤维化和传染病。该公司正在推进其管道和发展项目,由领先的生物技术风险投资者 SR One 、辉瑞(Pfizer) Ventures 、福泰(Vertex) Ventures HC 、武田(Takeda) Ventures 和艾伯维(AbbVie) Ventures 提供4760万美元的 A 系列融资。在 了解更多信息。