Perrigo Announces FDA Final Approval for its AB Rated Generic Version of Zovirax® Cream 5%

Perrigo 新药 Zovirax ® Cream 已获 FDA 批准,将于本月上市

2019-02-07 14:34:00 CISION


Perrigo Company plc  today announced it has received final approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its AB rated Abbreviated New Drug Application referencing Zovirax® Cream, 5% developed in collaboration with Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd. .  The Company anticipates launching the product this month.  Annual market sales for the twelve months ending December 2018 were approximately $92 million as measured by IQVIA™. Perrigo Executive Vice President and President Rx Pharmaceuticals Sharon Kochan stated, "This final approval and first to market launch is another example of our long-term investment in new products, the team's impressive execution skills and our solid collaboration with SolGel.  We stay committed to providing affordable treatment options for patients in important extended topical categories." About Perrigo Perrigo Company is dedicated to making lives better by bringing high "Quality, Affordable Self-care Products™" that consumers trust everywhere they are sold.  The Company is a leading provider of over-the-counter health and wellness solutions that enhance individual well-being by empowering consumers to proactively prevent or treat conditions that can be self-managed.  Visit Perrigo online at (
Perrigo Company plc 今天宣布,它已收到美国食品药品监督管理局(Food and Drug Administration)的最终批准,其 AB 评级的缩写新药申请参考 Zovirax ® Cream ,5%是与 Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd .合作开发的。公司预计本月将推出该产品。 以 IQVIA ™衡量,截至2018年12月的12个月的年度市场销售额约为9200万美元。 Perrigo 执行副总裁兼 Rx Pharmaceuticals 总裁 Sharon Kochan 表示:“这一最终的批准和首次上市是我们长期投资于新产品、团队令人印象深刻的执行技能以及我们与 SolGel 的坚实合作的另一个例子。我们始终致力于为重要的扩展主题类别的患者提供负担得起的治疗方案。” 关于 Perrigo Perrigo 公司致力于通过提供高质量、可负担得起的自助护理产品™来改善生活,消费者对这些产品在任何地方都有信心。本公司是一家领先的非处方保健和健康解决方案供应商,通过授权消费者主动预防或治疗可自我管理的状况,增强个人福祉。在线访问 Perrigo ( )。