U.K. Could Be Kicked Out Of Newly Launched Pharma Tech Security System Because Of Brexit


2019-02-10 08:19:14 Forbes


Despite having plowed millions of pounds into the project, in less than 50 days time, when the U.K. is set to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, the U.K. could be forced to lock itself out of what has been dubbed the most high-tech medicines safety system in the world. The new technology ensures that every FMD complaint medicine is tracked from the production line through every person and organization it then comes into contact with, until it finally reaches the end-user – the patient. In can be verified and authenticated at each stage of its journey. This should significantly reduce the number of counterfeit and falsified medicines in the European medical supply chain. The FMD system is expected to be problematic in the first few weeks of operation as not all medicines have been deemed fully compliant. Gareth Jones, head of corporate affairs at the U.K's National Pharmacy Association, said: “There will be very few medicines packs in the supply chain that have the new FMD safety feature and some that do may still return an error message. Unless there is a clear indication that the medicine is counterfeit, or there is some other significant overriding factor, then the medicine should be dispensed.” These teething problems will, no doubt, quickly be ironed out over the next few weeks, and just as the U.K. pharma supply chain comes closer to meeting full compliance it could be forced out of the FMD in the event of a no-deal Brexit. This is undoubtedly infuriating for both the corporate drug giants and the smaller SMEs pharma companies operating in the U.K. who would have spent months tweaking their internal systems to become FMD compliant. "No deal is not in the interest of the NHS [National Health Service] or its patients," said Mike Thompson, chief executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry – the trade group which represents branded medicines manufactures in the UK. "Not being part of the safest medicines system in the world, one that the UK has helped design and build – and which provides protection against fake medicines – makes no sense. Being part of a system that keeps them safe is the minimum that UK patients should expect.”
尽管在不到50天的时间里,英国将于2019年3月29日离开欧盟,向该项目投入了数百万英镑,但英国可能被迫退出被称为世界上最高科技药物安全体系的行列。新技术确保每一种 FMD 投诉药物从生产线上通过每个人和组织被跟踪,然后接触,直到最终到达最终用户-病人。在其旅程的每个阶段都可以被验证和认证。这将大大减少欧洲医疗供应链中假药和假药的数量。 由于并非所有药物都被认为完全符合要求,预计在手术的头几周, FMD 系统将出现问题。加雷斯琼斯,美国公司事务主管。韩国国家药房协会( National Pharmacy Association )表示:“供应链上很少有具有新的 FMD 安全特征的药品包,有些药品包可能仍会返回错误信息。除非有明确的迹象表明这种药物是伪造的,或者有其他一些重要的压倒一切的因素,那么这种药物就应该被免除。” 毫无疑问,这些棘手的问题将在未来几周迅速得到解决,就像英国医药供应链更接近完全合规一样,一旦英国退欧,它可能被迫退出 FMD 。这无疑令在英国经营的企业制药巨头和中小型制药公司感到愤怒,它们将花费数月时间调整内部系统,使之符合 FMD 标准。 英国医药行业协会( Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry )首席执行官迈克•汤普森( Mike Thompson )表示:“任何交易都不符合 NHS (国民健康服务)及其患者的利益。”该行业组织代表着英国品牌药品制造商。“英国并不是世界上最安全的药物体系的一部分,它帮助设计和建造了一个能够保护人们免受假药侵害的药物体系,这是毫无意义的。作为一个系统的一部分,保持他们的安全是英国患者应该期望的最低限度。”