Marijuana News Today: Marijuana Stocks Could Explode Following EU Support


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We have big news coming out of Europe in the marijuana news today, as the European Union parliament voted on a resolution to encourage the adoption of medical marijuana regulation across the largest economic market in the world. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, there are some very important caveats. First of all, this is not an EU marijuana legalization law. In fact, the EU parliament is, despite being the democratically elected body of the organization, often considered one of the weaker arms of the EU. Furthermore, the EU is limited in its ability to enforce laws across the borders of its member states, usually only having power to regulate the single market that they share through monetary policy with the euro and other mechanisms. However, despite those corollaries, there is still a lot to be excited about here. Namely that the EU has basically adopted a resolution throwing its support behind medical marijuana. (Source: Ibid.) The EU has a population of about 500 million people and a gross domestic product (GDP) on par with the United States. If we were to see a major push across the EU to legalize medical marijuana, the spike in stock prices would be similar to that of a U.S. marijuana legalization push—which is to say, it would be massive. So for marijuana bulls, this is great news. Now, this is only the groundwork, but it’s a foundational piece of progress that will likely lead to a greater degree of acceptance for marijuana across the single market. And that’s where things get really interesting. While the marijuana trade is a global one, each country tends to have its own regulations and laws regarding pot. If the EU adopts some sort of wide-reaching, universal policy when it comes to marijuana, our favorite pot stocks would have a much easier time gaining access to the wider market rather than have to conform to each individual state’s laws. This would be a huge boon for marijuana stocks and see shares easily grow by dozens, maybe even hundreds of percentage points. It’s worth noting that medical marijuana sales have begun to flag across the already open markets. If the EU opens up for business, this would be a shot in the arm for medical marijuana stocks. The EU’s move came following the World Health Organization recommending that marijuana be rescheduled. The takeaway here is that the global marijuana market is expanding each and every day. Should the EU find its teeth on the issue and is able to encourage a widespread adoption of medical marijuana laws, I expect the jump in share prices would not be unlike the lead-up to Canadian marijuana legalization. Watch out for any news on this front, as it could be the biggest event in 2019 for pot stocks. Despite the excitement on the political side of the marijuana news today, the pot stock market was anything but exciting this morning. Most pot stocks saw little or no movement to start the day, following what was an overall downturn in the marijuana industry over the past several days. Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ:CRON) is one of the few companies to have seen any gains at all, jumping a little over a point in early-morning trading today. CRON stock, however, is down about three percent over the past five days. This is a consolidation period, however, as the massive gains in January are going to be offset somewhat by a slowdown or a correction. So far, we’re seeing a modest slowdown, which is the better of the two options. This could continue on for a few weeks or a month, but I expect that we’ll see gains return before then. Of course, the industry could also take a wider turn by way of a correction due to the massive jump pot stocks experienced in January, but I don’t believe that will be the case. If a correction was in the near future, I feel we would have felt it by now. At the same time, good news is always potentially around the corner, ready to spark gains in the industry. Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB) dropped about 0.5% in early-morning trading today, and finds itself down eight percent over the past five days. The drop is the result of a slightly disappointing financial report (but one that I believe ultimately signals growth moving forward). Net revenue hit CA$54.2 million, up 83% from the last quarter and a whopping 363% from a year before. While those numbers may seem stellar, they weren’t all that unexpected. Canadian marijuana legalization helped spark a huge sales boost, as you would expect. (Source: “Aurora Cannabis Announces Financial Results for the Second Quarter of Fiscal 2019,” Aurora Cannabis Inc, February 11, 2019.) The problem is that the company also registered huge losses. Despite the massive surge in revenue, the company saw a loss of CA$237.8 million in the quarter. A year ago, Aurora had earning profits of CA$7.7 million. The previous quarter had the company netting a CA$105.5 million profit. Ultimately, investors were less than pleased with the numbers. They weren’t bad enough to sink ACB stock too badly, but it still stands out as a missed opportunity for big gains. Another company experiencing little to no movement to start the day, Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC),  has one key difference: its quarterly report is set to be released today. I’ve been very positive on CGC stock to start the year, and I believe that Canopy Growth’s quarterly report could be a huge boon to the company. But there is some risk there as well. Should it show massive losses like ACB stock, expect CGC stock to fall. On the flip side, it will almost certainly show massive revenue gains, and without any mitigating factors, that should be enough to drive growth. Analysts are anticipating that Canopy Growth Corp was likely the biggest winner of the Canadian marijuana market, capturing a good chunk of the market. Some are putting that number as high as 30% and claiming that Canopy is the largest provider in Canada so far. (Source: “Canopy expected to capture biggest share of Canadian pot market,” BNN Bloomberg, February 14, 2019.) In any case, watch for the earnings release later today. The performances of CRON stock (black line), ACB stock (blue line), and CGC stock (red line) over the past week are seen on the chart below: Chart courtesy of The marijuana news today featured monumental developments in Europe—and boredom on the stock market. Still, things are heading in the right direction, and if the EU enacts any sort of concrete laws regarding marijuana, expect the pot stock market to be anything but boring.
在今天的大麻新闻中,我们看到了来自欧洲的重大新闻,欧盟议会投票通过了一项决议,鼓励全球最大的经济市场通过医用大麻法规。 现在,在我们走在前面之前,有一些非常重要的警告。 首先,这不是欧盟的大麻合法化法律。事实上,尽管欧盟议会是该组织的民主选举机构,但它往往被认为是欧盟较弱的机构之一。 此外,欧盟在执行跨越成员国边界的法律方面能力有限,通常只有通过货币政策与欧元和其他机制共同监管单一市场的权力。 然而,尽管有这些推论,这里仍然有很多令人兴奋的地方。也就是说,欧盟基本上通过了一项决议,支持医用大麻。(资料来源: Ibid ) 欧盟人口约5亿,国内生产总值( GDP )与美国相当。如果我们看到欧盟各国大力推动医用大麻合法化,那么股价的飙升将类似于美国大麻合法化的推动——也就是说,这将是巨大的。 所以对于大麻公牛来说,这是个好消息。 现在,这只是基础工作,但这是一个基础的进步,可能会导致更大程度的接受大麻在整个单一市场。这就是事情变得非常有趣的地方。 虽然大麻贸易是全球性的,但每个国家都有自己的大麻法规。 如果欧盟在大麻问题上采取某种广泛、普遍的政策,我们最喜欢的大麻股票将更容易进入更广泛的市场,而不是必须遵守每个州的法律。 这对大麻类股票来说将是一个巨大的利好,其股价很容易上涨几十倍,甚至数百个百分点。 值得注意的是,医用大麻的销售已经开始在已经开放的市场上大起大落。如果欧盟对商业开放,这将是对医用大麻库存的一次打击。 欧盟采取这一行动之前,世界卫生组织建议重新安排大麻的使用期限。 全球大麻市场每天都在扩张。如果欧盟在这个问题上找到了自己的牙齿,并能够鼓励广泛采用医用大麻法律,我预计股价的飙升与加拿大大麻合法化的前奏并不不同。 请注意这方面的任何消息,因为这可能是2019年最大的一次股市大事件。 尽管大麻新闻在政治方面引起了兴奋,但大麻股票市场在今天上午还是非常令人兴奋。 在过去几天大麻行业整体低迷之后,大多数大麻库存几乎没有或根本没有开始上涨。 Cronos Group Inc ( NASDAQ : CRON )是少数几家完全实现盈利的公司之一,今日早盘交易略有上涨。然而, CRON 的股票在过去五天下跌了约3%。 然而,这是一个整合期,因为1月份的巨大涨幅将被经济放缓或修正所抵消。到目前为止,我们看到了适度的放缓,这是两种选择中较好的。 这可能会持续几周或一个月,但我预计在那之前我们会看到收益回报。 当然,由于1月份经历了大规模的大跳股,该行业也可能出现更大的转机,但我认为情况并非如此。如果在不久的将来出现调整,我觉得我们现在会感觉到。 同时,好消息总是潜在的在角落附近,准备激发行业的收益。 奥罗拉(Aurora) Cannabis Inc ( NYSE : ACB )在今日早盘交易中下跌约0.5%,并发现自己在过去五天下跌了8%。 这一下降是略令人失望的财务报告(但我相信,这最终标志着经济增长向前迈进)的结果。 净收入达到5420万加元,同比增长83%,同比增长363%。虽然这些数字看起来很突出,但并不是所有这些都出人意料。正如你所预期的那样,加拿大大麻合法化有助于刺激巨大的销售增长。(来源:“ Aurora Cannabis 宣布2019财年第二季度财务业绩,”奥罗拉(Aurora) Cannabis Inc .,2019年2月11日)。 问题是,该公司也出现了巨额亏损。尽管收入大幅增长,但该公司本季度亏损2.378亿加元。一年前,奥罗拉(Aurora)获得了770万加元的利润。上一季度,该公司实现净利润1.055亿加元。 最终,投资者对这些数字不太满意。它们的表现还不够糟糕,不足以让 ACB 的股票跌得太糟,但它仍然是一个错失大收益的机会。 另一家刚刚起步的公司 Canopy Growth Corp ( NYSE : CGC )有一个关键区别:其季度报告定于今日发布。 从今年开始,我对 CGC 股票一直非常看好,我相信 Canopy Growth 的季度报告可能会给公司带来巨大好处。 但也存在一些风险。如果出现像 ACB 股票那样的巨额亏损,预计 CGC 股票将下跌。 另一方面,它几乎肯定会带来巨大的收入增长,而且没有任何缓解因素,这应该足以推动增长。 分析师预计, Canopy Growth Corp 可能是加拿大大麻市场的最大赢家,占据了市场的很大份额。一些人认为这个数字高达30%,并声称 Canopy 是加拿大迄今为止最大的供应商。(来源:“ Canopy 预计将占据加拿大大麻市场的最大份额,” BNN Bloomberg ,2019年2月14日)。 无论如何,请留意今天晚些时候的收益报告。 CRON 股票(黑线)、 ACB 股票(蓝线)、 CGC 股票(红线)在过去一周的表现见下表: 股票图表的礼节.com 今天的大麻新闻展示了欧洲的巨大发展和对股市的厌倦。 尽管如此,事态仍在朝着正确的方向发展,如果欧盟颁布任何有关大麻的具体法律,预计大麻股票市场将变得无趣。