Advanced Aesthetic Technologies Announces Appointment of Doug Abel As Chief Executive and President

Doug Abel 出任美容医疗公司 Advanced Aesthetic Technologies 的 CEO

2019-02-19 22:20:00 BioSpace


Advanced Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. , a leader in aesthetic gel implant technology, today announced the appointment of Doug Abel as Chief Executive Officer and President, effective immediately. Mr. Abel will lead the Company’s global initiative and advance the development of its gel technology for the aesthetic and healthcare markets. Richard Burtt, Chairman of Advanced Aesthetic Technologies commented, "We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Doug Abel as Chief Executive and President. Doug brings deep aesthetic technology industry expertise and perspective gained through over 25 years of medical device and specialty pharma experience including senior roles at Sinclair, Allergan, and Biogen. Doug’s successful career of scaling aesthetic businesses and developing and launching new products is ideally suited for AAT’s all-natural gel technology.” Mr. Abel noted, "I am inspired and excited by the opportunities and tremendous potential of this unique and natural gel technology. The Algeness® gel technology offers a compelling value proposition built on its all-natural composition and true fully biodegradable performance and offers a full product range in aesthetic medicine. I am excited and energized to join the Advanced Aesthetic Technology team and lead the continued development of the Algeness® gel technology." About Doug Abel Mr. Abel comes to AAT, Inc after leading the North American operations of Sinclair Pharma since 2015. Doug was responsible for the launch of Sinclair’s aesthetic products in the US and pipeline development efforts to bring an expanded portfolio to the US and Canada. Previously Doug held senior positions at Allergan and Biogen along with several early stage device businesses. During his 25 year experience in aesthetic medicine, Doug has been a member of the Allergan leadership team that built and executed the re-entry into dermatology; both medical dermatology and topical aesthetics/skincare and served as the global lead for BOTOX® aesthetic and hyperhidrosis development and commercial launch initiatives. As VP of Dermatology at Biogen, Doug built and led the team that launched the first Biologic approved for psoriasis. Also, as General Manager of Onset Dermatologics, he built out the commercial team, led the development of multiple new products, and grew revenue over 6 fold. Doug holds a BA in Chemistry from Lafayette College and an MBA from Temple University. About the Aesthetic Industry According to Market Research Future, the global dermal fillers market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.5% over the next five years and is expected to reach $10 billion by 2023. The major factors driving the growth of this market are increased demand by both practitioners and consumers towards the use of minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures. Worldwide, more than 7-8 million filler procedures are performed annually by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other practitioners. In the US alone, plastic surgeons performed nearly 3.5 million Hyaluronic Acid filler procedures in 2016, representing over 25% of the non-surgical procedures performed by these surgeons.(1) About Algeness® Algeness is the all-natural, biodegradable, biocompatible agarose-based gel implant, free of all synthetic or cross-linking chemicals; and proven through multiple clinical studies in Europe. The uniqueness of Algeness dermal fillers is its abilities to add immediate volume in the facial area with excellent persistence without the added cross-linked chemicals required by all Hyaluronic Acid fillers. Algeness is formulated in several injectable concentrations to match specific cosmetic improvements of the lips, fine lines, and the folds around the mouth and for shaping and volumizing the cheeks, jawline and other areas. With the CE Mark certification, Algeness is available in 33 countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. (1) 2016 International Study of Cosmetic Surgery, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Algeness® and Master Your Results® are registered trademarks of AAT, Inc. and its subsidiary Algeness-Europe Ltd, Ireland.
AdvancedAeticTechnologiesTechnologiesInc .,一家美容凝胶植入技术的领导者,今天宣布任命 DougAbel 为首席执行官兼总裁,立即生效。Abel 先生将领导公司的全球计划,推动其凝胶技术在美学和医疗保健市场的发展。 先进美学技术公司主席理查德·伯特评论说:“我们很高兴宣布任命阿贝尔为首席执行官和总裁。Doug 拥有超过25年的医疗器械和专业制药经验,包括 Sinclair 、艾尔建(Allergan)和百健(Biogen)公司的高级职位,拥有深厚的美学技术行业专业知识和视角。Doug 成功拓展美学业务,开发和推出新产品的职业生涯非常适合 AAT 的全自然凝胶技术。” Abel 先生说,“我对这种独特的天然凝胶技术的机会和巨大的潜力感到鼓舞和兴奋。Algence ®凝胶技术提供了一个基于其全自然成分和真实的完全生物可降解性能的极具吸引力的价值主张,并提供了美学医学的全系列产品。我很兴奋和充满活力地加入了先进的美学技术团队,并领导着阿尔及斯®凝胶技术的持续发展。” 关于 DougAbel Abel 先生自2015年起领导 Sinclair Pharma 的北美业务,来到 AAT , Inc 。道格负责在美国推出 Sinclair 的美学产品,并负责管道开发工作,为美国和加拿大带来扩大的产品组合。此前, Doug 曾在艾尔建(Allergan)和百健(Biogen)以及几家早期设备企业担任高级职位。在他25年的美学医学经验中, Doug 一直是艾尔建(Allergan)领导团队的成员,该团队构建并执行了重新进入皮肤科的工作;既包括医学皮肤科,也包括局部美学/护肤,并担任 BOTOX ®美学和多汗症开发和商业启动计划的全球领导。作为百健(Biogen)皮肤科副总裁, Doug 建立并领导了第一个批准治疗牛皮癣的 Biologic 团队。此外,作为 Onset 皮肤科总经理,他建立了商业团队,领导多个新产品的开发,收入增长了6倍以上。 Doug 拥有 Lafayette 学院的化学学士学位和坦普尔大学的 MBA 学位。 关于美学产业 根据市场研究未来,预计未来五年全球真皮填充剂市场将以12.5%的复合年增长率增长,到2023年预计将达到100亿美元。推动这一市场增长的主要因素是从业人员和消费者对使用微创和非侵入性程序的需求增加。 在全球范围内,每年有超过7-8百万的填充物程序由整形外科医生、皮肤科医生和其他从业人员执行。仅在美国,2016年,整形外科医生就完成了近350万个透明质酸填充物程序,占这些外科医生非手术程序的25%以上。(1) 关于 Algence ® 藻类是全天然的,可生物降解的,基于生物相容性琼脂糖的凝胶植入物,不含任何合成或交联的化学物质;并通过在欧洲的多个临床研究证明。藻类真皮填充剂的独特之处在于,它能够在没有添加所有透明质酸填充剂所需的交联化学品的情况下,以优异的持久性在面部区域增加即时体积。在几种可注射浓度的配方中加入了藻类,以配合嘴唇、细纹和口腔周围的褶皱的具体美容改善,并形成和扩大脸颊、下颌等部位。通过 CE 标志认证, Algence 在欧洲、南美、亚洲和中东的33个国家都有售。 (1)2016年国际美容整形外科学会国际美容外科研究 Algence ®和 Master Your Results ®是 AAT , Inc .及其子公司 Algence-Europe Ltd , Ireland 的注册商标。