ThinkGenetic Closes $1.5M Angel Funding

遗传病症状匹配器制造商 ThinkGenetic 完成150万美元天使轮融资

2019-02-21 08:20:00 Finsmes


ThinkGenetic, Inc., a Lafayette, Louisiana-based maker of an artificial intelligence-driven SymptomMatcher for genetic disorders, closed its $1.5M angel round of funding. The final $95k investment of five investors was led by entrepreneur and investor, Cian Robinson, Executive Director of the Innovation, Research, and Real Estate Investments division of Lafayette General Health System. Mr. Robinson has been active as a mentor to the company since ThinkGenetic was accepted into the Accelerate South accelerator program in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 2018. The company intends to use the funds to expand its range of services and personnel, create new partnerships and develop new technology to complement current offerings. In addition, the new relationship with Lafayette General Health System will bring new services to Louisiana including clinical trials and electronic medical record reviews. Led by CEO Dave Jacob, ThinkGenetic locates individuals with diagnosed and undiagnosed genetic diseases using artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Its SymptomMatcher makes it easy to find possible explanations for unrelated symptoms and health issues. It uses plain language and a simple question-and-answer format to guide users through the process.
总部位于路易斯安那州拉斐特的 ThinkGenetics Inc .完成了150万美元的天使融资,该公司是一家人工智能驱动的遗传病症状匹配器制造商。 五位投资者的最后一笔9.5万美元投资由企业家和投资者 Cian Robinson 领导,他是 Lafayette General Health System 创新、研究和房地产投资部门的执行董事。自 ThinkGenetics 于2018年被路易斯安那州拉斐特( Lafayette )纳入加速器南方项目以来,罗宾逊先生一直积极担任公司的导师。 公司拟使用募集资金扩大服务和人员范围,打造新的合作伙伴关系,开发新技术,以补充目前的募投项目。此外,与 Lafayette 普通卫生系统的新关系将为路易斯安那州带来新的服务,包括临床试验和电子病历审查。 在 CEO DaveJacob 的带领下, ThinkGenetics 使用人工智能( AI )解决方案定位诊断和未诊断的基因疾病的个体。它的症状匹配器使找到可能的解释无关的症状和健康问题。它使用简单的语言和简单的问答格式来指导用户完成这个过程。