See what the IHS Markit Score report has to say about Danaher Corp.

看看 IHS Markit Score 的报告对丹纳赫公司有什么影响。

2019-02-08 21:01:29 Markit


View full report here! Bearish sentiment Short interest | Positive Short interest is extremely low for DHR with fewer than 1% of shares on loan. This could indicate that investors who seek to profit from falling equity prices are not currently targeting DHR. Money flow ETF/Index ownership | Negative ETF activity is negative. Over the last one-month, outflows of investor capital in ETFs holding DHR totaled $15.79 billion. Additionally, the rate of outflows appears to be accelerating. Economic sentiment PMI by IHS Markit | Neutral According to the latest IHS Markit Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) data, output in the Industrials sector is rising. The rate of growth is weak relative to the trend shown over the past year, however. Credit worthiness Credit default swap | Negative The current level displays a negative indicator. DHR credit default swap spreads are near their highest levels for the past 1 year, which indicates the market's more negative perception of the company's credit worthiness. Please send all inquiries related to the report to Charts and report PDFs will only be available for 30 days after publishing.
查看这里的完整报告! 轴承情绪 短期利益|积极的 对于 DHR 而言,短期利率非常低,只有不到1%的贷款股份。这可能表明,寻求从股价下跌中获利的投资者目前并不以 DHR 为目标。 货币流动 ETF /指数所有权|负 ETF 活动为负。在过去一个月里,持有 DHR 的 ETF 的投资者资金流出总计达157.9亿美元。此外,外流速度似乎正在加快。 经济情绪 采购经理人指数. 根据 IHS Markit 采购经理人指数( PMI )的最新数据,工业部门的产出正在上升。然而,与过去一年的趋势相比,增长率较低。 信用可靠性 信用违约互换|负 当前级别显示一个负指标。DHR 信用违约互换息差接近过去1年的最高水平,这表明市场对该公司信用可靠性的负面看法更为强烈。 请将与该报告有关的所有查询发送至 score @ 。 图表和报告 PDF 将只在发布后30天内可用。