China Could Use Medical Data to Blackmail Americans


2019-02-21 15:28:50 Bloomberg


Chinese investment in the U.S. biotechnology industry presents a risk to national security, potentially giving China’s government access to patient data that could be used to blackmail Americans, according to a report for a Congressional advisory commission. Biotech companies in China have access to technology and data through investments in U.S. companies, partnerships with American universities and recruitment of U.S.-trained researchers, the report for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission said. “Chinese biotechnology companies are acquiring technologies crucial to advancement in the field as well as amassing large collections of clinical and genetic data on U.S. residents,” the report published Feb. 14 said. New U.S. regulations have put biotech on the same level in terms of importance to national security as aerospace and microchips. Chinese investors have been a mainstay of recent fundraising by private biotechnology firms. At least one Chinese investor participated in 41 U.S. biotech financing deals valued at a total of $2.6 billion last year, according to Pitchbook. “Theoretically, access to private information on security-sensitive U.S. persons creates a risk of blackmail and may reveal health conditions exploitable in a targeted attack,” the commission report said. The commission, which reports to Congress on national security implications of U.S.-China trade and economic ties, released the report prepared by Gryphon Scientific, a consulting firm based in Takoma Park, Maryland, and founded by Rocco Casagrande, a former United Nations biological weapons inspector. While noting China is “a leading originator of cyberattacks on the U.S.” that target personal health-care-related data, the commission’s report said there was no evidence so far that the Chinese government has used such data in a “strategic and hostile way.”
国会咨询委员会的一份报告显示,中国对美国生物技术产业的投资给国家安全带来了风险,可能会让中国政府获得可能用来勒索美国人的患者数据。 美中经济与安全审查委员会的报告称,中国的生物技术公司可以通过投资美国公司,与美国大学建立合作伙伴关系以及招募美国培训的研究人员来获取技术和数据。“中国生物技术公司正在收购对该领域的进步至关重要的技术,以及收集大量美国居民的临床和基因数据,” 2月14日发布的报告说。 美国的新法规使生物技术在对航空航天和微芯片等国家安全的重要性方面处于同一水平。中国投资者一直是私营生物技术公司最近筹集资金的支柱。Pitchbook的数据显示,去年至少有一位中国投资者参与了41项美国生物技术融资交易,总价值达26亿美元。 “从理论上讲,获取有关安全敏感的美国人的私人信息会产生勒索风险,并可能揭示有针对性攻击可利用的健康状况,”委员会报告说。 该委员会向国会报告中美贸易和经济关系对国家安全的影响,该委员会发布了由马里兰州塔科马帕克的咨询公司Gryphon Scientific编写的报告,该报告由前联合国生物武器Rocco Casagrande创立。督察。 该委员会的报告指出,中国是“美国网络攻击的主要创始人”,针对个人医疗保健相关数据,但迄今为止没有证据表明中国政府以“战略性和敌对性”的方式使用这些数据。 ”