Bayer to close Indiana logistics center


2019-02-26 13:50:00 pharmamanufacturing


Bayer is closing its customer logistics center in Mishawaka, Indiana, as part of a larger restructuring plan announced last year designed to cut costs and streamline operations. The customer logistics service center is responsible for the end-to-end customer experience for Bayer's Consumer Health and Pharmaceuticals businesses. The decision will result in 194 layoffs and will be slowly implemented over an 18-month period. “Bayer has made the decision to move away from operating a local service center and transition toward an integrated global organization. This will help the company reduce complexity, improve efficiency and enhance customer service. This will also position Bayer to remain competitive in our industry over the long term and ensure that we appropriately meet current and future needs of our customers and businesses for years to come," said a Bayer spokesperson.
拜耳( Bayer )正关闭位于印第安纳州米沙瓦卡( Mishawaka )的客户物流中心,这是去年宣布的旨在削减成本和精简运营的大规模重组计划的一部分。 客户物流服务中心负责拜耳(Bayer)公司消费者健康与医药业务的端到端客户体验。 这一决定将导致194次裁员,并将在18个月内缓慢实施。 “拜耳(Bayer)已做出决定,将不再运营本地服务中心,而是转型为一个一体化的全球组织。这将有助于公司降低复杂性,提高效率,提升客户服务水平。拜耳的一位发言人说:“这也将使拜耳(Bayer)长期保持在我们的行业中的竞争力,并确保我们在未来几年适当满足客户和业务的当前和未来需求。”