US-Based Actively Managed Marijuana Fund Launches


2019-02-28 20:36:00 Investing News Network


Investors gain another entry to marijuana investing thanks to the launch of a new actively managed fund. Foothill Capital Management announced the launch of its a new open-end mutual fund, the “Cannabis Growth Fund” (CANNX), on Tuesday (February 26). Eric Banhazl, chairman of Foothill Capital Management, said the firm sees cannabis as still in its infancy stage, but that its potential growth makes it worthwhile to open this fund. The fund will be managed by Korey Bauer, a managing director with the firm. Since 2015 Bauer has been co-managing the All Terrain Opportunity Fund (TERIX). “We believe active management is critical when investing in an industry that has frequent and evolving developments in regulation, applications and acquisition activity.” The fund from the Arizona-based firm will charge a 0.85 percent fee for management services. According to the prospectus for the new fund, the core investment strategies will hone in eight specific business types: Investors can expect this fund to pursue operations all across the globe where cannabis is legal. The fund will open the door to US companies by allowing state laws to determine whether or not a business is legal. “It is anticipated that a large number of holdings within the Fund’s portfolio will be securities of Canadian companies,” the prospectus for the Cannabis Growth Fund indicated. Active management shows benefits for other funds Canadian financial institution Purpose Investments announced its marijuana fund, the Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund (NEO:MJJ), had seen a return of 53.43 percent over a one-year-period thanks to its portfolio manager. “Passive investing in a new industry, such as marijuana, often means chasing or missing opportunities because the indexes are rebalancing much more slowly than the market itself is moving,” Greg Taylor, chief investment officer of Purpose Investments and portfolio manager of the fund said. Fellow actively managed Canadian fund, the Evolve Marijuana ETF (TSX:SEED), has increased in value 41.77 percent over a year-to-date period. Don’t forget to follow us @INN_Cannabis for real-time news updates! Securities Disclosure: I, Bryan Mc Govern, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.
由于推出了一只新的积极管理的基金,投资者又一次进入了大麻投资领域。 福希尔资本管理公司周二(2月26日)宣布推出一只新的开放式共同基金“坎纳比斯增长基金”( CannabisGrowthFund )。 福希尔资本管理公司( FothillCapitalManagement )董事长埃里克•班哈泽尔( EricBanhazl )表示,该公司认为大麻仍处于萌芽阶段,但其潜在的增长使其值得开设这只基金。 该基金将由 Korey Bauer 管理,该公司董事总经理。自2015年以来, Bauer 一直在共同管理“全地形机会基金”( TERIX )。 “我们认为,在投资于一个监管、应用和收购活动频繁且不断发展的行业时,积极管理至关重要。” 这家位于亚利桑那州的公司的基金将收取0.85%的管理服务费。 根据新基金的招股说明书,核心投资策略将磨练在八个具体业务类型: 投资者可以预期,该基金将在大麻合法的全球范围内开展业务。该基金将允许州法律确定一家企业是否合法,从而为美国企业打开大门。 坎纳比斯增长基金( Cannabis Growth Fund )的招股说明书表示:“预计该基金投资组合中的大量资产将是加拿大公司的证券。” 积极管理显示了其他基金的好处 加拿大金融机构 Purpose Investments 宣布旗下的大麻基金 Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund ( NEO : MJJ )由于其投资组合经理的支持,在一年时间内实现了53.43%的回报率。 “对大麻等新行业的被动投资,往往意味着追逐或错过机会,因为指数的再平衡速度远低于市场本身的移动速度,”该基金的 Purpose Investments 首席投资官兼投资组合经理格雷格•泰勒( Greg Taylor )表示。 加拿大 Evolve Marijuana ETF ( TSX : SEED )是一家积极管理的加拿大基金,该基金今年以来的价值增长了41.77%。 不要忘记跟我们一起实时更新新闻! 证券披露:我, Bryan McGovern ,不持有本文中提到的任何公司的直接投资权益。