Outgoing FDA Chief Gottlieb: FDA Not Equipped to Ensure Safety of Consumer Cosmetics

即将离任的 FDA 首席执行官 Gottlieb : FDA 没有配备确保消费者化妆品安全的设备

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The federal Food & Drug Administration and the cosmetics industry must do a better job protecting consumers from harmful chemicals in cosmetic products – including cancer-causing asbestos found in talc-based makeup and body powders, outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb declared in a strongly worded statement released March 4. Consumer watchdogs welcomed the FDA advisory and called for Congress to review and revise outdated laws governing the FDA's ability to adequately protect consumers from dangerous chemicals found in cosmetics. Fortunately, the new Democratic majority in the House saw the urgent need and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, called a subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, March 12, to focus on the public health risks of carcinogens in consumer products, specifically talcum powder. "Dr. Gottlieb should be commended for taking this important stand and making clear that there is currently no effective oversight to prevent manufacturers from selling dangerous products," said Mike Lux, co-founder of the non-profit American Family Voices. "This issue must be a priority for this Congress and the next FDA chief." This hearing comes as recent tests by the FDA confirmed the discovery of asbestos in cosmetic products sold across the country by Claire's and Justice retailers. While Justice and Claire's stopped selling some of its powder, blush, cream and eye shadow products, Claire's refused to comply with the FDA's recall request, and the agency has no authority to mandate a recall. "What's happening is a powerful argument for why the FDA needs a greater ability to not only regulate these products but also be compelled to protect the health and safety of all Americans," said Mr. Lux of American Family Voices. "There is an even larger company that refuses to stop selling these dangerous products, and the FDA doesn't have the resources or authority to stop them. Despite Johnson & Johnson's claims that the FDA says talcum powder is safe, the agency conducts little independent testing of cosmetic products and relies on those manufacturers to self-police through an industry-funded group called the Cosmetic Ingredient Review. It's a classic example of the fox guarding the hen house. The FDA has no true oversight in this area, and that's something the public and our representatives need to acknowledge." Indeed, internal Johnson & Johnson documents disclosed in litigation have shown that the company has known about asbestos contamination in its products for decades. Yet the FDA and the public were never advised of the safety concerns. Safety advocates also urged transparency in the development of cosmetic products testing procedures to ensure that these procedures comply with objective scientific standards and cannot be manipulated by the cosmetics industry. Dr. Gottlieb's statement notes that laws governing FDA's oversight of cosmetics have not been updated in more than 80 years and that the agency has no authority to require manufacturers to test their products before putting them on store shelves. He recommended that the FDA move away from this self-regulatory model and also urged the industry to embrace a "more modern approach" by registering products, listing their ingredients in a transparent way and doing a better job of notifying the FDA about adverse incidents involving cosmetics. The House committee hearing will be held on Tuesday, March 12, at 10 a.m. ET in room 2154 of the Rayburn House Office Building. The hearing will be streamed and archived at https://www.youtube.com/user/OversightDems. Media Contact: Barry Pound Barry@androvett.com 800-559-4534 View original content:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/outgoing-fda-chief-gottlieb-fda-not-equipped-to-ensure-safety-of-consumer-cosmetics-300810106.html SOURCE American Family Voices
美国联邦食品和药物管理局( FDA )和化妆品行业必须做得更好,以保护消费者免受化妆品中有害化学物质的伤害,包括滑石化妆品和人体粉末中发现的致癌石棉。 消费者监督机构欢迎 FDA 的建议,并呼吁国会审查和修订过时的法律,管理 FDA 的能力,充分保护消费者的危险化学品发现化妆品。 幸运的是,新的民主党多数在众议院看到了迫切的需要和众议员。众议院监督和改革委员会主席 Elijah Cummings ( D-MD )于3月12日(星期二)召开小组委员会听证会,重点关注消费品中致癌物(特别是滑石粉)的公共健康风险。 非营利组织“美国家庭之声”的联合创始人 MikeLux 说:“ Gottlieb 博士采取这一重要立场,并明确表示目前没有有效的监督来阻止制造商销售危险产品,应该受到赞扬。”“这个问题必须成为国会和下一任 FDA 负责人的优先事项。” 这次听证会是在美国食品和药物管理局最近进行的测试证实, Claire 和 Justice 的零售商在全国销售的化妆品中发现了石棉。尽管 Justice 和 Claire 停止销售其部分粉剂、腮红、奶油和眼影产品, Claire 拒绝遵守 FDA 的召回要求,该机构无权要求召回。 美国家庭之声公司的 Lux 先生说:“发生的事情是一个强有力的论据,说明为什么 FDA 不仅需要更大的能力来监管这些产品,而且还需要保护所有美国人的健康和安全。”“有一个更大的公司拒绝停止销售这些危险的产品, FDA 没有资源或权力阻止他们。尽管强生公司声称滑石粉是安全的,但该机构几乎没有对化妆品进行独立的测试,并依赖这些制造商通过一个行业资助的组织,称为化妆品成分审查自我监督。这是狐狸守护母鸡的典型例子。FDA 在这方面没有真正的监督,这是公众和我们的代表需要承认的。” 事实上,强生公司在诉讼中披露的内部文件显示,该公司数十年来一直知晓其产品中的石棉污染。然而, FDA 和公众从未被告知安全问题。安全倡导者还敦促化妆品产品测试程序的发展保持透明度,以确保这些程序符合客观的科学标准,不能被化妆品行业操纵。 Gottlieb 博士的声明指出,有关 FDA 监管化妆品的法律在80多年来一直没有更新, FDA 无权要求制造商在将其产品上架之前进行测试。他建议美国食品和药物管理局放弃这种自我监管模式,并敦促该行业采取“更现代的方式”,注册产品,以透明的方式列出其成分,并更好地向 FDA 通报涉及化妆品的不良事件。 众议院委员会听证会将于3月12日(星期二)上午10时在美国东部时间雷本众议院办公楼2154室举行。听证会将在 https://www.youtube.com/user/OvervientDems 上流播和存档。 媒体联系人: Barry Pound Barry @ androvett.com 800-559-4534 查看原始内容: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-disease/Out-fda-directib-fda-fat-to-Assurance-of-consumer-futures-30081016。html 美国家庭之声