Lucence Diagnostics to Develop AI Tools for Liver Cancer Treatment

Lucence 诊断开发肝癌治疗人工智能工具

2019-03-12 21:05:04 BioSpace


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Lucence Diagnostics, a genomic medicine company focused on personalizing cancer care, today announced a new project to develop AI algorithms for improving diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer. The goal is to combine the imaging and molecular data from liver cancer patients into smarter software tools that help physicians make better treatment decisions. Lucence will be working with Olivier Gevaert, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics) and of Biomedical Data Science at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Having developed LiquidHALLMARK®, the world's first liquid biopsy next-generation sequencing test that analyzes the DNA of cancer-causing mutations and viruses, Lucence will contribute its genomics expertise and proprietary sequencing technology to this project. Liver cancer is the second leading cause of avoidable cancer deaths globally[1], and hepatitis viruses contribute to the bulk of this disease. The incidence rate of liver cancer is also rising faster than any other cancer in both men and women in the United States[2]. The best chance of cure is surgery, and good characterization of the extent and type of the disease is critical for surgical planning. Imaging tests such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) play a crucial role in the visualization of liver tumors. Fusing imaging data with sequencing data that includes both cancer mutations and viral DNA will create a unique opportunity for AI-based approaches to advance liver cancer care. This project will evaluate a dataset of over 5,000 patients to identify image changes and patterns that are linked to diagnostic and treatment outcomes in liver cancer. "Lucence is excited to advance the field of medical imaging to guide liver cancer treatment. This is important because liver cancer is a major global threat, and is the only cancer rising in incidence and deaths in the United States. By combining radiology with our proprietary sequencing technology and track record in liver cancer data modelling, our AI algorithms will assist physicians in making better treatment decisions,'' said Dr Min-Han Tan, Founder and CEO of Lucence Diagnostics. About Lucence Diagnostics Lucence Diagnostics is a genomic medicine company founded to fulfil its vision of a world without avoidable cancer deaths. The company invents non-invasive blood tests that improve cancer detection and treatment selection. Lucence targets the most common cancers in Asia using its proprietary technology and AI platform. Lucence is headquartered in Singapore with offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. Its services are delivered worldwide through an accredited central laboratory. For more information, please visit Media Contact Elena Tan Email: [1] Journal of Global Oncology, 2018, DOI: 10.1200/JGO.17.00190. [2] CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 2019, DOI: 10.3322/caac.21551. multimedia:
致力于个性化癌症护理的基因药物公司 Lucence Diagnostics 今天宣布了一个新项目,开发人工智能算法来改进肝癌的诊断和治疗。目的是将肝癌患者的成像和分子数据结合到更智能的软件工具中,帮助医生做出更好的治疗决策。 Lucence 将与 Olivier Gevaert 合作,博士,医学助理教授(生物医学信息学)和斯坦福大学医学院生物医学数据科学。Lucence 开发了 LiquilHALLMARK ®,这是世界上第一个分析致癌突变和病毒 DNA 的液体活检下一代测序测试,它将为该项目贡献其基因组学专业知识和专有测序技术。 肝癌是全球第二大可避免的癌症死亡原因[1],肝炎病毒是造成这种疾病的主要原因。在美国,男性和女性肝癌的发病率也比其他任何癌症都要高。最好的治愈机会是手术,良好的描述疾病的范围和类型是至关重要的手术计划。超声、计算机断层扫描( CT )和磁共振成像( MRI )等影像学检查在肝脏肿瘤的可视化中起着至关重要的作用。将成像数据与包括癌症突变和病毒 DNA 的测序数据相结合,将为基于人工智能的方法促进肝癌治疗创造独特的机会。 该项目将评估5000多名患者的数据集,以确定与肝癌诊断和治疗结果相关的图像变化和模式。 “ Lucence 很高兴推动医学影像领域的发展,以指导肝癌治疗。这一点很重要,因为肝癌是全球的主要威胁,也是美国发病率和死亡率唯一上升的癌症。Lucence Diagnostics 创始人兼首席执行官 Min-Han Tan 博士说,通过将放射学与我们的专利测序技术结合起来,并跟踪肝癌数据建模的记录,我们的人工智能算法将帮助医生做出更好的治疗决策。 关于 Lucence 诊断 Lucence Diagnostics 是一家基因组医学公司,致力于实现其对世界的愿景,而不是避免癌症死亡。该公司发明了无创血液检测,改善癌症的检测和治疗选择。Lucence 利用其专有技术和人工智能平台,瞄准亚洲最常见的癌症。朗讯总部设在新加坡,在旧金山和香港设有办事处。其服务通过经认可的中央实验室在世界各地提供。详情请访问 。 媒体联系人 陈慧玲女士 电子邮件: media @ [1] 全球肿瘤学杂志,2018年, DOI :10.1200/ JGO 。17.00190。 [2] CA :临床医生癌症杂志,2019年, DOI :10.3322/ caac 。21551。 多媒体:肝癌治疗-300809854。html