Aurora Cannabis leads sector rally on news it’s hiring hedge-fund manager Nelson Peltz as adviser

奥罗拉聘请对冲基金经理 Nelson Peltz 担任顾问,引发大麻类股票行情反弹

2019-03-14 16:44:00 MarketWatch


By Aurora Cannabis Inc. led a rally in cannabis stocks Wednesday, after the company said it’s hiring hedge-fund manager Nelson Peltz as an adviser with the aim of sealing new cooperation agreements and expanding globally. The stock ACB, +10.72% ACB, +9.49% soared 12.5% in early trade. Peltz, the founder of Trian Fund Management L.P., is a well known activist investor who has run campaigns to shake up management and operations at a range of companies, including Procter & Gamble Co. PG, +0.74% the former DuPont and Dow Chemical, newly merged as DowDuPont Inc. DWDP, +0.94% and General Electric Co. GE, +0.56% He is chairman of fast-food chain Wendy’s Co. WEN, +0.30% and currently sits on the boards of P&G, food services giant Sysco Corp. SYY, +0.63% and The Madison Square Garden Co. MSG, -0.12%   Jefferies analyst Owen Bennett said the news bolsters his view of Aurora as well positioned to become a global leader in the sector. “Some investor pushback on Aurora’s investment case is they have spent large amounts on numerous assets across the value chain, with perhaps little thought to which are best suited,” Bennett wrote in a note to clients. “Peltz should support in ensuring assets are kept that yield most value. Given his past, we would also suggest that his involvement should support in maximizing the route towards profitability.” Jefferies has a buy rating on Aurora stock and a $12 price target, equal to about 13% above its priors-session closing price. Peltz will be granted options to purchase 19.9 million common shares in the company at C$10.34 ($7.74) a share. The options will vest over a four-year period on a quarterly basis, and the vesting may accelerate if the company meet certain goals, including the consummation of certain defined transactions and the share price being at least at C$31.02 and C$41.36 for a specified number of trading days. See also: Cannabis stocks rally after latest M&A deal, as New Jersey reaches deal on legal weed Don’t miss: Investing in cannabis companies can threaten federal employees’ security clearances Hexo Corp. shares HEXO, +3.58% HEXO, +3.92% rose 3.9% after the Quebec-based company said it has agreed to acquire its smaller rival, Toronto-based Newstrike Brands Ltd. NWKRF, +6.10% HIP, +6.67% in an all-stock deal valued at about C$263 million. Newstrike shareholders will receive 0.06332 Hexo shares for each Newstrike share owned. Both boards have approved the deal which must now be approved by shareholders. See now: Harry Boxer’s stocks to watch include Canopy Growth, Roku The deal will give Hexo an extra capacity of roughly 150,000 kg of cannabis annually and diversify its domestic market distribution. The combined companies will have agreement in 8 Canadian provinces, including Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The companies expect to generate annual synergies of $10 million. Hexo is expecting to achieve net revenues from Canadian cannabis sales of $400 million for fiscal 2020. See now: How the unsteady rise of the pot industry has made dime bags a billion-dollar business “We expect this to be taken positively with the addition of a strong recreational brand, but reiterate concerns around Hexo’s valuation with question marks over other areas of the business and yet to be seen validation of its strategy to be an ingredient provider,” Jefferies Bennett wrote in a note. Hexo stock has gained 67% in 2018 to date. Read: Flow Kana is a weed middleman that expects to make billions as the Sunkist of pot In other news, comedian, author and activist Chelsea Handler has become an investor in Civilized, a digital content provider that aims to build brands and events in the cannabis sector. “Cannabis has made a difference in my life, in the lives of my friends and people who have been reintroduced to it,” Handler said in a statement. “Working with Civilized, I’ve seen how passionate they are about smashing outdated cannabis stereotypes while keeping people entertained, and it’s been a real inspiration.” Elsewhere in the sector, Tilray TLRY, -1.55% was down 1.2%, Canopy Growth Corp. CGC, -1.56% WEED, -1.23% was down 0.7% and Cronos Group Inc. CRON, -0.59% was down 0.6%. But Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Inc. TGODF, +1.51% TGOD, +0.93% was up 0.9%, CannTrust Holdings Inc. CTST, +0.66% TRST, +0.17% was up 1.1% and MedMen Enterprises Inc. MMNFF, +2.96% was up 2.6%. The Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF HMMJ, +0.59% was up 1.4% and the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF MJ, +0.74% was up 1.6%. The S&P 500 SPX, +0.82% was up 0.5% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.67% was up 0.4%.
由。 奥罗拉(Aurora) Cannabis Inc .周三领涨大麻类股,此前该公司表示,正聘请对冲基金经理纳尔逊? 股票 ACB ,+10.72% ACB ,+9.49% 早盘交易飙升12.5%。Peltz 是 Trian Fund Management L.P .的创始人,他是一位知名的维权投资者,曾在宝洁( Procter & Gamble Co .)等一系列公司发起重组管理和运营的运动。 PG ,+0.74% 前杜邦公司和陶氏化学公司,新合并为道杜邦公司。 DWP ,+0.94% 通用电气公司。 通用电气,+0.56% 他是快餐连锁店 Wendy's Co .的董事长。 WEN ,+0.30% 目前是食品服务巨头 SyscoCorp .的董事会成员。 SYY ,+0.63% 麦迪逊广场花园公司。 MSG ,-0.12% Jefferies 分析师 OwenBennett 表示,这一消息增强了他对奥罗拉(Aurora)的看法,并有望成为该行业的全球领导者。 贝内特在给客户的一份报告中写道:“一些投资者回击奥罗拉(Aurora)的投资案例是,他们在整个价值链上花了大量资金购买了大量资产,或许几乎没有想到哪种资产最适合。”“ Peltz 应支持确保资产保持在最具价值的水平。考虑到他的过去,我们也建议他的参与应该有助于实现盈利的最大化。” Jefferies 对奥罗拉(Aurora)股票的买入评级和12美元的目标价,相当于其盘前收盘价的13%左右。 Peltz 将获得以每股10.34加元(合7.74美元)的价格购买1,990万股公司普通股的期权。期权将按季度在四年期间内归属,如果公司达到某些目标,包括完成某些规定的交易,且股价在规定的交易日内至少为31.02加元和41.36加元,则可加速行权。 另见:在最新的并购交易之后,坎纳比斯股票上涨,因为新泽西达成了合法的交易 不要错过:投资大麻公司可能会威胁到联邦雇员的安全许可 Hexo Corp .股份 HEXO ,+3.58% HEXO ,+3.92% 该公司股价上涨3.9%,此前这家总部位于魁北克的公司表示,已同意收购其规模较小的竞争对手多伦多的 NewstrikBrands Ltd .。 NWKRF ,+6.10% HIP ,+6.67% 价值约2.63亿加元的全股票交易。新闻集团股东每持有新闻集团股份将获得0.06332股 Hexo 股份。两家公司的董事会都批准了这项交易,现在必须得到股东的批准。 现在看: Harry Boxer 要观察的股票包括 Canopy Growth 、 Roku 这笔交易将使 Hexo 每年增加大约15万公斤大麻的生产能力,并使其国内市场分布多样化。合并后的公司将在8个加拿大省份达成协议,包括魁北克省、不列颠哥伦比亚省、艾伯塔省、萨斯喀彻温省、马尼托巴省、新斯科舍省和爱德华王子岛。这些公司预计每年将产生1000万美元的协同效应。Hexo 预计在2020财年将实现加拿大大麻销售收入4亿美元。 现在来看:罐装行业的不稳定增长如何使纸袋成为十亿美元的生意 杰富瑞•班尼特( Jefferies Bennett )在一份报告中写道:“我们预计,随着一个强大的娱乐品牌的加入,这一点将得到积极的对待,但我们重申了对 Hexo 估值的担忧,并对该业务的其他领域提出了质疑,但仍未看到其作为一家配料供应商的战略得到验证。” 到目前为止, Hexo 股票在2018年已经上涨了67%。 阅读: FlowKana 是一个杂草丛生的中间人,他希望能像锅中的 Sunkist 那样赚数十亿美元 在其他新闻中,喜剧演员、作家和活动家切尔西·汉德勒成为了文明的投资者。文明是一家数字内容提供商,旨在在大麻领域建立品牌和活动。 Handler 在一份声明中表示:“坎纳比斯在我的生活、我的朋友和重新受过教育的人的生活中都有所改变。”“与文明合作,我看到了他们对打破过时的大麻成见的热情,同时保持人们的娱乐,这是一个真正的灵感。” 在该行业的其他领域, Tilray TLRY ,-1.55% Canopy Growth Corp .下跌1.2%。 CGC ,-1.56% WEED ,-1.23% 下跌0.7%, Cronos Group Inc 。 CRON ,-0.59% 下跌了0.6%。 但绿色有机荷兰控股公司. TGODF ,+1.51% TGOD ,+0.93% CannTrust Holdings Inc .上涨0.9%。 CTST ,+0.66% TRST ,+0.17% 上涨1.1%, MedMen Enterprises Inc 。 MMNFF ,+2.96% 上涨了2.6%。 Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF HMMJ ,+0.59% ETFMG 另类收获 ETF 上涨1.4 MJ ,+0.74% 上涨了1.6%。 标准普尔500指数 SPX ,+0.82% 道琼斯工业平均指数上涨0.5 DJIA ,+0.67% 上涨0.4%。