MEDITECH Momentum Builds with Continued Expanse Signings

持续扩展签名的 MEDITECH 动量构建

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 Continued industry demand for MEDITECH and Expanse, the company's state-of-the-art, web-based Enterprise Health Record , is fueling a strong start to 2019. Recent signings represent a solid mix of customer migrations and net new business wins. "It's an exciting time at MEDITECH and we are looking forward to continuing to build on this momentum throughout 2019," said MEDITECH Executive Vice President Helen Waters. "Our recent signings clearly indicate that current and new customers are embracing Expanse as a solution to enhance the patient and clinician EHR experience." Recent signings include the Massachusetts Health Collaborative (MHC), a consortium of local community hospitals: Harrington Healthcare, Holyoke Medical Center, and Heywood Healthcare. All three healthcare systems have chosen Expanse as the solution to provide integrated health records across both inpatient and outpatient settings. Collectively, these systems serve hundreds of thousands of patients throughout central and western Massachusetts. Leveraging combined resources was a key driver for all three of these MHC organizations in their decision to move forward with Expanse. Each of the sites will also benefit from enhanced care quality, efficiency, and mobility with their Expanse implementation. Another Massachusetts organization, Berkshire Health Systems (BHS), will also migrate to Expanse and add MEDITECH Ambulatory and MEDITECH Acute solutions across its 225 physician practices. BHS is a private, not-for-profit organization that serves the region through a network of affiliates and has been a MEDITECH customer since 2000. "Having an EHR with the flexibility for our on-call physicians to easily access patient records from a variety of mobile and web-based platforms is vital to advancing BHS operational efficiencies," said Dr. Mark Snowise, BHS, family practice, medical director of informatics ambulatory physician practices. Some additional recent notable MEDITECH signings include: Boys Town National Research Hospital, internationally recognized as a leader in clinical and research programs that focus on childhood deafness, language development, and related communications disorders, is a new Expanse customer. Val Verde Regional Medical Center is a new MEDITECH partner, and will be launching Expanse and utilizing the EHR in all areas of acute care, ambulatory, and emergency department. Located in Del Rio, TX, this community hospital has served residents for the past 60 years. VVRMC is excited to join the MEDITECH family for this region. Bayamon Medical Center, a 200-bed general acute care hospital in Bayamon, PR, is a new Expanse customer. Located just outside of San Juan, the hospital recently joined the Dorado Health family and is developing the Heart & Lung Institute, a cardiovascular unit that will serve PR and the Caribbean. Puerto Rico Women's and Children's Hospital, the first hospital in Puerto Rico dedicated exclusively to the healthcare of women and children on the island, is a new Expanse site. The facility is a 100-bed children's hospital with a wide range of pediatric specialists in Bayamon, PR. Comanche County Medical Center, a MEDITECH customer since 2008, signed for MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS), a private cloud-based Expanse EHR solution with a monthly subscription fee. Learn more about how Expanse is elevating care for the provider and patient. About MEDITECH Five decades. One EHR. No limits. More than ever, MEDITECH's reputation for excellence resounds across every care setting. As we celebrate 50 bold years of vision and innovation, we invite you to see healthcare through a whole new lens with Expanse, the premier EHR for the digital healthcare paradigm. Our cutting-edge solutions help organizations and providers all over the world to take on the challenges of healthcare's ever-expanding landscape. Whether your destination is clinical efficiency, analytical prowess, a superior patient and consumer experience, or financial success, MEDITECH's passion and expertise will get you where you want to go. Visit, our Newsroom and Blog, and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to start your journey today.  Contacts Paul Berthiaume Senior Manager, Marketing Communications MEDITECH 781-774-5742 Liz Carroll Manager, Public Relations and Media Relations MEDITECH 781-774-3297 multimedia:
持续的行业需求 MEDITECH 和 Expanse ,公司最新的,基于网络的企业健康记录,正在为2019年的强劲开局提供动力。最近的签约代表了客户迁移和新业务赢得的坚实组合。 MEDITECH 执行副总裁 HelenWaters 表示:“这是 MEDITECH 的一个激动人心的时刻,我们期待着在整个2019年继续巩固这一势头。”“我们最近签署的协议清楚地表明,当前和新的客户正在接受 Expanse 作为一种解决方案,以增强患者和临床医生的 EHR 体验。” 最近的签约包括马萨诸塞健康合作组织( MHC ),一个由当地社区医院组成的联盟:哈林顿医疗保健,霍尔代克医疗中心和海伍德医疗保健。所有三个医疗系统都选择了 Expanse 作为解决方案,在住院和门诊设置中提供综合的健康记录。总体而言,这些系统服务于马萨诸塞州中部和西部的数十万病人。 利用合并资源是所有这三个 MHC 组织决定与 Expanse 合作的关键驱动因素。随着 Expanse 的实施,每个站点还将受益于提高护理质量、效率和移动性。 另一个马萨诸塞州的组织,伯克希尔健康系统( BHS )也将迁移到 Expanse ,并增加 MEDITECH 门诊和 MEDITECH 急诊室解决方案的225名医生的做法。BHS 是一家私人的非盈利组织,通过附属机构网络为该地区提供服务,自2000年以来一直是 MEDITECH 客户。 “拥有一个具有灵活性的 EHR ,使我们的在线医生能够方便地从各种移动和基于网络的平台访问病人记录,对于提高 BHS 的运作效率至关重要,” MarkSnowise 博士说, BHS ,家庭实践,医学主任的信息学流动医生实践。 最近一些重要的 MEDITECH 签约包括: 博伊斯镇国家研究医院,国际公认的领导的临床和研究计划,重点关注儿童耳聋,语言发展,和相关的通信障碍,是一个新的外展客户。 Val Verde 区域医疗中心是新的 MEDITECH 合作伙伴,将在急诊科、急诊科、急诊科等所有领域启动 Expanse 并利用 EHR 。这所社区医院位于德克萨斯州的 DelRio ,在过去的60年里为居民提供服务。VVRMC 很高兴加入这个地区的 MEDITECH 家族。 Bayamon 医疗中心是一家位于 PR Bayamon 的200张床位的综合急性护理医院,是一家新的 Expanse 客户。该医院位于圣胡安郊外,最近加入了多拉多健康家庭,并正在发展心脏和肺研究所,一个心血管单位,将服务于公关和加勒比。 波多黎各妇女和儿童医院是波多黎各第一家专门为岛上妇女和儿童提供保健服务的医院,是一个新的扩展网站。该设施是一个100张床位的儿童医院与广泛的儿科专家在 Bayamon , PR 。 Comanche County Medical Center 是 MEDITECH 客户,自2008年起,签约 MEDITECH 作为服务( MaaS ),这是一款基于私有云的 Expanse EHR 解决方案,每月收取订阅费。 了解更多有关 Expanse 如何提升对提供者和患者的关怀。 关于 MEDITECH 五十年。一个 EHR 。没有限制。比以往任何时候, MEDITECH 卓越的声誉在每个护理环境中都会出现。当我们庆祝50年大胆的愿景和创新,我们邀请您通过一个全新的镜头与 Expanse ,为数字医疗保健模式的首要 EHR 。我们的尖端解决方案帮助世界各地的组织和供应商应对医疗保健领域不断扩大的挑战。无论您的目的地是临床效率、分析能力、卓越的病人和消费者体验,还是财务成功, MEDITECH 的热情和专业知识都将为您带来您想去的地方。访问 ehr 。医疗技术。网站,我们的新闻编辑室和博客,并与我们在 Twitter , Facebook 和 LinkedIn 上联系,开始你的旅程今天。 联系人 保罗·伯蒂亚明 营销传播高级经理 MEDITECH 781-774-5742 pberthiume @ Liz Carroll 公共关系及传媒关系部经理 MEDITECH 781-774-3297 ecrroll @ 多媒体:。html