J&J labeled the ‘kingpin’ of the opioid epidemic in Ok. lawsuit


2019-03-15 16:44:00 pharmamanufacturing


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As litigation against manufacturers involved in opioid sales continues to mount, lawyers in an Oklahoma lawsuit have taken aim at Johnson & Johnson.  According to Bloomberg, lawyers working with Oklahoma’s attorney general said in a court document that because a subsidiary of J&J grew and sold opium poppies used in painkillers, the company was the “kingpin behind the public-health emergency, profiting at every stage.”   J&J has maintained that it was only a supplier, and that it had no role in the manufacturing, development, marketing or sales of opioid products. But the Oklahoma lawsuit alleges that marketing by the company unlawfully targeted children and the elderly.  About 36 states and 1,600 cities and counties are currently involved in litigation against opioid makers and distributors. Oklahoma will likely be the first state to bring an opioid lawsuit to trial, and the state is seeking $25 billion in damages from companies such as J&J’s Janssen unit, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Purdue Pharma.  J&J sold the opium poppy-producing unit in question to a private equity firm in 2016. 
随着针对阿片类药物类药品销售制造商的诉讼不断增加,俄克拉荷马州一宗诉讼中的律师针对强生公司。 据彭博社( Bloomberg )报道,与俄克拉荷马州总检察长合作的律师在一份法庭文件中表示,由于强生(J&J)的一家子公司种植和销售用于止痛药的鸦片罂粟,该公司是“公共卫生紧急事件背后的王者,在每个阶段都获利。”这是一个很好的例子 J & J 公司坚持认为,它只是一个供应商,在阿片类药物产品的制造、开发、营销或销售方面没有任何作用。但俄克拉何马州的诉讼指控该公司的营销非法针对儿童和老年人。 目前约有36个州和1600个市县卷入了针对阿片类药物制剂生产商和经销商的诉讼。俄克拉何马州可能是第一个将阿片类药物类诉讼提交审判的州,该州正寻求强生(J&J)旗下杨森(Janssen)子公司、梯瓦(Teva) Pharmaceutical Industries 和 Purdue Pharma 等公司赔偿250亿美元。 2016年,强生(J&J)将上述罂粟生产部门出售给一家私募股权公司。