GDET Announces New Cannabis Subsidiary With CBD Product Line

娱乐科技公司 GDET 宣布其子公司 Greenery 进入大麻二醇市场

2019-03-15 19:38:00 BioSpace


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GD Entertainment And Technology, Inc. is excited to announce the company's expansion into the CBD market with its newest subsidiary, The Greenery. Click on the highlighted links below to learn more about GDET's current high potential growth enterprises in addition to its latest cannabis sector business announced for the first time today. The Company has always focused on high growth industries, taking its first stride in the blockchain sector through its diverse portfolio of premium products. With its humble beginnings as a New Jersey cryptocurrency mining facility, GDET has evolved into a transactional based business model that offers multiple services both in the ATM sector with HyperDigital Technologies as well as e-commerce with its DreamCard operation. Company CEO Anil Idnani commented, "I am extremely proud to reveal the newest addition to the GDET family of high growth potential products. When we first entered the blockchain space, my team faced an extremely volatile and competitive market. To date, we continue to expand our products and services while others disappear. I plan on taking the same drive and direction with The Greenery as I believe we are entering the CBD market at the opportune time. With the Company's current business plan and short term objectives, we will yield aggressive results. I take pride in all GDET products and with this newest venture it is no exception, we stand by our motto to be innovators with best in class products and service." The Greenery aims to become the premier distributer of CBD products that include, but not limited to the following specifications: USA Produced, Full Spectrum, Kosher, Halal, THC Free, NON-GMO, ECO Friendly, Organic What separates The Greenery from its competition is the parent company behind all of the operations, GDET.  The Company has spared no expense when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. The Greenery product line is fully developed and ready for production. Watch for more news coming soon providing more details on the products. GDET shareholders can expect new updates very soon as the Company enters an aggressive phase of operational development over the near term.
GDEntertainment and Technology , Inc .非常高兴地宣布,公司将以最新的子公司 Greenery 进军 CBD 市场。点击以下突出显示的链接,了解更多关于 GDET 目前的高潜力增长企业,以及其最新的大麻行业业务今天首次宣布。 本公司一直专注于高增长行业,通过其多样化的优质产品组合在区块链领域迈出了第一步。GDET 以其作为新泽西加密货币采矿设施的不起眼起步,已经发展成为一种基于交易的商业模式,在 ATM 领域提供 HyperDigital Technologies 的多种服务,并通过其 DreamCard 操作提供电子商务。 公司首席执行官 AnilIdnani 评论道:“我非常自豪地透露了最新加入 GDET 系列的高增长潜力产品。当我们第一次进入区块链空间时,我的团队面临一个非常不稳定和竞争激烈的市场。到目前为止,我们继续扩大我们的产品和服务,而其他的消失。我计划采取同样的驱动器和方向与绿叶,因为我相信我们正在进入 CBD 市场的时机。根据公司目前的经营计划和短期目标,我们将取得积极的成果。我为所有的 GDET 产品感到自豪,在这个最新的冒险也不例外,我们坚持我们的宗旨,成为创新的最佳产品和服务。 Greenery 旨在成为 CBD 产品的主要经销商,包括但不限于以下规格: 美国生产,全光谱, Kosher , Halal , THC 免费, NON-GMO , ECO 友好,有机 绿色工厂与其竞争的区别在于所有运营背后的母公司 GDET 。在质量和顾客满意方面,公司不惜一切代价。绿叶公司的产品线是完全开发和准备生产。等待更多的消息即将到来,提供更多的产品细节。 GDET 股东可以期待新的更新,一旦公司进入一个积极的经营发展阶段在短期内。