Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Ideal Image Lucky Days Pop-Up Sale


2019-03-16 03:05:03 BioSpace


Ideal Image® is kicking off its first-ever Lucky Days Pop-Up Sale, a 10-day promotion to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, with offers on MedSpa services. The sale will run from March 15 to March 24, 2019. During this time period, Ideal Image is offering 60% off laser hair removal plus an extra 10% off select services. Services that can be enjoyed with the extra 10% discount include: Laser hair removal which destroys hair at the follicle over time, leaving skin silky smooth. CoolSculpting which freezes away fat cells without surgery. BroadBand LightTM Therapy (BBL) which gets rid of sun damage, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and regenerates collagen. Ultherapy which tightens loose skin on your neck, chin, or brow area. Kybella which melts away excess fat that causes a double chin. Once a client purchases one of the Lucky Days services above with the additional 10% discount, a menu of "lucky charms" will be unlocked that will allow the client to sample another MedSpa service at a deep discount. Clients can choose from a BBL treatment, Botox, an Ultherapy lip treatment, a Juvéderm Ultra filler, select laser hair removal treatments, or a signature facial on the menu of "lucky charms." There has never been a better time to try an Ideal Image service. With this promotion, clients will have the chance to sample a new MedSpa service before purchasing a full package of treatments. For more information about Ideal Image, visit www.IdealImage.com. Promotion Terms: Additional 10% off Ideal Image services excluding wrinkle relaxers, fillers, and facials. Services vary at participating locations. Must purchase $500 worth of Ideal Image services in order to unlock a Lucky Charm treatment. Offer is valid at participating locations only from March 15, 2019 through March 24, 2019. About Ideal Image Ideal Image is the nation's leading MedSpa, performing more non-invasive aesthetic treatments than any other company in the United States. At Ideal Image, highly-trained medical professionals and personal consultants work together to develop personalized treatment plans consisting of non-surgical, gentle-touch procedures and FDA-approved, industry-leading treatments. From laser hair removal to Botox and facial fillers, CoolSculpting fat reduction, skin lifting and beyond, Ideal Image uses the most advanced technology and services to provide long-lasting, natural results that help people look and feel their best. Ideal Image has 137 company-owned and franchise locations throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about Ideal Image and its services visit, www.IdealImage.com. View original content:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/celebrate-st-patricks-day-with-the-ideal-image-lucky-days-pop-up-sale-300812879.html SOURCE Ideal Image
Ideal Image ®将启动首次“幸运日促销”,这是一项为期10天的促销活动。帕特里克节,提供 MedSpa 服务。此次出售将于2019年3月15日至3月24日进行。 在此期间,理想图像提供60%的激光脱毛加上额外10%的选择服务。可享受额外10%折扣的服务包括: 随着时间的推移,激光脱毛破坏毛囊的毛发,使皮肤光滑. 冷却冷冻脂肪细胞而无需手术. 宽带光 TM 疗法( BBL )可以消除太阳损伤,减少细纹和皱纹的出现,并再生胶原蛋白。 强化颈部、下巴或眉部松弛皮肤的治疗方法。 凯贝拉融化多余的脂肪,导致双下巴。 一旦客户购买了以上的“幸运日”服务中的一项,外加10%的折扣,“幸运魅力”菜单将被解锁,这将允许客户以极低的折扣采样另一个 MedSpa 服务。客户可以选择 BBL 治疗,肉毒杆菌毒素,一种治疗唇部溃疡,一种 Juv é derm Ultra 填充物,选择激光脱毛治疗,或在“幸运魅力”菜单上签名面部。 从来没有更好的时间来尝试理想图像服务。通过这次推广,客户将有机会在购买全套治疗方案之前对新的 MedSpa 服务进行抽样。 有关理想图像的更多信息,请访问 www.理想图.com 。 推广条款:除皱纹松弛剂、填充剂和面部护理外,理想影像服务额外增加10%.参与地点的服务各不相同。必须购买价值500美元的理想图像服务,以解锁幸运魅力处理。优惠仅于2019年3月15日至2019年3月24日止于参与地点有效。 关于理想图像 理想图像是国家领先的 MedSpa ,执行更多的非侵入性美学治疗比任何其他公司在美国。在理想图像,训练有素的医疗专业人员和个人顾问共同制定个性化的治疗计划,包括非手术,温和触摸程序和 FDA 批准的,行业领先的治疗。从激光脱发到肉毒杆和面部填充物,冷却剪脂,皮肤举重和超越,理想形象使用最先进的技术和服务提供持久,自然的结果,帮助人们看起来和感觉他们最好。理想图像拥有137个公司拥有和特许经营地点在美国和加拿大。有关理想图像及其服务的更多信息,请访问 www.理想图.com 。 查看原始内容: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/journal-st-patricks-day-with-理想化-图片-吉祥- day-pop-up-sale-300812879。html 理想图像