Elon Musk, Tilray, the Federal Reserve and Nvidia - 5 Things You Must Know

Elon Musk ,Tilray,美联储和Nvidia——你必须知道的5件事

2019-03-19 18:33:00 TheStreet.com


Here are five things you must know for Tuesday, March 19:  U.S. stock futures rose modestly on Tuesday, and global stocks steadied as investors kept risk appetite in check ahead of the start of the two-day Federal Reserve meeting. The CME Group's FedWatch tool has priced in a 98.7% probability the Fed won't lift rates at the conclusion of its meeting Wednesday, but does indicate at least a 30% chance of a rate cut - from the current range of 2.25% to 2.5% - by January 2020. The Federal Reserve, which tries to regulate the speed of the economy by raising or lowering U.S. interest rates, finds itself at a crossroads, with Donald Trump's administration insisting that his tax-cut-fueled growth will continue apace for years to come while a majority of economists now see a recession as inevitable within the next three years. So what will the U.S. central bank do as the rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee prepares to meet? As little as possible, according to economists from Deutsche Bank. "Monetary policy is currently in a good place, and with various crosscurrents buffeting the outlook, the committee will remain patient in assessing the need for any further adjustments to the policy stance," Deutsche Bank economists wrote in a report. "The March FOMC meeting should reinforce this now-familiar message." In addition to the start of the Fed meeting, the economic calendar in the U.S. Tuesday includes Factory Orders for January at 10 a.m. Earnings reports are expected Tuesday from FedEx (FDX) , Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) and DSW (DSW) . The Securities and Exchange Commission blasted Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk for his alleged failure to abide by an agreement to curb his "reckless" tweets, with the commission calling the billionaire's behavior "stunning" in court papers filed late Monday. Lawyers for the SEC in a filing in federal court rejected Musk's defense of his recent social media activity and called for the Tesla founder to be held in contempt of court for a series of more than a dozen tweets, including one on the electric carmaker's production numbers. The commission contends the recent tweets, including one that boasted that Tesla would build 500,000 electric cars in 2019, violated an agreement the SEC struck last fall with Musk related to securities fraud charges it had brought against him. The SEC leveled the charges against Musk for falsely tweeting he had the money to take the company private. Under that agreement, Musk agreed to have his tweets pre-approved by a "designated securities counsel" at Tesla before hitting publish. "It is therefore stunning to learn that, at the time of filing of the instant motion, Musk had not sought pre-approval for a single one of the numerous tweets about Tesla he published in the months since the Court-ordered pre-approval policy went into effect," the commission stated in its filing Monday. Tesla was down 0.5% in premarket trading. Cannabis company Tilray (TLRY)  rose in premarket trading Tuesday after beating fourth-quarter revenue estimates. Revenue of $15.5 million was higher than year-earlier revenue of $5.1 million and beat Wall Street predictions of $14.1 million. The company reported a fourth-quarter loss of 33 cents a share, wider than analysts' expectations that called for a loss of 14 cents. In the same period last year, Tilray reported a loss of 4 cents a share. Tilray attributed the fourth-quarter loss to "operating expenses related to growth initiatives, expansion of international teams and costs related to financings and M&A activities."  For the full year, revenue increased 110% to $43.1 million, which also topped Wall Street's expectations of $41.8 million. "2018 was a very successful year for Tilray with many corporate milestones. Our team made significant progress on our long-term initiatives including increasing production capacity, expanding and strengthening strategic partnerships, and acquiring complementary businesses to accelerate our future growth and leadership position in medical and adult-use cannabis," said CEO Brendan Kennedy. "Looking ahead, we remain committed to pursuing global growth opportunities and will be disciplined in deploying capital, particularly in the United States and Europe, where we believe we have multiple paths for value creation," he added. During the fourth quarter, Tilray tripled the amount of cannabis it sold to 2,053 kilograms from 694 kilograms a year earlier. The average net selling price per gram rose to $7.52 from $7.13. The stock rose 2.3% to $73.93 in premarket trading on Tuesday. Nvidia   (NVDA)  CEO Jensen Huang made quite a few hardware and software announcements during a 160-minute keynote talk Monday at the company's GPU Technology Conference. He also disclosed some new partnerships, and shared a handful of interesting stats. Getting a lot of attention was the launch of a new Amazon Web Services cloud computing instance (known as the EC2 G4) for powering inference workloads - the running of trained artificial intelligence models against new data and content, such as a voice command, a language-translation request or a photo taken with a smartphone camera -- using Nvidia's Tesla T4 GPUs. The EC2 G4 arrives a few months after Amazon (AMZN) unveiled Inferentia, an internally designed chip for powering AWS inference workloads. Separately, AWS executive Matt Garman shared a slide highlighting major AWS clients who are using Nvidia's powerful Tesla V100 server GPU, which is meant for AI training and high-performance computing workloads. The client list included Salesforce.com, Verizon, Siemens, Comcast, Lyft and Western Digital. Huang also disclosed Nvidia was expanding its autonomous driving partnership with Toyota, which was first announced in 2017. Nvidia and Amazon are holdings in Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS member club. Want to be alerted before Jim Cramer buys or sells the stocks? Learn more now. An interim leadership team will take the reins at Warner Bros. Entertainment following the dismissal of CEO Kevin Tsujihara on Monday, Variety reported. The team likely will consist of Warner Bros. motion pictures group Chairman Toby Emmerich, Warner Bros. television group President and Chief Content Officer Peter Roth, and at least one other top executive, individuals familiar with the company told Variety. The leadership group likely will include at least one female executive, Variety reported. John Stankey, CEO of WarnerMedia, a unit of AT&T (T) , is expected to formally announce the interim leadership team on Tuesday, according to multiple sources.  WarnerMedia started an investigation earlier this month after a Hollywood Reporter story revealed text messages between Tsujihara and British actress Charlotte Kirk going back to 2013. Tsujihara is alleged to have pushed for auditions for Kirk with whom he was having a sexual relationship, according to media reports. He released a memo apologizing to his colleagues at WarnerMedia for his behavior. ** Want to learn about retirement planning from some of the nation's top experts? 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以下是你必须知道的五件事:3月19日(星期二): 美国股市期货周二小幅上涨,全球股市稳定,因为投资者在美联储( Fed )为期两天的会议开始前一直在控制风险偏好。 芝加哥商品交易所集团( CME Group )的联邦观察( FedWatch )工具估计,美联储在周三会议结束时不会加息的可能性为98.7%,但它确实表明,到2020年1月,美联储至少有30%的几率降息——从目前的2.25%至2.5%区间。 美联储( Federal Reserve )试图通过提高或降低美国利率来调节经济增长速度,但它发现自己正处在一个十字路口。唐纳德?特朗普( Donald Trump )政府坚称,未来几年,他以减税为动力的增长将继续快速增长,而大多数经济学家现在认为,未来三年内经济衰退是不可避免的。 那么,在负责制定利率的联邦公开市场委员会( FOMC )准备开会时,美国央行会做些什么呢?德意志银行( DeutscheBank )的经济学家表示,这是尽可能少的。 德意志银行( Deutsche Bank )的经济学家在一份报告中写道:“目前货币政策处于有利地位,各种交叉趋势影响了前景,委员会仍将耐心地评估是否需要进一步调整政策立场。”“3月的 FOMC 会议应强化这一众所周知的信息。” 除了美联储会议开始外,美国周二的经济日历还包括1月上午10点的工厂订单。 预计周二联邦快递( FDX )、腾讯音乐娱乐集团( TME )和 DSW 将发布收益报告。 美国证券交易委员会( SEC )对特斯拉( Tesla )首席执行官埃隆•马斯克( Elon Musk )进行了猛烈抨击,称他未能遵守一项协议,以遏制自己的“鲁莽”推文。该委员会在周一晚间提交的法庭文件中称,这位亿万富翁的行为“惊人”。 SEC 的律师在联邦法院的一份文件中驳回了马斯克对其近期社交媒体活动的辩护,并要求特斯拉创始人在藐视法庭的情况下发布十几条推文,其中包括一条有关这家电动汽车制造商生产数据的推文。 该委员会辩称,最近的推文,包括一条自称特斯拉将在2019年生产50万辆电动汽车的推文,违反了美国证交会去年秋天与马斯克就其对马斯克提起的证券欺诈指控达成的协议。 证券交易委员会对马斯克的指控是,他在 Twitter 上谎称自己有钱将公司私有化。根据该协议,穆斯克同意在发布消息之前,先让特斯拉的“指定证券顾问”预先批准他的推文。 委员会在周一提交的文件中表示:“因此,令人震惊的是,在提交这一动议时,马斯克并没有就他在法庭下令的预先批准政策生效后几个月内发表的有关特斯拉的众多推文中的一条征求预先批准。” 特斯拉在上市前交易中下跌了0.5%。 印度大麻公司 Tilray ( TLRY )周二在盘前交易中上涨,此前该公司公布第四季度收入超出预期。 收入1550万美元,比上年同期510万美元的收入高,超过华尔街预测的1410万美元。 该公司第四季度每股亏损33美分,超出了分析师预期的14美分。去年同期, Tilray 报告每股亏损4美分。 Tilray 将第四季度亏损归因于“与增长计划、扩大国际团队以及与融资和并购活动相关的运营支出”。这是一个很好的例子 全年营收增长110%,至4310万美元,也超过华尔街预期的4180万美元。 “对于 Tilray 来说,2018年是一个非常成功的一年,有着许多企业里程碑。我们的团队在我们的长期计划中取得了重大进展,包括提高产能、扩大和加强战略合作伙伴关系,以及收购互补性业务,以加快我们未来在医疗和成人用大麻领域的增长和领导地位,”首席执行官 BrendanKennedy 说。 他补充说:“展望未来,我们将继续致力于寻求全球增长机会,并将在资本配置方面严明纪律,尤其是在美国和欧洲,我们相信我们在价值创造方面有多种途径。” 在第四季度, Tilray 将大麻销售量从一年前的694公斤增加了两倍,达到2053公斤。每克的平均净售价从7.13美元升至7.52美元。 该股周二在盘前交易中上涨2.3%,至73.93美元。 在周一召开的 GPU 技术大会上, Nvidia ( NVDA )首席执行官黄仁生( Jensen Huang )在160分钟的主题演讲中发表了不少硬件和软件声明。他还披露了一些新的合作关系,并分享了一些有趣的数据。 引起广泛关注的是推出了一个新的 Amazon Web Services 云计算实例(称为 EC2G4),用于支持推理工作负载——针对新数据和内容(如语音命令)运行经过培训的人工智能模型,使用 Nvidia 的 Tesla T4 GPU 的语言翻译请求或用智能手机摄像头拍摄的照片。EC2G4问世几个月后, Amazon ( AMZN )推出了一款内部设计的用于支持 AWS 推理工作负载的芯片 Infentria 。 另外, AWS 执行人员 MattGarman 分享了一张幻灯片,重点介绍了使用 Nvidia 强大的 Tesla V100服务器 GPU 的主要 AWS 客户,该 GPU 用于人工智能培训和高性能计算工作负载。客户名单包括 Salesforce 。com 、 Verizon 、 Siemens 、 Comcast 、 Lyft 和 WestDigital 。 黄光裕还透露,英伟达正在扩大与丰田的自主驾驶合作伙伴关系,这是2017年首次宣布的。 Nvidia 和亚马逊都在 Jim Cramer 的 Action Alerts PLUS 会员俱乐部中持有股份。在吉姆·克莱默买入或卖出股票之前,想要得到提醒吗?现在了解更多信息。 一个临时领导团队将接管华纳兄弟公司。据《综艺》报道,周一,公司首席执行官凯文• Tsujihara 被解职后,娱乐行业出现了问题。 该团队可能由华纳兄弟组成。电影集团主席托比·埃默里赫,华纳兄弟。熟悉该公司的人士告诉 Variety ,电视集团总裁兼首席内容官 Peter Roth 和至少另一位高管。据 Variety 报道,领导团队可能至少包括一名女性高管。 据多位消息人士透露,美国电话电报公司( AT&T )旗下的 WarnerMedia 首席执行官约翰•斯坦基( JohnStankey )预计将于周二正式宣布临时领导团队。 WarnerMedia 本月早些时候启动了一项调查,此前好莱坞记者( Hollywood Reporter )的一篇报道透露,2013年前, Tsujihara 和英国女演员夏洛特•柯克( Charlotte Kirk )之间的短信内容。据媒体报道, Tsujihara 被指控为与他有性关系的 Kirk 进行试镜。他向 WarnerMedia 的同事发布了一份备忘录,为他的行为道歉。 ** 想了解一些国家顶尖专家的退休计划吗?加入华尔街的罗伯特“退休先生”鲍威尔住在纽约4月6日为我们的退休战略研讨会。在有限的时间内,这次全天活动的门票是99美元。看看议程,了解演讲者并在这里报名.