Teladoc Acquires French Telemedicine Provider MédecinDirect to Expand Global Footprint

在线医疗咨询公司Teladoc收购法国远程医疗供应商 M é decinDirect

2019-03-20 08:20:00 HIT Consultant


Virtual care provider Teladoc Health has acquired Paris, France-based telemedicine provider MédecinDirect to offer its full continuum of services to insurers and employers in Europe’s third largest market. Co-founded by François Lescure and Marc Guillemo in 2008, MédecinDirect’s accredited and mobile platform of medical expertise provides secure and completely confidential, doctors are committed to answering all medical questions by telephone and Internet seven days a week.  MédecinDirect Acquisition Benefits for Teladoc Similar to many countries around the world, France also faces the growing demand for convenient access to high-quality healthcare. Consumer awareness of virtual care is on the rise, and the recent positive regulatory changes regarding virtual care reimbursement make the market ripe for virtual care adoption. With more than 40 leading insurance partners and nearly half of the top 30 private medical insurers (PMIs) in France, MédecinDirect has a well-established client base that can now benefit from access to a much broader spectrum of clinical services. “With a continued focus on our global expansion, we will now become the market leader in France with the ability to have an immediate impact on healthcare delivery in the country,” stated Carlos Nueno, president, Teladoc Health International. “On the successful foundation built by MédecinDirect, we will bring our full suite of virtual care services to multinational clients who have been eager to expand.” Acquisition Plans As part of the acquisition, MédecinDirect will become the French country unit of Teladoc Health, adding to existing operations in the U.K., Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, China, Chile, and Brazil. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed and is expected to close during the first half of the year.   “We have had great success in the virtual care market, and now together with Teladoc Health we can meet more care needs for more individuals, and ultimately help improve healthcare across the country,” said Francois Lescure, CEO and co-founder, MédecinDirect. “We share Teladoc Health’s vision for what the healthcare experience should be and look forward to transforming how people access healthcare.”
虚拟医疗提供商 Teladoc Health 已经收购了总部位于法国巴黎的远程医疗提供商 M é decnDirect ,为欧洲第三大市场的保险公司和雇主提供全面的连续服务。由 Fran ç ois Lescure 和 Marc Guilemo 于2008年共同创立的 M é decinDirect 经过认证的移动医疗专业平台提供了安全和完全保密的服务,医生承诺每周7天通过电话和互联网回答所有医疗问题。 M é decnDirect Acquisition Benefit for Teladoc 与世界许多国家一样,法国也面临着对获得高质量医疗服务的便捷需求。消费者对虚拟护理的认知正在上升,而最近关于虚拟护理补偿的积极监管变化使得虚拟护理采用的市场成熟。M é decinDirect 拥有40多家领先的保险合作伙伴,以及法国30家最大的私人医疗保险公司( PMI )的近一半,拥有成熟的客户群,现在可以从更广泛的临床服务中受益。 Teladoc Health International 总裁 Carlos Nueno 表示:“随着我们对全球扩张的持续关注,我们现在将成为法国的市场领导者,有能力对该国的医疗保健服务产生直接影响。”“在 M é decinDirect 建立的成功基础上,我们将为渴望扩张的跨国客户提供整套虚拟护理服务。” 收购计划 作为收购的一部分, M é decinDirect 将成为 Teladoc Health 的法国国家子公司,在英国、澳大利亚、加拿大、西班牙、葡萄牙、匈牙利、中国、智利和巴西增加现有业务。本次收购的财务条款未披露,预计将于上半年结束。 “我们在虚拟护理市场取得了巨大成功,现在与 Teladoc Health 一起,我们可以满足更多个人的更多护理需求,最终帮助改善全国的医疗保健,” MdecinDirect 首席执行官兼联合创始人 Francois Lescure 表示。“我们赞同 Teladoc Health 的愿景,即医疗体验应该是什么,并期待着改变人们获取医疗服务的方式。”