Life Sciences Companies Adopt Veeva Nitro to Eliminate the Burden of Custom Data Warehouse Development and Maintenance

生命科学公司采用Veeva Nitro 来消除定制数据仓库开发和维护的负担

2019-03-20 20:35:04 BioSpace


PLEASANTON, Calif.---- Veeva Systems today announced that life sciences companies are adopting Veeva Nitro to accelerate their data warehouse projects and deliver faster insights to the business. Veeva Nitro is a life sciences-specific commercial data warehouse that eliminates the time and effort of custom data warehouses and provides a foundation for artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. In half a year since the product’s availability, six companies have selected Veeva Nitro, including Karyopharm Therapeutics and MannKind Corporation , with both customers live and using the product in under five months. With a fast-growing oncology business and a new therapy coming to market, Karyopharm Therapeutics needed to bring together a variety of data sets – including Veeva CRM and claims data – to empower field teams with the right information to reach the right stakeholders. “Veeva Nitro removed many of the challenges in implementing a data warehouse and accelerated our ability to provide the field with useful, actionable insights,” said Jason Magyar, sr. director, enterprise applications, Karyopharm Therapeutics. “In just a few months, we gained a host of capabilities with Veeva Commercial Cloud and Veeva Nitro that other solutions sometimes take years to deliver, if ever. We now have a solid foundation for growth and to drive intelligent customer engagement.” Veeva Nitro provides an industry-specific data model and standard integrations that unify a company’s most important data sources, including prescription, sales, formulary, and claims data. Data is automatically updated when data structures or sources change, eliminating the significant effort typically required to maintain a custom-built data warehouse. Analytics-ready, Veeva Nitro also gives companies the flexibility to use the business intelligence and AI tools of their choice. With seamless integration to Veeva CRM MyInsights, any time data changes in Veeva Nitro it automatically syncs in Veeva CRM MyInsights. Now customers can deliver tailored insights to field teams right at the point of execution on any mobile device. “Veeva Nitro allowed us to build and configure our data warehouse quickly and efficiently,” said Andrew Zepfel, associate director, sales operations, MannKind Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company that provides therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes. “Veeva Nitro will allow us to keep up with changes in the business as they happen and give us a foundation for advanced analytics.” “For decades the life sciences industry has been held back by custom data warehouses that are inflexible and out-of-date, so they fail to deliver the right insights to the business,” said Andy Fuchs, vice president, Veeva Nitro. “Veeva Nitro finally gives companies a pre-built commercial data warehouse that is fast to deploy and delivers always current insights at speeds that were never before possible.” Veeva Nitro is available today in North America and Japan and planned for availability in Europe in mid-2019. Learn more about Veeva Nitro at the upcoming Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, May 13-15 in Philadelphia, PA. The event is open to Veeva customers and invited guests. Register and view the agenda at Additional Information For more on Veeva Nitro, visit: Connect with Veeva on LinkedIn: Follow @veevasystems on Twitter: Like Veeva on Facebook: About Veeva Systems Veeva Systems Inc. is a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, Veeva has more than 700 customers, ranging from the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechs. Veeva is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. 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请注意,加州。--- VeevaSystems 今天宣布,生命科学公司正在采用 VeevaNitro 来加速数据仓库项目,并为业务提供更快的洞察力。VeevaNitro 是一个生命科学专用的商业数据仓库,它消除了定制数据仓库的时间和精力,为人工智能和高级分析提供了基础。在该产品上市半年后,六家公司选择了 Veeva Nitro ,包括 Karyopharm Therapeutics 和 MannKind Corporation ,这两家公司的客户在五个月内都在使用该产品。 随着肿瘤治疗业务的快速发展和一种新的治疗方法进入市场, Karyopharm Therapeutics 需要汇集各种数据集——包括 Veeva CRM 和索赔数据——以增强外地团队获得正确信息的能力,以接触到正确的利益相关者。 “ Veeva Nitro 消除了在实现数据仓库方面的许多挑战,并加快了我们向该领域提供有用、可操作的见解的能力,” sr 的 Jason Magyar 说。Karyopharm Therapeutics 企业应用总监。“仅仅几个月,我们就获得了 Veeva 商业云和 Veeva Nitro 的大量功能,其他解决方案有时需要几年时间才能交付,如果有的话。我们现在拥有坚实的增长基础,并推动智能客户参与。” Veeva Nitro 提供了行业特定的数据模型和标准集成,统一了公司最重要的数据来源,包括处方、销售、处方和索赔数据。当数据结构或数据源发生变化时,数据会自动更新,从而消除了维护自定义数据仓库通常需要的大量工作。 准备好分析的 VeevaNitro 也为公司提供了灵活的使用商业智能和人工智能工具的选择。通过与 Veeva CRM MyInsights 的无缝集成,任何时候 Veeva Nitro 中的数据变化都会自动同步到 Veeva CRM MyInsights 中。现在,客户可以在任何移动设备上执行时,为现场团队提供量身定制的见解。 “ Veeva Nitro 允许我们快速高效地构建和配置我们的数据仓库,”为糖尿病等疾病患者提供治疗产品的生物制药公司 MannKind Corporation 销售运营副总监 Andrew Zepfel 说。“ Veeva Nitro 将使我们能够跟上业务发生的变化,并为我们提供先进分析的基础。” “数十年来,生命科学行业一直受到定制数据仓库的拖累,这些数据仓库既不灵活又过时,因此它们未能向企业提供正确的见解,” Veeva Nitro 副总裁 Andy Fuchs 表示。“ Veeva Nitro 最终为企业提供了一个预先构建的商业数据仓库,可以快速部署并以前所未有的速度提供最新的见解。” VeevaNitro 今天在北美和日本上市,计划于2019年年中在欧洲上市。 了解更多关于 VeevaNitro 在即将到来的 Veeva 商业和医疗峰会,5月13-15日在费城,宾夕法尼亚州。本次活动向 Veeva 的客户和邀请的客人开放。在 veeva 注册并查看议程。com / Summit 。 其他资料 有关 Veeva Nitro 的更多信息,请访问: veeva 。com / Nitro 在 LinkedIn 上与 Veeva 联系: linkedin 。com / company / veeva-systems 关注 Twitter 上的@ veevasystems : twitter 。com / veevasystems 像 Facebook 上的 Veeva : facebook 。com / veevasystems 关于 Veeva 系统 Veeva Systems Inc .是全球生命科学行业基于云的软件领域的领导者。维瓦致力于创新、产品卓越、客户成功,拥有700多家客户,从全球最大的制药公司到新兴的生物技术公司。Veeva 总部位于旧金山湾区,在北美、欧洲、亚洲和拉丁美洲设有办事处。有关更多信息,请访问 veeva 。com 。 前瞻性陈述 本新闻稿包含前瞻性陈述,包括对 Veeva 产品和服务的市场需求和接受程度、使用 Veeva 产品和服务的结果,以及一般商业条件,尤其是生命科学行业。本新闻稿中包含的任何前瞻性陈述均基于 Veeva 的历史业绩及其当前计划、估计和预期,并不代表将实现此类计划、估计或预期。这些前瞻性声明代表了 Veeva 截至本新闻稿发布之日的预期。后续事件可能导致这些预期发生变化, Veeva 放弃在未来更新前瞻性陈述的任何义务。该等前瞻性陈述存在已知及未知的风险及不确定因素,可能导致实际业绩出现重大差异。对 Veeva 财务业绩可能产生影响的其他风险和不确定性,在公司截止2018年10月31日的10-Q 季报中“风险因素”和“管理层对财务状况和经营成果的讨论与分析”标题下。这可在公司网站 veeva 上查阅。在“投资者”部分和 SEC 网站上的 。有关可能影响实际结果的潜在风险的更多信息将包含在 Veeva 不时向 SEC 提交的其他文件中。 查看 businesswire 上的源代码。 Roger Villare Veeva 系统 925-264-8885 罗杰斯。Villane @ Lisa Barbadora Veeva 系统 610-420-3413 pr @ 资料来源: Veeva 系统公司。 在线查看本新闻稿,网址为: