CVS Joins Cannabis-Derived Wellness Trend Selling CBD Products

美国药品零售巨头CVS与大麻公司 Curaleaf 合作,加入 CBD 健康产品销售行列

2019-03-21 09:00:00 Bloomberg


-- CBD has landed at CVS. CVS Health Corp. this week will begin selling products infused with the trendy, non-intoxicating hemp component at more than 800 of its stores as part of a partnership with marijuana company Curaleaf Holdings Inc., Curaleaf said Wednesday. Curaleaf announced the agreement during an earnings conference call on Wednesday. The company’s CBD products will be available in about 800 stores to start, Curaleaf said on the call, and hopes to expand to more. “We’ve been having dialogue with national retailers for many months now,” Curaleaf Chief Executive Officer Joseph Lusardi said on the call Wednesday. “We’ve got a number of potentially exciting partnerships in the pipeline." The company, which operates more than 40 marijuana dispensaries across 12 states and recently pushed into Nevada and California through acquisitions, has developed a slate of hemp-derived products including lotions, tinctures, vape pens and patches. CBD, or cannabidiol, which doesn’t get you high, has become a trendy wellness ingredient, gaining popularity as regulations are eased across the U.S. The farm bill passed in December legalized the cannabis compound, opening up a potentially massive market for products made with it. So far, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD’s use in food or beverages. But tinctures and other products are sold widely.
-- CBD 已登陆 CVS 。 Curaleaf 周三表示,作为与大麻公司 Curaleaf Holdings Inc .合作的一部分, CVS Health Corp .本周将开始在其800多家门店销售带有时尚、无毒大麻成分的产品。 Curaleaf 在周三的收益电话会议上宣布了这一协议。Curaleaf 在电话会议上表示,该公司的 CBD 产品将在大约800家门店推出,并希望扩大到更多。 Curaleaf 首席执行官 Joseph Lusardi 周三在电话会议上表示:“我们已经与全国零售商进行了多年的对话。”“我们已经有了一些潜在的令人兴奋的合作伙伴。” 该公司经营着遍布12个州的40多家大麻药房,最近通过收购进入内华达州和加利福尼亚州。该公司开发了一系列大麻衍生产品,包括洗剂、酊剂、吸血笔和补片。 CBD ,即不会让你变得很高的大麻,已经成为一种流行的健康成分,随着美国监管的放松,它越来越受欢迎。去年12月通过的农业法案使大麻化合物合法化,为用它生产的产品开辟了一个潜在的巨大市场。 到目前为止,美国食品药品监督管理局(Food and Drug Administration)还没有批准 CBD 在食品或饮料中的使用。但颜料和其他产品却被广泛销售。