Avon and Biogen Gain, and 3 Other Stocks Making Moves


2019-03-26 14:48:00 Barrons.com


Case of the Mondays. Stocks are falling Monday morning, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 futures off 0.1%, while the Nasdaq Composite is 0.3% lower before the open. Global growth concerns are once again front of mind for investors. Friday’s yield curve inversion, along with commentary from a Fed official saying that the next rate increase may not come until the second half of 2020, have added fuel to worries that the global economy may not be on as firm a footing as markets would like. Here are five stocks making moves this morning: Avon Products stock (ticker: AVP) is up 1.3% to $3.10 after confirming it is in talks with Natura & Co. regarding a potential transaction. On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported the company was considering selling itself. Biogen stock (BIIB) is up 1.3% to $219.60 after authorizing a $5 billion share repurchase plan in the wake of last week’s selloff of more than 30%. Hibbett Sports (HIBB) is up 2% to $22.13 after Susquehanna upgraded it to Positive. Tier Reit (TIER) is up 4% to $26.50 after it said it would combine with Cousins Property (CUZ) in a stock-for-stock transaction. Viacom stock (VIAB) is up 3.6% to $26.26 after the Los Angeles Times reported it had reached a distribution deal with AT&T (T), potentially resolving last week’s dispute.
星期一案件。周一上午股市下跌,道琼斯工业平均指数( Dow Jones Industrial Average )和标准普尔500指数( S & P 500)期货下跌0.1%,纳斯达克综合指数( Nasdaq Composite )开盘前下跌0.3%。对于投资者而言,全球增长担忧再次成为他们的首要考虑因素。上周五的收益率曲线反转,加上一名美联储官员的评论称,下一次加息可能要到2020年下半年才会到来,加剧了人们的担忧,即全球经济可能不会像市场希望的那样站稳脚跟。 今天上午有五只股票在进行调整: 雅芳产品 股票(股票代码: AVP )上涨1.3%,至3.10美元,此前该公司确认正与 Natura & Co .就潜在交易进行谈判。上周五,《华尔街日报》报道称,该公司正在考虑出售自己。 百健(Biogen) 股票( BIIB )上涨1.3%,至219.60美元,此前在上周抛售逾30%的股票后,该行批准了一项50亿美元的股票回购计划。 Hibbett Sports 在 Susquehanna 将其升级为正数后,该公司股价上涨2%,至22.13美元。 Tier Reit ( TIER )上涨4%,至26.50美元,此前该公司表示,将与 Cousins Property ( CUZ )合并,进行股票对股票交易。 Viacom 在《洛杉矶时报》报道与 VIAB 达成分销协议后, VIAB 股价上涨3.6%,至26.26美元 AT&T ( T ),可能解决上周的纠纷。