Baxter Showcases PN Product Portfolio at ASPEN Conference

百特( Baxter )在 ASP 大会上展示 PN 产品组合

2019-03-28 21:54:01 Zacks


Baxter International Inc BAX recently announced that it will be commercially launching its patented olive oil-based lipid injectable emulsion, Clinolipid, in the United States, later in 2019.The company made the announcement at the 2019 ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference, where it primarily demonstrated a broad and comprehensive portfolio of parenteral nutrition products. Apart from that, information pertaining to the company’s educational initiative for physicians, including that of the “Smart PN” tools, was also provided to attendees of the conference. Baxter is a global pioneer in the field of clinical nutrition. The launch of this product will be a crucial step toward the company’s goal of strengthening its lipid portfolio and offering enhanced health care to malnourished patients. About the PN Product Portfolio The clinical nutrition portfolio of Baxter, showcased at this conference, comprises PN premix IV solutions, vitamins and lipids. PN is prescribed by nutritionists as an intravenous administration of nourishment forcritically ill and post-surgical patients who cannot maintain a sufficient source of calories orally or enterally. The portfolio of PN products consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, electrolytes, vitamins and trace elements, each of which significantly contributes toward curbing clinical malnutrition and attaining better health outcomes. Market Prospects Per Grand View Research, the global parenteral nutrition market reached a worth of $5.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to see a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period of 2019-2026. Considering the abundant market prospects, the launch of the Clinolipid by Baxter is strategically-timed. Recent Clinical Nutrition Business Developments Of late, Baxter has been consistently expanding its clinical nutrition business. The company  has been focusing on growth recovery in this segment, through market education and bolstering supply availability. In December 2018,Baxter collaborated with the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) with a view to improve nutritional care for the preterm born in Europe. In October 2018, Baxter launched an educational video series on the appropriate use of parenteral nutrition.This was part of SmartPN, a tie-up between Baxter and ASPEN, to alleviate cases of clinical malnutrition. Around the same time,Baxter launched the Olimel 7.6% high protein nutrition formulation at the 2018 ESPEN Congress. This was also a recent addition to the company’s olive oil-based PN portfolio. Price Performance Over the past year, Baxter stock has outperformed the industry it belongs to. The stock has rallied 21.6%, higher than the industry’s rise of 8.7%. Zacks Rank and Other Key Picks Baxter currently carries a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). Some other top-ranked stocks in the broader medical space are Stryker Corporation SYK, Penumbra, Inc. PEN and Varian Medical Systems, Inc VAR. Notably, each of these stocks currently carries a Zacks Rank #2. (Strong Buy) stocks here.
百特(Baxter)国际公司( BaxterInternationalInc .)最近宣布,将于2019年晚些时候在美国商业化推出其专利的基于橄榄油的脂质注射乳剂 Clinolipid 。公司在2019年 ASPEN 营养科学与实践大会上发布公告,主要展示了广泛而全面的肠外营养产品组合。 此外,还向会议与会者提供了有关该公司医生教育举措的信息,包括“智能 PN ”工具的信息。 百特(Baxter)公司是临床营养学领域的全球先驱。该产品的推出将是朝着公司强化血脂产品组合、为营养不良患者提供强化保健的目标迈出的关键一步。 关于 PN 产品组合 本次会议上展示的百特(Baxter)的临床营养组合包括 PN 预混剂 IV 溶液、维生素和脂类。营养学家规定 PN 是一种静脉给那些不能在口腔或肠道内维持足够热量来源的危重病人和手术后病人提供营养。PN 产品组合包括蛋白质、碳水化合物、脂肪、电解质、维生素和微量元素,每一种都对抑制临床营养不良和取得更好的健康结果有显著贡献。 市场前景 根据 Grand View Research 的数据,2018年全球肠外营养市场规模达到53亿美元,预计2019年至2026年预测期的复合年增长率为5.8%。 考虑到丰富的市场前景,百特(Baxter)公司推出 Clinolipid 具有战略意义。 近期临床营养品业务发展 最近,百特(Baxter)一直在不断扩大其临床营养业务。该公司一直致力于通过市场教育和提高供应来实现这一领域的增长复苏。 2018年12月,百特(Baxter)公司与欧洲新生儿护理基金会( EFCNI )合作,旨在改善欧洲早产儿的营养护理。 2018年10月,百特(Baxter)公司推出了关于适当使用肠外营养的教育视频系列。这是 SmartPN 的一部分,百特(Baxter)和 ASPEN 之间的合作,以缓解临床营养不良的病例。 同时,百特(Baxter)公司在2018年 ESPEN 大会上推出了奥里莫7.6%高蛋白营养制剂。这也是该公司最近增加的基于橄榄油的 PN 产品组合。 价格表现 在过去的一年里,百特(Baxter)股票的表现超过了它所属的行业。该股已上涨21.6%,高于行业8.7%的涨幅。 Zacks 排名和其他关键选择 百特(Baxter)目前拥有 Zacks 排名第二(购买)。 其他一些在更广泛的医疗领域排名最靠前的股票是史赛克(Stryker) Corporation SYK , Penumbra , Inc . PEN 和 Varian Medical Systems , Inc VAR 。值得注意的是,这些股票目前都有 Zacks 排名第二。这里的股票。