Chinese Deep Learning AI Cloud Based Cervical Cancer Screening Platform Launched

中国深度学习 AI 云宫颈癌筛查平台启动

2019-04-04 18:30:57 BioSpace


Wuhan University joins Landing enterprise to create an international platform for cloud based cervical cancer screening China Maternal and Child Health Care Association and Wuhan University Landing AI Cytology Diagnostic Center launched Landing's Cervical Cancer Screening AI Cloud Diagnostic Platform. As of April 1st, 2019 this innovative platform can be accessed from all over the world .Women, especially those from countries along Belt Road Initiative, will be able to benefit from a high-quality, low-cost cervical cancer screening services provided by the Chinese artificial intelligence cloud diagnostic platform. Wuhan University Landing AI Research Center teamed up with multi-disciplinary experts who, after 17 years of development, established a unique system that uses artificial intelligence cytopathological software and Landing's robotic hardware. Landing scanning platform is connected to a Landing cloud platform (Cyto brain). Gererated reports can be sent directly to cellphones or could be remotely reviewed by cytologists before issuing. "The goal of releasing AI cervical cancer screening international cloud platform is to create intelligent, standardized cervical cancer screening network platform, which can be used by anyone anywhere," said Dr. Sun Xiaorong, a leading scientist at the Landing Center. "Cross-border cooperation can be carried out through AI cloud diagnostic platform which currently has monthly (screening) capacity of 2 million cases. In addition, this platform can support program progress monitoring, quality control and improve follow up rates by quick communication with each participant in the program. Many resource issues that we see in rural China are almost identical in many other countries. Landing's successful implementation of cloud based cervical cancer screening in which millions of rural women participated so far can be replicated anywhere. Landing has already started pilot projects in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia where advantages of the cloud approach have been recognized." "China Maternal and Child Health Association will actively participate in the promotion of AI cloud diagnostic technology applications," said Yu Xiaoqian, General Secretary of China Maternal and Child Health Association. "The successful application of this technology in China at the primary health care level shows that China has been at the forefront of the world in this field. Our approach can serve as a model for other countries who have similar problem with resources for early detection of cervical cancer." Contact: Fu Yun Phone: +8613476025159 multimedia:
武汉大学与兰德企业联手打造基于云的宫颈癌筛查国际平台 中国妇幼保健协会与武汉大学 Landing AI 细胞诊断中心启动了兰丁宫颈癌筛查 AI 云诊断平台。截至2019年4月1日,该创新平台可从全球各地访问。妇女,特别是来自一带一路倡议国家的妇女,将能够受益于中国人工智能云诊断平台提供的高质量、低成本的宫颈癌筛查服务。 武汉大学兰丁人工智能研究中心与多学科专家合作,经过17年的发展,建立了一个独特的系统,使用人工智能细胞病理软件和兰丁的机器人硬件。着陆扫描平台连接到着陆云平台( CytoBrain )。Gerended 报告可以直接发送到手机上,也可以在发布之前由细胞学家远程审查。 “发布 AI 宫颈癌筛查国际云平台的目标是创建智能、标准化的宫颈癌筛查网络平台,任何人都可以使用该网络平台,”兰德中心的首席科学家孙晓荣博士说。"跨境合作可通过 AI 云诊断平台进行,该平台目前每月(筛查)能力为200万例。此外,该平台还可以通过与项目中的每个参与者快速沟通,支持项目进度监控、质量控制和提高跟进率。我们在中国农村看到的许多资源问题在许多其他国家几乎是相同的。Landing 成功地实施了基于云的宫颈癌筛查,到目前为止,已经有数百万农村妇女参与了这种筛查。Landing 已经在马来西亚和印度尼西亚等国家开展了试点项目,这些国家已经认识到云方法的优势。” 中国妇幼保健协会秘书长余小谦表示:“中国妇幼保健协会将积极参与 AI 云诊断技术应用的推广。”“这项技术在中国初级卫生保健领域的成功应用表明,中国在这一领域一直处于世界前列。我们的方法可以作为其他在早期检测宫颈癌资源方面有类似问题的国家的模型。” 联系方式: 傅运 电话:+8613476025159 212076@ http://landingmed 。com / 多媒体:子宫颈癌普查平台推出-300823510。html