Two Syncona-backed players join forces to take on retinal gene therapies

两个由 Syncona 支持的玩家联合起来进行视网膜基因治疗

2019-04-11 23:45:23 endpoint News


With ambitions to build an eye gene-therapy powerhouse, UK-based Gyroscope Therapeutics is swallowing US-based device maker Orbit Biomedical, which is focused on sub-retinal surgical delivery technology. The combination of the two Syncona-backed players — which will operate under the Gyroscope name — will be led by former Genentech executive Khurem Farooq, who was responsible for managing the commercial activities of Lucentis and involved in the pre-launch work for lampalizumab at the Roche company. Gyroscope is hoping to engineer medicines to cure blindness-causing retinal diseases by combining its gene therapy development and manufacturing tools with Orbit’s surgical platform. The company — founded by Syncona and Cambridge Enterprise — is currently conducting its first clinical study in patients with geographic atrophy caused by dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of age-related blindness in the industrialized world. The experimental therapy, GT005, is designed to restore the balance of a complement system known to be hyperactivated in patients with AMD. Gyroscope’s Soraya Bekkali, who led the company into the clinic as CEO, is now going to be in charge of the combined company’s R&D engine. Meanwhile, Susan Hill, who led the launch of Orbit, will come as the combined company’s chief business officer. Earlier this week, the maker of the blockbuster AMD drug Eylea, Regeneron $REGN tied the knot with RNAi major Alnylam $ALNY to among other things, find a way to protect the franchise it’s built for the flagship drug, after consciously uncoupling from its long term partner Sanofi $SNY.
英国的 Gyroscop Therapeutics 公司雄心勃勃,希望打造一个眼科基因治疗的巨擘,正在吞并美国的设备制造商 Orbit Biomedical 公司,该公司专注于视网膜下手术交付技术。 这两个由 Syncona 支持的球员将以 Gyroscope 的名义运营,他们将由基因泰克(Genentech)前高管 Khurem Farooq 领导,他负责管理 Lucentis 的商业活动,并参与罗氏(Roche)公司 lambalizumab 的发射前工作。 Gyroscop 希望通过将其基因治疗开发和制造工具与 Orbit 的外科平台相结合,设计治疗致盲视网膜疾病的药物。 该公司由 Syncona 和 Cambridge Enterprise 创立,目前正在对干性老年性黄斑变性( AMD )引起的地理萎缩患者进行首次临床研究,这是工业化国家中最常见的与年龄相关的失明原因。实验治疗, GT005,旨在恢复平衡的补体系统已知是过度激活的 AMD 患者。 Gyroscope 的 Soraya Bekkali 以首席执行官的身份带领公司进入临床,现在将负责合并后公司的研发引擎。与此同时,领导 Orbit 上市的苏珊•希尔( Susan Hill )将出任合并后公司的首席运营官。 本周早些时候,这款重磅炸弹 AMD 药物 Eyla 的制造商再生元(Regeneron)$ REN 与 RNAi 的主要 Alnylam $ ALNY 等捆绑在一起,寻找一种方法来保护它为这款旗舰药物建立的特许经营权,这是在它有意识地与长期合作伙伴赛诺菲(Sanofi)$ SNY 脱钩之后。