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2019-04-12 00:46:07 CISION


Shadow Banning isn't only for politics and cryptocurrency anymore – Facebook and Instagram are still avidly using the technique to attack the burgeoning cannabis community.  The app founded to enable freedom of expression and the exchange of any canna-centric information among its 'users', PotSmoking.com, represents a big step forward in solving this problem. Shadow Banning - the act of blocking a user's content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned – has become more widespread on Instagram and Facebook in recent weeks.  With the easily-manipulated algorithms they use, posts that should have tens of thousands of views based on the number of followers a page has, will only have a few hundred.  Page owners can't prove it is hidden from their audience, but the numbers don't lie. "Cannabis account holders on the big apps are getting fed up with the shadow banning practices and are looking for alternatives," says Steve Einzig, founder and CEO of PotSmoking.com.  "I've heard dozens of stories about popular cannabis pages just disappearing.  With Facebook and Instagram not allowing cannabis accounts to use their internal promotional tools, these cannabis pages are even more important for marketing purposes and these people are often out of business overnight." Canna-centric apps like New York City based PotSmoking.com are providing another option for cannabis content – an anonymous app where their "users" can share whatever they choose with like-minded people from around the world.  One way they are different is that every post is seen by everyone on the app's 420 Worldwide page, thus creating a true inclusionary social media platform without the debilitating algorithms. In this day and age, Cannabis brands seeking exposure are more numerous than the options they have to work with.  "As we saw with the big TV networks, they aren't ready to work with cannabis and hemp brands just yet," says Einzig.  "This leaves a big void that can be filled by social media, but not on pages that are shadow banned.  We see a huge opportunity to be a perfect marketing solution for these brands.  With the Green Rush exploding all over the world, our app will be positioned perfectly to provide the solution." PotSmoking.com was conceived when CEO and co-founder, Steve Einzig and his close college friend Steven Stern got together in New York City in 2017.  Stern was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in November of 2014 and in concert with other cancer medications uses CBD and THC to help manage the disease. As a result of this regimen, Stern's condition is stable after over 4 years. Together, they set out to create a new cannabis social media platform that could provide an alternative to the big social media apps and aggregate content to educate people around the world about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. "We want the app to be a platform to educate and give hope to people around the world battling cancer or other medical conditions where Cannabis is becoming an acceptable treatment," says Einzig. "Aside from being a social media platform, the app includes the latest online content covering cannabis and cancer, using CBD and THC to treat opioid addiction, medical marijuana facts and resources, legalization information, daily marijuana news and anything our 'users' want to share with our ever-growing international cannabis community." Out of necessity comes innovation, and apps like PotSmoking.com are happy to take in the innocent victims of Facebook and Instagram's shadow banning campaign, and give them a friendly and educational canna-centric social media home. SOURCE PotSmoking.com Related Links http://PotSmoking.com
影子银行不再只针对政治和加密货币—— Facebook 和 Instagram 仍在积极利用这项技术攻击蓬勃发展的大麻社区。该应用程序的建立,使表达自由和交换任何大炮中心的信息之间的'用户',吸烟。com 在解决这个问题上迈出了一大步。 最近几周,在 Instagram 和 Facebook 上,人们越来越普遍地采取了“暗影禁令”( shadow Banning )——即阻止用户的内容进入在线社区,使用户不会很容易看到这些内容被禁止。通过使用容易操作的算法,根据页面上的关注者数量,应该有数万个视图的帖子将只有几百个。网页所有者不能证明它是隐藏在他们的观众,但数字不说谎。 Potting 创始人兼首席执行官 Steve Einzig 说:“大应用程序的 Cannabis 用户正在接受影子禁令的做法,并在寻找替代方案。”com 。“我听说有很多关于流行大麻页面的故事刚刚消失。由于 Facebook 和 Instagram 不允许大麻账户使用他们的内部促销工具,这些大麻网页对于市场营销来说更重要,而且这些人往往在一夜之间就会失业。” 以 Canna 为中心的应用程序,比如纽约市的 PotSmoking 。com 为大麻内容提供了另一种选择——一种匿名应用,用户可以与世界各地志同道合的人分享他们选择的任何东西。他们不同的一种方式是,应用程序的420 Worldwide 页面上的每个人都能看到每个帖子,从而创建一个真正的包容性社交媒体平台,而不会破坏算法。 在这个时代,坎纳比斯品牌寻求接触的机会比他们不得不与之合作的选择更多。“正如我们看到的大电视网络,他们还没有准备好与大麻和大麻品牌合作,” Einzig 说。“这留下了一个巨大的空白,社交媒体可以填补,但不是在被禁止的网页上。我们看到了一个巨大的机会,成为一个完美的营销解决方案为这些品牌。随着绿色之声在世界各地爆发,我们的应用程序将完全定位于提供解决方案。” 吸烟.当公司 CEO 兼联合创始人史蒂夫·艾因泽格和他的大学好友史蒂文·斯特恩于2017年在纽约聚会时,公司就诞生了。Stern 于2014年11月被诊断为第四阶段癌症,与其他癌症药物一起使用 CBD 和 THC 来帮助管理疾病。由于这个养生法,斯特恩的情况稳定后,超过4年。他们共同致力于创建一个新的大麻社交媒体平台,该平台可替代大型社交媒体应用,并汇集内容,向世界各地的人们宣传大麻的药用价值。 Einzig 说:“我们希望这款应用成为一个平台,让世界各地的人们在与癌症或其他医疗状况作斗争的过程中接受教育,并希望大麻能够成为一种可接受的治疗方法。”除了作为一个社交媒体平台外,该应用程序还包括最新的在线内容,内容涵盖大麻和癌症,使用 CBD 和 THC 来治疗阿片类药物成瘾、医用大麻事实和资源、合法化信息、每日大麻新闻以及我们的用户想要与我们不断增长的国际大麻社区分享的任何信息。 有必要的是创新,还有像 PotSmoking 这样的应用程序。com 很高兴能与 Facebook 和 Instagram 的影子禁令运动的无辜受害者见面,并为他们提供一个友好的、以教育为中心的社交媒体网站。 有机烟雾.com 相关链接 http://PotSmoking.com