Medidata Launches New Life Sciences Company, Acorn AI

Medidas 推出新生命科学公司, AcornAI

2019-04-12 00:45:30 HIT Consultant


Life sciences digital transformation company Medidata, today announced the launch of Acorn AI, a new company designed to provide actionable insights across the entire drug continuum – from R&D to commercialization. In addition, the company has appointed Rama Kondru, Ph.D., as the chief information officer for Medidata and Acorn AI’s first CIO to lead the company’s enterprise data strategy, architecture and future platform development – all helping the company to accelerate the creation of leading-edge technologies, like AI and IoT capabilities. Why Acorn AI? Powered by two decades of investments totaling over $1 billion in platforms, data pipelines, data science and automation, Acorn AI is the next horizon of the company’s 20-year journey of powering smarter treatments and healthier people. Acorn AI is aimed to solve companies’ complex scientific and commercial challenges – consisting of a portfolio of new products that enable better decisions, improve study success and speed, and help demonstrate value to regulators, payors, providers and the patient. Acorn AI Platform-as-a-Service Model Acorn AI is designed to provide actionable insights to the front lines of decision-making by making data liquid across the entire lifecycle, from R&D to commercialization. Leveraging the company’s AI capabilities and expertise, customers and partners can now unlock the power of data to conquer the most complex diseases. Acorn AI is built on top of the Medidata platform, comprised of more than 17,000 clinical trials and the industry’s largest structured, standardized clinical data repository with over 4.8 million patients. Acorn AI immediately becomes one of the leading AI companies dedicated to life sciences. To solve companies’ most complex scientific and commercial challenges, Acorn AI is proposing new products such as a Value Discovery Engine to make better go/no-go decisions; Intelligent Trials to improve study success and speed; Integrated Evidence to help demonstrate value to regulators, payors, providers and patients; and Connected Devices to integrate the new generation of medical devices within the digital healthcare ecosystem. Acorn AI Leadership Team The Acorn AI team is led by industry veterans who are shaping the future of life sciences. Sastry Chilukuri, who recently joined Medidata, is now the president of Acorn AI. Rachel Sherman, M.D., former principal deputy commissioner of FDA, joins as the chief scientific and medical advisor. Kathy McGroddy-Goetz, Ph.D., who joined Medidata from IBM Watson Health, drives strategy and alliances. Rama Kondru, leads technology development for Acorn AI, in addition to handling his broader responsibilities as the newly appointed CIO of Medidata. Impact for Life Sciences Companies “Life science firms are looking at data-centric and AI-based business models to revamp functions, such as drug discovery, R&D, clinical trials, and commercial operations, to cater to an evolving patient profile, a converging ecosystem, and emerging therapy areas. They are looking for strategic partners that can deliver AI-as-a-Service, underwriting their risk of innovation. Medidata’s new venture, Acorn AI, builds on a combination of deep life science pedigree, proprietary data sets, and AI methodologies to help life science customers reimagine their operating model,” said Nitish Mittal, Practice Director at Everest Group.
生命科学数字转化公司 Medidata 今天宣布推出 AcornAI ,这是一家旨在提供整个药物连续体(从研发到商业化)可操作的洞察力的新公司。此外,公司还任命 Rama Kondru 博士担任 Medidata 首席信息官和 Acorn AI 的首位首席信息官,领导公司的企业数据战略、架构和未来平台开发——所有这些都有助于公司加快人工智能和 IoT 能力等前沿技术的创建。 为什么 Acorn AI ? 凭借20年在平台、数据管道、数据科学和自动化领域总计超过10亿美元的投资, Acorn AI 将是该公司20年来为更智能的治疗和更健康的人提供动力的下一个地平线。Acorn AI 旨在解决企业复杂的科学和商业挑战——包括一系列新产品,这些新产品有助于做出更好的决策,提高研究的成功和速度,并帮助向监管机构、付款人、提供商和患者展示价值。 Acorn AI 平台即服务模型 AcornAI 的设计目的是通过在整个生命周期(从研发到商业化)中使数据具有流动性,从而为决策的前线提供可操作的见解。利用公司的人工智能能力和专业知识,客户和合作伙伴现在可以释放数据的力量,以征服最复杂的疾病。 Acorn AI 建立在 Medidata 平台之上,由超过17,000个临床试验和行业最大的结构化标准化临床数据存储库组成,拥有超过480万患者。AcornAI 立即成为致力于生命科学的领先人工智能公司之一。 为了解决公司最复杂的科学和商业挑战, Acorn AI 提出了新的产品,如价值发现引擎,以更好地进行/不进行决策;智能试验,以提高研究的成功和速度;综合证据,以帮助向监管机构,付款人提供商和患者;以及连接设备,以集成数字医疗保健生态系统中的新一代医疗设备。 Acorn AI 领导小组 Acorn AI 团队由行业资深人士领导,他们正在塑造生命科学的未来。最近加入 Medidata 的 Sastory Chilukuri 现在是 Acorn AI 的总裁。FDA 前首席副专员雷切尔·谢尔曼( RachelSherman )是首席科学和医学顾问。KathyMcGuiddy-Goetz 博士加入 IBM Watson Health 的 Medidata ,推动战略和联盟。Rama Kondru 是 Acorn AI 的技术开发主管,他还负责处理新任命的 Medidata 首席信息官的更广泛职责。 对生命科学公司的影响 “生命科学公司正在研究以数据为中心和以人工智能为基础的商业模式,以改进功能,如药物发现、研发、临床试验和商业运作,以适应不断变化的患者状况、一个融合的生态系统和新兴治疗领域。他们正在寻找能够提供 AI-as-a-Service 的战略合作伙伴,为他们的创新风险提供担保。Meddata 的新企业 Acorn AI 基于深奥生命科学血统、专有数据集和人工智能方法的组合,帮助生命科学客户重新整合其运营模式,”珠峰集团( Everest Group )实践总监尼提什?