The Home Health Care Technology Revolution is transforming an industry according to Electronic Caregiver™


2019-04-12 05:45:55 CISION


 We're all familiar with the statistics. By 2050 it's estimated that there will be 88 million individuals 65 or older and 1.5 billion worldwide. Those are big numbers representing tremendous opportunities and equally large challenges. Nine in 10 people over the age of 65 want to remain in their homes. 50-70 percent of aging individuals over the age of 65 will need significant support with daily tasks and living. Home Care is an industry forecasted to grow and of the nearly 50 million non-professional caregivers who are unpaid, everyone is looking for effective, affordable support.  To contrast the opportunity, the multi-billion-dollar Home Care Industry is dealing with significant hurdles to support rapidly increasing demand. Home Care providers are dealing with increasing regulatory demands, high employee turnover, skilled labor shortages, and extreme economic pressures, such as the increasing minimum wage, which is cutting deep into already thin profit margins. Now add the elephant in the room nobody is talking about. Only 3 percent of the population can afford part-time private home care. In addition, many home care franchise owners and independent providers report they entered the industry after prior caregiving experience for a loved one, yet report they feel lacking in the areas of developing a direct sales business and marketing skills. This is not a recipe for success and the franchise operators are reportedly doing little to effectively roll out new technologies, improvements to more lucrative business models, and providing the ongoing sales training to help franchisees improve their results. In both today's and tomorrow's markets, it will be almost impossible to succeed without the proper tools, skills and mindset necessary to maximize the opportunity. This is all changing and led by a much-anticipated source of new hope for growth and sustainability. Emerging technologies and leading innovators are merging with home care providers delivering new business models to access new market opportunities and to grow rapidly, and more profitably. The current home care technology revolution is providing a new way of building market opportunities and providing new capabilities specifically designed to assist home care providers with serving larger markets. Electronic Caregiver™ has become a growing discussion and choice for technology throughout the private duty and medical home care industries, and for good reason. It's expanding affordable care technologies to the masses, a market that most home care companies, specifically private duty providers, have been unable to serve. The CEO of Electronic Caregiver™, Anthony Dohrmann, sheds light on the pitfalls and the benefits of introducing technology for home care providers. "The analysts and trends all paint a clear picture. Technology adoption is the only prudent and possible way to serve the overwhelming demand, with affordable solutions that can meet the needs of the masses. There have been numerous disappointments with improperly configured technologies that have led to dismal adoption if any, poor utilization, and virtually no positive impact on health outcomes, treatment adherence and the benefits that higher risk, aging individuals require. Smart watches, mobile devices, tablets, computers and TV interfacing applications have almost categorically failed. Aging or chronically ill individuals don't appreciate the frustration and confusion associated with thumbing through icons and apps, trying to figure out complicated technologies, getting lost in programs and hours on technical support calls that don't help remedy the problem. Virtually every home care professional can provide testimony regarding the failures to perform," said Dohrmann. Electronic Caregiver™ is the leading provider of solutions for home care providers. They have products in use and widely adopted nationwide, providing security features, physician on demand, activity detection, medication management, caregiver support tools, and even training and consulting to help home care providers build their core business of live caregiving. In January, at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Electronic Caregiver™ announced Addison Care, a voice activated virtual caregiving system that monitors vitals, detects increasing fall risk, provides comprehensive interactive support for rehab, daily living, medication management, companion and memory care, hydration and nutrition support, and much more. Dohrmann said, "We've created profitable new ancillary business models so home care providers can serve much greater portions of the population. With our protocols and support they can develop stable, predictable long-term recurring revenue offering a blend of live and technology service offerings. Home care providers can immediately improve care, retain clients, extend patient functional independence, and improve health adherence and outcomes. We help them increase the offerings, which results in building new referral relationships with increased engagement. They access clients earlier in the cycle of life, and service volumes increase substantially. We invest to provide advanced revenues, equipment, training, back office support, and even marketing materials. Paul Osterman, a professor of human resources and management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management, Osterman is the author of a new book, "Who Will Care For Us? Long-Term Care and the Long-Term Workforce." He was quoted as saying, "Our aging population will push up demand, although Osterman notes that roughly half of demand for care will come from younger, disabled people." Electronic Caregiver™ believes it's time for home care providers to pursue new opportunities and solutions to serve them. About Electronic Caregiver™ Electronic Caregiver™, founded in 2009, is one of the fastest growing monitored technology providers in the U.S. and one of only a handful of nationwide service providers. They have created the world's first and only, comprehensive voice and visual sensing, 3D, AI-based, interactive residential caregiver. Electronic Caregiver™ currently provides automated home care solutions and safety devices nationwide to thousands of clients and is promoted by leading health organizations nationwide. Electronic Caregiver™ has invested over $35,000,000 in patient screenings, research and development, deploying a mobile science lab for nearly 8 years in 32 states, collaborating with hundreds of health and senior service providers. The Company services independent and franchise owned home care offices nationwide. They are continually highlighted by their leading technology partners and trend setters such as Amazon and featured at the leading global events. Electronic Caregiver™ employs nearly 100 employees with national headquarters in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  SOURCE Electronic Caregiver Related Links
我们都熟悉统计数据。据估计,到2050年,全球将有8800万65岁以上和15亿人。这些数字代表着巨大的机遇和同样巨大的挑战。65岁以上的人中有9/10想留在家里。年龄在65岁以上的50-70%的老年人需要大量的日常工作和生活支持。家庭护理是一个行业的预测增长和近5000万非专业护理人员谁是无偿的,每个人都在寻找有效的,负担得起的支持。 与此形成对比的是,数十亿美元的家庭护理行业正面临着支持快速增长需求的重大障碍。家庭护理服务提供商正在应对日益增长的监管要求、高员工流动率、熟练劳动力短缺以及极端的经济压力,如不断提高的最低工资,这将大幅削减本已微薄的利润率。 现在把大象放在房间里,没有人在谈论。只有3%的人口能够负担兼职私人家庭护理。此外,许多家庭护理特许经营业主和独立供应商报告,他们进入行业后,事先照顾经验的爱人,但报告说,他们感到缺乏的领域发展直销业务和营销技能。这并不是成功的秘诀,据报道,特许经营商在有效推广新技术、改进更有利可图的商业模式、提供持续的销售培训以帮助特许经营商改善业绩方面做得很少。 在今天和明天的市场上,如果没有必要的适当工具、技能和思维来最大化机会,几乎不可能成功。这一切都在发生变化,并由期待已久的增长和可持续性新希望的来源所引领。新兴技术和领先的创新者正在与家庭护理供应商合并,提供新的商业模式,以获得新的市场机会,并迅速增长,并获得更大的利润。目前的家庭护理技术革命提供了一种新的方式,建立市场机会和提供新的能力专门设计,以协助家庭护理提供者服务更大的市场。 电子照顾者™已成为整个私人责任和医疗家庭护理行业技术的日益广泛的讨论和选择,并出于良好的理由。它正在向大众推广负担得起的护理技术,这是大多数家庭护理公司,特别是私人义务提供者无法服务的市场。ElectronicCareers ™的首席执行官 Anthony Dohrmann 介绍了为家庭护理提供者引入技术的陷阱和好处。“分析师和趋势都清楚地描绘了一幅图景。技术的采用是唯一谨慎和可能的方式,以服务压倒性的需求,以负担得起的解决方案,可以满足群众的需要。许多人对配置不当的技术感到失望,这些技术导致任何不良的使用情况下都会导致采用不佳,对健康结果、治疗依从性和高风险、老龄化个人所需的益处几乎没有积极影响。智能手表、移动设备、平板电脑、电脑和电视接口应用几乎完全失败。年龄较大或长期患病的个人并不欣赏通过图标和应用程序进行拇指扫描所带来的挫折和困惑,他们试图找出复杂的技术,在程序和技术支持电话上迷失,而这些电话并不能帮助解决问题。事实上,每个家庭护理专业人员都可以提供关于失败执行的证据。 ElectronicCareers ™是家庭护理提供商解决方案的领先提供商。他们有产品在使用和广泛采用的全国范围内,提供安全功能,医生按需,活动检测,药物管理,护理人员支持工具,甚至培训和咨询,以帮助家庭护理提供者建立其核心业务的生活护理。今年1月,在拉斯维加斯举行的2019年消费者电子产品展上, Electronic Career ™宣布了 Addison Care ,这是一种语音激活的虚拟护理系统,用于监控简历,检测日益增加的跌倒风险,为康复、日常生活、药物管理、同伴和记忆护理、水合物和营养支持提供全面的交互式支持,还有更多。Dohrmann 说,“我们已经创造了有利可图的新的辅助商业模式,这样家庭护理提供者可以为更多的人口服务。借助我们的协议和支持,他们可以开发稳定、可预测的长期经常性收入,提供实时和技术服务产品的组合。家庭护理提供者可以立即改善护理,留住客户,扩大患者的功能独立性,并提高医疗依从性和结果。我们帮助他们增加服务,从而建立新的转介关系,增加参与。他们在生命周期的早期访问客户,服务数量大幅增加。我们投资提供先进的收入,设备,培训,后台支持,甚至营销材料。 麻省理工学院斯隆管理学院( MassachusettsInstituteofTechnology )人力资源与管理教授保罗·奥斯特曼( PaulOsterman )是新书《谁会关心我们》的作者。长期护理和长期劳动力。”引用他的话说,“我们的老龄化人口将推动需求,尽管奥斯特曼指出,大约一半的护理需求将来自年轻的残疾人。”电子照顾者™认为现在是家庭护理提供者寻求新的机会和解决方案为他们服务的时候了。 关于电子看护者™ 成立于2009年的 ElectronicCareers ™是美国增长最快的监控技术提供商之一,也是少数几家全国性服务提供商之一。他们创造了世界上第一个和唯一的,全面的声音和视觉感应,3D ,基于人工智能的,互动的住宅护理。电子照顾者™目前在全国范围内为数千名客户提供自动家庭护理解决方案和安全设备,并由全国领先的卫生组织推广。Electronic Careers ™已投资超过35,000,000美元用于患者筛选、研究和开发,在32个州部署了近8年的移动科学实验室,与数百家健康和高级服务提供商合作。该公司服务独立和特许拥有的家庭护理办公室在全国各地。他们不断地被他们的领先技术合作伙伴和趋势制定者(如亚马逊)所强调,并在领先的全球活动中发挥作用。电子照顾者™在新墨西哥州拉斯克鲁塞斯拥有近100名员工,总部设在全国。 www.electronic照顾者.com SOURCE 电子护理员 相关链接