iAnthus Hires Acclaimed Brand Building and Marketing Veteran as Chief Marketing Officer


2019-04-16 06:45:00 PR Newswire


iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. , which owns, operates, and partners with best-in-class regulated cannabis operations across the United States, is pleased to announce Neil Calvesbert as Chief Marketing Officer responsible for creating the brand vision and strategies to execute the companies growth objectives across brand, retail and consumer experience. Prior to joining iAnthus, Mr. Calvesbert served as the Chief Growth & Marketing Officer for Nicopure Labs and the Vice President of Global Marketing for Monster Energy Beverages, where he leveraged the Monster Energy brand to deliver inspirational brand stories and lifestyle-focused experiences through strategic partnerships with high profile athletes, musicians, influencers, global properties and events with a disruptive approach. He launched new categories and products, which contributed to the brand's rapid growth and helped drive it to become the dominant energy drink in the U.S., globally distributed in over 100 countries with annual sales rising from $1.4 to $3 billion and a unique global army of dedicated, loyal fans. Before joining Monster Energy, Mr. Calvesbert's career centered around the creation, leadership and rapid growth of iconic consumer-facing brands in the lifestyle driven action sports industry. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Fox Racing, where he transformed the entrepreneurial U.S. focused business into a global powerhouse and the dominant market leader in over 55 countries as the brand of choice for the world's elite action sports athletes.   Hadley Ford, CEO of iAnthus, said, "iAnthus looks forward to creating and rolling out its national retail and product brands under Neil's leadership. Branded products will distance themselves as the true driver of growth and value within the cannabis space. Neil brings to iAnthus a wealth of experience in building and growing global brands, having proven his ability across multiple product categories. We look forward to seeing him put those skills to work on behalf of iAnthus and helping us to further grow the company into an industry powerhouse." "Cannabis is the type of blank canvas that brand visionaries like me usually only dream of. Creatively, it provides a once ever opportunity to pioneer and shape a brand-new market category, including the messages and experiences we deliver to patients and consumers through our products and dispensaries," said Mr. Calvesbert. "Our plan to accomplish this is quite simple – we will create iconic brands that our customers can identify and engage with through refreshing retail experiences in our dispensaries to help them better understand cannabis and how to include it in their daily routines. Life is for enjoying, and my passion is to create something timeless and unforgettable that ultimately helps people smile."
iSanthus Capital Holdings , Inc .旗下拥有、运营和与全美一流受监管大麻业务合作的公司,很高兴宣布 Neil Calvesbert 为首席营销官,负责创建品牌愿景和战略,以实现公司跨品牌、零售和消费者体验的增长目标。 在加入 iAnthus 之前, Calvesbert 先生曾担任 Nicopure Labs 的首席增长与营销官和 Monster Energy Beverages 全球营销副总裁,在那里,他利用 Monster Energy 品牌,通过与知名运动员、音乐家、影响者、全球财产和具有破坏性的活动的战略伙伴关系,提供具有启发性的品牌故事和以生活方式为重点的体验。他推出了新的品类和新产品,推动了该品牌的快速增长,并推动其成为美国的主要能源饮料。该品牌在全球100多个国家销售,年销售额从14亿美元增至30亿美元,拥有一支由忠实粉丝组成的独特全球队伍。 在加入 Monster Energy 之前, Calvesbert 先生的职业生涯集中于在生活方式驱动的动作体育产业中创造、领导和快速增长面向消费者的标志性品牌。他曾担任 Fox Racing 的首席执行官,在那里,他将专注于美国的创业企业转变为一个全球强国,并在55多个国家中占据主导地位的市场领导者,成为世界顶级运动运动员的首选品牌。 iAnthus 首席执行官哈德利?福特( Hadley Ford )表示:“ iAnthus 期待在尼尔的领导下,创建和推出其全国零售和产品品牌。品牌产品将成为大麻领域增长和价值的真正驱动力。Neil 为 iAnthus 带来了丰富的全球品牌建设和发展经验,证明了他在多个产品类别中的能力。我们期待着看到他将这些技能用于代表安图斯的工作,并帮助我们将公司进一步发展成为一个行业强国。” “坎纳比斯是那种像我这样的品牌梦想家通常只梦想的空白画布。创新的是,它提供了一个前所未有的机会,开创和塑造一个全新的市场类别,包括信息和经验,我们提供给病人和消费者通过我们的产品和药房。“我们实现这一目标的计划非常简单——我们将创建我们的客户能够识别和参与的标志性品牌,通过在药房刷新零售体验,帮助他们更好地了解大麻,以及如何将其纳入日常常规。生活是为了享受,我的激情是创造一些永恒和难忘的东西,最终帮助人们微笑。”