Marijuana Stocks: Aphria Earnings Report Falls Short; Stock Tumbles

大麻股票: Aphria 盈利报告下跌;股票肿瘤

2019-04-15 19:28:51 Investor's Business Daily


Canadian cannabis producer Aphria reported fiscal third-quarter earnings on Monday. Aphria stock tumbled before the open, while other marijuana stocks were lower or not yet active. Estimates: Analysts expected Aphria to report a four-cent per-share loss in Canadian dollars. Revenue was expected to come in at $83.45 million Canadian. Results:  Aphria lost 20 cents a share Canadian. Revenue soared 616.5% to $73.58 million Canadian. Get these newsletters delivered to your inbox & more info about our products & services. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Separately, Aphria said it entered into deals to speed up the expiration of an unsolicited offer by Green Growth Brands. Aphria stock plunged 11% in early trading in the stock market today. It has a Composite Rating of 79. The EPS Rating for Aphria stock is 65. Among other marijuana stocks, Cronos Group (CRON) and Canopy Growth (CGC) fell about 1% before the stock market open. Tilray (TLRY) was not yet active. Aurora Cannabis (ACB) edged lower. CannTrust (CTST) was quiet. Aphria stock has rebounded since two short-sellers in December accused the company of self-dealing in Jamaica, Colombia and Argentina. An independent review uncovered "conflicting interests" in those deals. But it also said the prices paid were "within an acceptable range" but "near the top of the range." Former CEO Vic Neufeld has since left the company. But management said his departure was unrelated to the allegations. Since then, the company has received tentative approval, subject to a short "standstill period," for a cultivation license in Germany, a nation executives see as especially promising. The company also received the government's approval to begin production in an extra 800,000 square feet at facilities in its massive Aphria One production center. Canada's industry is losing money as it tries to build out production capacity to meet what executives hope will be a boom in global demand. Domestically, Canada's recreational market still suffers from shortages. Scotiabank last week cast doubt on some of Canada's big producers' earnings and sales prospects for the last three months. Other government data shows that legal weed is 57% more expensive than product sold illegally and that prices for legal pot have risen since the days before legalization, according to news reports. According to a report from BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research last week, Canada's legalization of recreational sales in October lifted legal spending by 65% to $569 million last year. However, the two research firms noted, the percentage growth was actually less than the 84% growth medical market there saw in 2017. While shortages were "unsurprising," the report said weak spending "was highly regional and tightly tied to provincial-level regulations that have created vast gaps in business friendliness across the provinces." Still, the report said of Canada's pot industry: "Whatever happens in their domestic market, the race for world domination is theirs to lose." YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Are These Marijuana Stocks A Good Buy Now? Look Past The Hype Marijuana Stocks To Buy And Watch This IBD Stock Of The Day Breaks Out Of Bullish Cup-With-Handle Base How To Invest In Stocks: A Guide To The Stock Market For Beginners 4/12/2019 See which stocks are set to report, and which are in or near buy range. 4/12/2019 See which stocks are set to report, and which are... Get instant access to exclusive stock lists, expert market analysis and powerful tools with 5 weeks of IBD Digital for only $5! Get market updates, educational videos, webinars, and stock analysis.
加拿大大麻生产商 Aphria 周一公布了第三财季收益。Aphria 股票在开盘前暴跌,而其他大麻股票下跌或尚未活跃。 估计:分析师预计 Aphria 将报告每股亏损4%的加元。预计收入为8345万加元。 结果: Aphria 每股亏损20美分。收入飙升616.5%,至7358万加元。 请将这些通讯发送到您的收件箱&有关我们产品和服务的更多信息。私隐政策及使用条款 此外, Aphria 表示,它已达成协议,加快绿色增长品牌主动提出的收购要约的到期。 今天股市早盘, Aphria 股票暴跌11%。它的综合评级为79。Aphria 股票的 EPS 评级为65。 在其他大麻类股票中, Cronos Group ( CRON )和 Canopy Growth ( CGC )在股市开盘前下跌了约1%。Tilray ( TLRY )尚未活跃。奥罗拉·坎纳比斯( ACB )的边缘偏低。CannTrust ( CTST )很安静。 自去年12月两名卖空者指控 Aphria 在牙买加、哥伦比亚和阿根廷进行自营交易以来, Aphria 股票已经反弹。独立审查发现这些交易中存在“利益冲突”。但它也表示,支付的价格“在一个可接受的范围内”,但“接近最高的范围”。 前首席执行官 VicNeufeld 已经离开了公司。但管理层表示,他的离职与指控无关。 从那时起,该公司已获得初步批准,在短期的“停顿期”,为在德国的种植许可证,一个国家的管理人员认为特别有希望。该公司还获得了政府的批准,开始在其庞大的 AphriaOne 生产中心的工厂生产80万平方英尺的产品。 加拿大工业正在亏损,因为它试图扩大产能,以满足高管们希望的全球需求繁荣。从国内来看,加拿大的娱乐市场仍然处于短缺状态。 Scotiabank 上周对加拿大一些大型生产商过去三个月的收益和销售前景表示怀疑。据新闻报道,其他政府数据显示,合法大麻的价格比非法销售的产品高出57%,合法大麻的价格自合法化前几天以来一直在上涨。 根据 BDS Analytics 和 Arcview Market Research 上周发布的一份报告,加拿大10月份将娱乐销售合法化,去年将法律支出提高了65%,至5.69亿美元。然而,两家研究公司指出,这一比例的增长实际上低于2017年84%的增长医疗市场。 报告称,尽管短缺“并不令人意外”,但支出疲弱“是高度地区性的,与省级监管密切相关,在各省的商业友好程度上造成了巨大差距。” 尽管如此,该报告还是提到了加拿大的罐子业:“无论国内市场发生什么变化,争夺世界霸主地位都是他们的输家。” 你很高兴: 这些大麻股票现在好买了吗?看看过去的阴渠 大麻股票购买和观察 这支 IBD 股票当天突破了牛肉杯和手球的基础 如何投资股票:初学者股市指南 4/12/2019 看哪只股票将被报告,并且是在或接近购买范围。 4/12/2019 请参阅将报告哪些股票,以及哪些股票。。。 只需5美元,就可以立即访问 IBD Digital 的独家股票列表、专家市场分析和强大工具。 获取市场更新、教育视频、网络研讨会和股票分析。