ANI Pharmaceuticals Expands Injectable Portfolio with Distribution Agreement for FDA Approved Injectable Product


2019-04-15 20:40:31 CISION


 ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that it has entered into a Distribution Agreement with a U.S. based injectable manufacturer to commercialize a unique specialty injectable product.  Key terms of the 10-year Agreement include cumulative milestones of up to $2M, payable by ANI. Upon launch, ANI will receive a 50% share of net profits generated from product revenues. The product, for which there are currently no other generics commercially available, recently received FDA approval. The product will be commercialized in the ANI label. ANI's President and CEO, Arthur S. Przybyl, commented, "With today's announcement we have added a second specialty injectable product to our pipeline, the first product being Cortrophin Gel. We are excited to further expand into injectable dosage form drug products. We believe injectables represent future growth opportunities for ANI and as such we intend to pursue additional investments in the injectable space. These investments could be in the form of acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships and may include vertical integration into injectable sterile manufacturing."
ANI Pharmaceuticals , Inc .今日宣布,已与一家美国注射用制造商签订经销协议,将一种独特的专用注射用产品商业化。10年协议的关键条款包括 ANI 应支付的最高200万美元的累计里程碑。推出后, ANI 将从产品收入中获得50%的净利润份额。该产品目前还没有其他可商业化的仿制药,最近获得了 FDA 的批准。该产品将在 ANI 标签中商业化。 ANI 公司的总裁兼首席执行官 Arthur S.Przybyl 评论说:“今天的声明中,我们已经在我们的管道中增加了第二个特殊的注射产品,第一个产品是 CortropinGel 。我们很高兴进一步扩大注射剂型药物产品。我们认为,可注射物代表了 ANI 未来的增长机会,因此我们打算在可注射空间进行额外投资。这些投资可以采取收购、合资和合作的形式,可能包括对可注射无菌生产的垂直整合。”