CarePredict Partners with CareWorx to Bring Wireless Network Enabled AI Solution to Senior Care Facilities


2019-04-15 21:30:30 CISION


 CarePredict, a leading AI-driven digital health company that predicts potential health conditions in seniors by continuously monitoring daily activity and behavior patterns, today announced their partnership with CareWorx, a top-50 global managed service provider and market leader in technology solutions for the senior care sector. Based on the premise that health declines in seniors manifest first as changes in the daily activity patterns, CarePredict uses lightweight sensors and smart wearables to continuously collect rich datasets on the daily activities like eating, drinking, sleeping, walking, toileting, grooming and so on. Machine learning and neural nets are then used to classify these data sets and surface actionable insights on possible health declines like urinary tract infection (UTI), depression, and increased risk of falls, days ahead of clinical diagnosis. CarePredict's end-to-end solution uses the senior living community's existing WiFi to collect the activity data and trigger just-in-time alerts autonomously. CarePredict also uses proprietary technology and WiFi to provide two-way voice communication that allows senior residents to communicate directly with the caregiver. "We are thrilled about our partnership with CareWorx," said Jerry Wilmink, CBO, CarePredict, "WiFi is ubiquitous, has a broad range, and allows us to gather the massive amounts of kinematics and other sensor data that we need to continuously and remotely observe the evolving health of the senior. Having a robust, enterprise-grade wireless network infrastructure like the one CareWorx provides can make this data collection and delivery seamless and efficient." With devices and IT services in over 5,000 facilities across North America, CareWorx provides complete technology solutions for senior care including wireless strategy, implementation and 24x7 support. The CareWorx Technology-as-a-Service offering gives senior care communities greater flexibility in technology planning and dependable WiFi without the need for large up-front costs. "Solid infrastructure and a reliable network are necessities for today's senior care communities who want to take advantage of incredible innovation from companies like CarePredict," said Mark McIntyre, EVP and GM at CareWorx. "We are very happy to be working with an organization like CarePredict that is dedicated to using technology to better the lives and care of seniors." CarePredict is showcasing the preventive senior care solution at Booth 925, Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference 2019, the largest platform to explore innovative technology and thought leadership in senior care.
CarePredict 是一家领先的人工智能驱动的数字健康公司,通过持续监控日常活动和行为模式预测老年人的潜在健康状况。今天, CarePredict 宣布了与 CareWorx 的合作关系, CareWorx 是全球50强托管服务提供商,也是高级护理行业技术解决方案的市场领导者。 基于老年人健康下降首先表现为日常活动模式变化的假设, CarePredict 使用轻量级传感器和智能可穿戴设备持续收集关于日常活动的丰富数据集,如饮食、饮料、睡眠、散步、厕所、美容等。机器学习和神经网络然后被用来分类这些数据集和表面可操作的见解可能健康下降,如泌尿道感染( UTI ),抑郁症,并增加跌倒的风险,几天前的临床诊断。CarePredict 的端到端解决方案使用高级生活社区的现有 WiFi 自动收集活动数据并触发即时警报。CarePredict 还使用专有技术和 WiFi 提供双向语音通信,允许高级居民直接与护理人员通信。 “我们对与 CareWorx 的合作感到兴奋,” CarePredict 的 CBO 的 JerryWilmink 说,“ WiFi 无处不在,范围广泛,让我们能够收集大量的运动学和其他传感器数据,我们需要持续和远程地观察老年人的健康状况。拥有一个强大的企业级无线网络基础设施,如 CareWordx 所提供的那样,可以使数据收集和传输无缝且高效。” CareWorx 在北美的5000多个设施中提供设备和 IT 服务,为高级护理提供完整的技术解决方案,包括无线策略、实施和24x7支持。CareWorWorx 技术即服务提供使高级护理社区在技术规划和可靠的 WiFi 方面具有更大的灵活性,而无需大量前期费用。 CareerPredict 公司的执行副总裁兼总经理马克·麦金太尔( MarkMcIntyre )表示:“对于希望利用 CarePredict 等公司难以置信的创新优势的当今高级护理社区来说,坚实的基础设施和可靠的网络是必不可少的。”“我们很高兴与 CarePredict 这样的组织合作,该组织致力于利用技术改善老年人的生活和护理。” CarePredict 在2019年 Argentum 高级生活执行会议 Booth 925上展示了预防性高级护理解决方案,这是探索高级护理领域创新技术和思维领导力的最大平台。