Eureka 93 Inc. Debuts as One of the Largest Hemp CBD Extraction Operations in North America

大麻公司LiveWell Canada完成并购组建北美最大大麻萃取公司Eureka 93

2019-04-15 21:35:59 CFN Media Group


Ottawa, Ontario, April 11, 2019 — The shareholders of LiveWell Canada Inc.  today approved the amalgamation, previously announced on December 3, 2018, of LiveWell with Mercal Capital Corp. and Vitality CBD Natural Health Products Inc. There were 97% votes in favour of this amalgamation based on over 75 million casted voting shares. This was the final shareholder approval of the three companies and the new company is to be called Eureka 93 Inc. Subject to final approval by the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “CSE”), the Company will resume trading its securities on the CSE with a new stock ticker: ERKA.  The Company anticipates receiving final CSE approval sometime in April. It has also applied to list its securities on NASDAQ. The amalgamated company has been rebranded as Eureka93 with the tagline: Ingenuity. From the ground up. “This reflects the innovation and discovery at the core of our combined Canadian and U.S. operations and family of brands, including at the site of our first, large-scale hemp CBD extraction facility in Eureka, Montana, off US Route 93,” said David Rendimonti, Chief Executive Officer of the amalgamated company. The Eureka93 facility in Montana was one of the first facilities in North America to extract hemp CBD on a large scale. The industry-leading extraction process has been continuously refined and re-engineered with a production capacity of 50 kilograms per day (kgs/day) of high-quality full hemp plant extract, CBD isolate powder for Tier One wholesale customers such as Tilray (refer to LiveWell’s announcement of March 14, 2019). By Q3 2019, the Company  expects to produce up to 100 kgs/day. Eureka93 has added a second, considerably larger extraction facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which was originally built in 2008 for extracting renewable fuels from algae biomass. This facility will be retrofitted with a 125-metric tonne ethanol extractor at a projected cost of up to US$10M. Eureka93 expects to complete this project by the end of Q3, 2019. Once completed Eureka93 anticipates production from this facility to be 1,000 kgs per day. The vertically integrated Company leverages cultivation, extraction, product formulation, manufacturing and distribution to provide high-quality, high-volume, high-margin product. The Company is already executing on its strategy to be the largest, most reliable supplier of wholesale hemp CBD products while it builds its consumer brands targeted at specific health, wellness and beauty markets in the United States and beyond. “The merger uniquely positions us to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar market for health, wellness and beauty products made from hemp CBD, other cannabinoids and natural products. This industry is still emerging but has rapidly evolved.  It is no longer just about scale. It’s about innovation, reliability and trust. You have to control the supply chain, be research-driven, define the standards, and have the best-in-class people and partners to realize what’s next. There’s a reason we called ourselves Eureka,” Mr. Rendimonti said. Advanced Product Formulation and Manufacturing The Company’s state-of-the-art product formulation and manufacturing facility near Windsor, Ontario, acquired through LiveWell’s purchase of Acenzia Inc., has achieved the highest standards of quality, purity and safety controls, with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GMP for Sport certification by the NSF International Standards body. It is also an FDA-registered facility and is certified by Health Canada. Throughout its nearly 20-year history, the pharma-grade facility, has combined science and technology in the development and manufacturing of natural health products such as sports energy powders, drinks, functional foods and probiotics. Eureka93 will leverage these capabilities to deliver CBD products to health and wellness markets. Commercial Vision With a senior leadership team from the pharmaceutical, consumer goods and natural health product industries, the Company plans to launch the first Eureka93 brand into the U.S. consumer market in Q3 2019. Designing CBD products that are accessible and effective for consumers will be a key differentiator for Eureka93, said Mr. Rendimonti. “We will be creating a family of brands and products that have clear, specific uses for targeted consumer groups.” Research Excellence From its extraction processes to a globally patented physiological research model that can rapidly test and validate the effectiveness of natural health products, Eureka93 is dedicated to creating next-generation CBD products and solutions. The Company’s research team plans to study the effects of CBD, other cannabinoids and natural molecules through ethical, in-vitro zebrafish modelling and scaling up that research through open partnerships with other research-focused organizations and academic institutions.
渥太华,安大略,2019年4月11日—— LiveWell Canada Inc .的股东今天批准了先前于2018年12月3日宣布的 LiveWell 与 Mercal Capital Corp .和 Vitality CBD Natural Health Products Inc .的合并。基于7500多万种姓投票股份,合并获得了97%的赞成票。这是三家公司的最终股东批准,新公司名为 Eureka 93 Inc 。 待加拿大证券交易所(“ CSE ”)最终批准后,本公司将恢复其在 CSE 上的证券交易,新股票代码: ERKA 。公司预计将在四月某个时候获得 CSE 的最终批准。它还申请在纳斯达克上市。 合并后的公司已更名为 Eureka93与口号:英格尼提。从地面向上。合并后的公司首席执行官大卫•伦迪蒙蒂( David Rendimonti )表示:“这反映了我们合并后的加拿大和美国业务和品牌家族的核心创新和发现,包括在我们位于蒙大拿州尤里卡( Eureka )的第一家大型大麻 CBD 提取设施所在地,位于美国93号干线附近。” 蒙大拿州的 Eureka93工厂是北美最早大规模提取大麻 CBD 的工厂之一。行业领先的提取工艺不断进行精炼和重新设计,生产能力为每日50公斤(公斤/日)的优质全麻提取物、 CBD 分离粉剂用于 Tilray 等一级批发客户(参见 LiveWell 于2019年3月14日发布的公告)。到2019年第三季度,本公司预计日产量可达100公斤。 Eureka93公司在新墨西哥州的拉斯克鲁塞斯增加了第二个更大的提取设施,该设施最初于2008年建造,用于从藻类生物量中提取可再生燃料。该设施将安装125吨乙醇提取器,预计成本高达1000万美元。Eureka93预计在2019年第三季度末完成该项目。一旦完成 Eureka93预计,该工厂的日产量将达到1000公斤。 垂直整合的公司利用种植,提取,产品配方,制造和分销,以提供高质量,高容量,高利润的产品。本公司已实施其战略,成为最大、最可靠的批发大麻 CBD 产品供应商,同时在美国及其他地区建立针对特定健康、健康和美容市场的消费品牌。 “这次合并使我们得以利用价值数十亿美元的健康、健康和美容产品市场,这些产品是由大麻生物多样性公约、其他大麻和天然产品制成的。这一行业仍在兴起,但发展迅速。它不再仅仅是规模问题。它涉及创新、可靠性和信任。你必须控制供应链,以研究为导向,定义标准,拥有一流的人才和合作伙伴来实现下一个目标。我们称自己为 Eureka 是有原因的,” Rendimonti 先生说。 高级产品配方及制造 通过 LiveWell 收购 Acenzia Inc .获得的位于安大略省温莎附近的公司最先进的产品配方和制造设施,已达到质量、纯度和安全控制的最高标准,并通过 NSF 国际标准机构的 GMP (良好制造规范)和运动认证 GMP 。它也是 FDA 注册的设施,并由加拿大卫生部认证。在其近20年的历史中,制药级设施在运动能粉剂、饮料、功能性食品和益生菌等天然健康产品的开发和制造方面,结合了科学技术。Eureka93将利用这些能力为健康和健康市场提供 CBD 产品。 商业愿景 凭借来自医药、消费品和天然保健品行业的高级领导团队,本公司计划于2019年第三季度将首个 Eureka93品牌推向美国消费者市场。Rendimonti 先生说,对于 Eureka93来说,设计对消费者来说既方便又有效的 CBD 产品将是一个关键的区别。“我们将创建一系列品牌和产品,为目标消费者群体提供明确、具体的用途。” 卓越的研究成果 从提取工艺到全球专利的生理研究模式,能够快速测试和验证天然保健品的有效性, Eureka93致力于创造下一代 CBD 产品和解决方案。该公司的研究团队计划通过伦理、体外斑马鱼模型研究 CBD 、其他大麻素和天然分子的影响,并通过与其他以研究为重点的组织和学术机构的开放伙伴关系扩大该研究。