Lexaria Bioscience Engages Oak Hill Financial Inc. to Provide Investor Relations Services

医药公司Lexaria Bioscience联手金融公司Oak Hill,打造小额投资者关系服务

2019-04-15 21:35:59 CFN Media Group


April 15, 2019 – Lexaria Bioscience Corp. announces it has retained Oak Hill Financial Inc. to provide investor relations services to the Company in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Oak Hill is a Toronto-based firm that develops strategic platforms for its clients that are utilized to gain exposure and recognition in the capital markets. Oak Hill provides asset management, capital market and investor relations services. Its team has marketed corporate issuers ranging in market cap from $10M to $1B in a variety of different sectors to the Canadian retail brokerage channel, family offices and institutional networks. Oak Hill’s team has experience across equity capital markets, equity research, portfolio management, institutional equity sales, and traditional investor relations – resulting in tailored and highly collaborative solutions. Oak Hill will work closely with Lexaria to develop and deploy a comprehensive capital markets strategy and campaign. Activities will include providing an investor relations program catering to retail investors, marketing services and an ongoing client services program.
2019年4月15日– Lexaria Bioscience Corp .宣布保留 Oak Hill Financial Inc .按照监管指引为公司提供投资者关系服务。 Oak Hill 是一家总部位于多伦多的公司,为其客户开发战略平台,用于获得资本市场的敞口和认可。橡树山提供资产管理、资本市场和投资者关系服务。该公司团队在多个不同行业向加拿大零售经纪公司渠道、家族理财室和机构网络销售公司债券,市值从1000万美元到10亿美元不等。Oak Hill 的团队在股票资本市场、股票研究、投资组合管理、机构股票销售和传统投资者关系方面拥有丰富的经验,从而提供量身定制、高度协作的解决方案。 橡树山将与利盟密切合作,制定和部署一个全面的资本市场战略和运动。活动包括为零售投资者提供投资者关系计划、营销服务和持续的客户服务计划。