Salford harnesses robot technology to speed up medicine dispensing


2019-04-16 08:00:33 digitalhealth


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is harnessing robot technology to dispense medicine quickly and safely. Following a successful trial on the hospital’s Pendleton Suite ward, the PillTime programme has been extended into the 29-bed community facility at the Heartly Green Immediate Care Unit. PillTime is a fully-functional dispensary, featuring a robot and optical checker which has been set up in the global digital exemplars (GDE) pharmacy department. The robot collates differed patient medication and dispenses it in individual, sealed pouches in the order it needs to be taken. Each package is then checked by advanced image recognition technology as well as pharmacy colleagues to ensure the highest level of accuracy. To eliminate confusion, each pouch is clearly labelled with the name of the patient as well as the day, date and time the dose has to be taken, the description of the tablet and the expiry. The PillTime project went live for the first time just before Christmas and, though in its infancy, has delivered a number of key benefits including; improvements to dispensing accuracy; fewer medication errors; timely administration to patients; and reduced missed doses. The tablet information on the pouches also makes it easier to cross references against the in-house electronic patient record. Nurse Nadine Keats, who works on the Pendleton Suite, said the project saved her 30-40 minutes in every round she completes. “The PillTime pouches have made for an efficient drug rounds, a more calm and relaxed atmosphere on the ward, and also enabled tidier and more manageable trolleys,” she said. “I would like to continue with the pouches rather than revert back to original pack dispensing.” The GDE is currently finalising plans to roll PillTime out to a second community facility at the Limes Intermediate Care Unit. Salford’s GDE and Future Digital teams are canvassing the experiences of frontline staff as part of the formal evaluation of the programme. It’s hoped these views will give them first-hand insight into the future potential PillTime can be maximised – potentially across the entire NHS. Another digital project, the trust announced in March 2019 that it had deployed paperless anaesthetic records.
索尔福德皇家国民保健服务基金会信托基金正在利用机器人技术迅速和安全地分发药品。 在对医院的 Pendleton 套房病房进行了成功的试验后, PillatTime 计划已扩展到 Heartly Green 立即护理股的29张床位社区设施中。 PillatTime 是一家功能齐全的药房,其特点是在全球数字示例库( GDE )药房部门建立了一个机器人和光学检查器。 机器人整理不同的病人用药,并按需要的顺序将其分别放入密封的袋子中。 然后通过先进的图像识别技术和制药同事对每个包装进行检查,以确保最高的准确性。 为了消除混乱,每个袋子都清楚地标上病人的名字以及剂量必须服用的日期和时间,片剂的说明和有效期。 PillarTime 项目在圣诞节前首次启用,尽管还处于婴儿期,但它带来了许多关键的好处,包括:提高配药的准确性;减少药物错误;及时给患者服用;减少漏药剂量。 这些小袋上的片剂信息也使对照内部电子病历更容易相互参照。 Pendleton 套房的护士 NadinKeats 说,这个项目在她完成的每一轮活动中都节省了30-40分钟。 她说:“预防毒丸时间的小袋让病房有了高效的毒品循环,营造了更加平静和轻松的氛围,还使小车更整洁、更易于管理。” “我想继续使用这些袋子,而不是恢复原来的包装分发。” 目前, GDE 正在敲定将 PillaTime 推广到 Limes 中级护理单元的第二个社区设施的计划。 Salford 的 GDE 和 Future Digital 团队正在研究一线员工的经验,这是该计划正式评估的一部分。 希望这些观点能让他们对未来潜在的“支柱时间”有第一手的了解,并能最大限度地利用——可能覆盖整个 NHS 。 另一个数字项目,该信托公司在2019年3月宣布,已部署无纸麻醉记录。