Colorado CBD manufacturer raises $65M to buy ‘mountains of hemp’

CBD 提取公司 Mile High Labs 融资6500万美元欲种植大麻

2019-04-16 07:50:41 Hemp Industry Daily


标签: 医药/器械
Loveland, Colorado-based Mile High Labs – a manufacturer of CBD crude oil, distillate and isolate – is borrowing $65 million to buy “millions of pounds” of pelletized hemp for CBD extraction. The company closed on the debt facility with investment firm MGG Capital. Mile High Labs announced last week it will use the loan to buy “mountains of hemp” but did not elaborate on a specific amount or provide a time frame for the acquisition. The company uses mobile extraction equipment to produce CBD on hemp farms. Mile High Labs did not say where the extraction equipment will be sent, though the company said it has installed one extraction unit in eastern Colorado and plans to install another in southern Colorado this month.
总部位于科罗拉多州 Loveland 的 Mile High Labs 是 CBD 原油、蒸馏和分离产品的制造商,该公司正借6500万美元购买用于 CBD 萃取的“数百万磅”粒状大麻。 该公司与投资公司 MGG Capital 达成债务融资协议。 Mile High Labs 上周宣布,将利用这笔贷款购买“大麻之山”,但没有详细说明具体金额,也没有提供收购的时间框架。 公司利用移动提取设备在大麻农场生产 CBD 。 Mile High Labs 没有透露提取设备将被送往何处,不过该公司表示,已在科罗拉多州东部安装了一个提取设备,并计划本月在科罗拉多州南部安装另一个。