Catalent reportedly to buy Paragon Bioservices for $1.2 billion

据报道,该公司以12亿美元收购 Paragon Bioservices

2019-04-16 19:57:59 CNBC


Catalent said on Monday it would buy privately held gene therapy-focused Paragon Bioservices in an all-cash deal for $1.2 billion, helping the drug developer expand its capabilities to make specialized and costly treatments. Paragon, backed by private-equity firms Camden Partners and NewSpring Capital, focuses on developing and manufacturing products such as complex biopharmaceuticals for its clients. Catalent also develops drugs for other companies and does business in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. The deal follows other multi-billion dollar deals as drug companies have been aggressively moving into the potentially $40 billion addressable market for gene therapy, where treatments for rare, genetic diseases command some of the highest prices. In Februray, Swiss drugmaker Roche agreed to buy U.S.-based gene therapy specialist Spark Therapeutics for $4.3 billion, while Novartis purchased U.S.-based Avexis for $8.7 billion last year. Catalent expects the transaction to add to its adjusted earnings in the second full fiscal year after closing. The company said it will fund the deal with proceeds from a $650 million incremental term loan and issuance of $650 million of a new series of convertible preferred stock. After the deal closes, Paragon will be led by its Chief Executive Officer Pete Buzy. The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that Catalent had agreed to buy Paragon.
Catalent 周一表示,将以12亿美元的全现金收购专注于基因治疗的私营公司 Paragon Bioservices ,帮助这家药物开发商扩大其生产专业化和昂贵治疗产品的能力。 Paragon 在私人资本运营公司 Camden Partners 和 NewSpring Capital 的支持下,专注于为客户开发和制造复杂生物制药等产品。 Catalent 还为其他公司开发药品,并在亚洲、欧洲、北美和南美开展业务。 在这笔交易之前,其他数十亿美元的交易还在进行,因为制药公司一直在积极进军潜在价值400亿美元的基因治疗可寻址市场,在那里治疗罕见的基因疾病的价格最高。 瑞士制药商罗氏( Roche )同意以43亿美元收购美国基因治疗专家 Spark Therapeutics ,而诺华( Novartis )去年以87亿美元收购了美国的 Avexis 。 Catalent 预计,交易完成后,将在第二个完整会计年度增加调整后的收益。 该公司表示,将为这笔交易提供资金,包括6.5亿美元的增量定期贷款和6.5亿美元的新系列可转换优先股的发行。 交易完成后, Paragon 将由其首席执行官 PeteBuzy 领导。 《华尔街日报》周日报道,加泰罗尼亚同意收购 Paragon 。