Bulls And Bears Of The Week: Abbott Labs, Chevron, CVS, United And More

牛熊周:雅培(Abbott)、雪佛龙、 CVS 、曼联和更多

2019-04-21 04:44:45 Benzinga


Benzinga has examined prospects for many investor favorite stocks over the past week. Bullish calls included a leading airline and a pharmaceutical giant. And bearish calls included cruise line operators and two retailers. In a holiday-shortened week in which a huge merger deal seemed to fall apart, two tech giants settled a long-running dispute and a Paris landmark suffered a catastrophe, perhaps the biggest news was the release of the long-awaited Mueller report. Otherwise, first-quarter earnings results have been solid overall and economic data seems to show a U.S. economy treading water. The big three U.S. indexes ended the week nearly flat, though still not far off their all-time highs. Benzinga continues to examine the prospects for many investor favorite stocks. The following are just a few of this past week's most bullish and bearish posts that may be worth another look. Bulls See which top analyst called the latest Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) acquisition a "win-win" deal for shareholders, according to Wayne Duggan's "Wall Street Weighs In On Chevron Following Anadarko Deal." "Buckingham Lifts United Continental Outlook, Price Target After Q1 Beat" by Priya Nigam discusses why the prospects for United Continental Holdings Inc (NYSE: UAL) look good despite the Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) 737 MAX grounding.  Shanthi Rexaline's "An Abbott Labs Analyst's 5 Reasons To Own The Stock: 'Near-Perfect For This Environment'" shows why there are far more reasons to own Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) stock than not in one analyst's view.  In "A Few Key Takeaways From Cowen's Off-Price Retail Store Visits," Brett Hershman shows what channel checks suggest about the prospects of TJX Companies Inc (NYSE: TJX) and some of its peers.  For additional bullish calls, also have a look at "3 Reasons Imperial Capital Is More Bullish On Disney" and "RBC Bullish On New Dow, Less So On DowDupont." Bears "Oppenheimer Joins Chorus Of CVS Analysts Cautious On Near-Term Outlook" by Shanthi Rexaline discusses why one key analyst has stepped to the sidelines on CVS Health Corp (NYSE: CVS). In Dave Royce's "Cruise Line Stocks Fall As Trump Administration Tightens Restrictions On Cuba, Venezuela," see how Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NYSE: NCLH) and others may be affected by new travel rules. Priya Nigam's "Raymond James Downgrades Comerica, Says Q1 Report Not As Good As It Looks" shows why one analyst was not impressed by the latest Comerica Incorporated (NYSE: CMA) earnings beat. One key analyst stopped short of recommending shorting Pier 1 Imports Inc (NYSE: PIR) stock but expects it to underperform. So says "Pier 1 Falls Off The Deep End With 'Distressing' Q4 Report" by Elizabeth Balboa. Be sure to check out "Is JB Hunt's Q1 Miss A 'Reality Check' For The Sector? The Street Debates" and "RBC Upgrades Marathon, Downgrades BP" for additional bearish calls. At the time of this writing, the author had no position in the mentioned equities. Keep up with all the latest breaking news and trading ideas by following Benzinga on Twitter. See more from Benzinga
过去一周, Benzinga 研究了许多投资者喜爱的股票的前景。 看涨的电话包括一家领先的航空公司和一家制药巨头。 而悲观的呼声包括邮轮运营商和两家零售商。 在一个假日缩短的星期里,一笔巨大的合并交易似乎破裂了,两家科技巨头解决了一场旷日持久的纠纷,一家巴黎地标建筑公司遭遇了一场灾难,也许最大的新闻是发布了期待已久的穆勒报告。 否则,今年第一季度的盈利结果总体上是稳健的,经济数据似乎表明美国经济步履蹒跚。美国三大股指上周收盘时几乎持平,但仍远低于历史高位。 Benzinga 继续研究许多投资者喜爱的股票的前景。以下只是过去一周最看涨和看跌的几个观点,可能值得再看一看。 公牛队 根据 Wayne Duggan 的《华尔街在雪佛龙交易之后的危难》( Wall Street Weigh on Chevron On Anadarko Deal )的说法,看看哪位顶级分析师称最新的雪佛龙公司( NYSE : CVX )收购是股东的“双赢”交易。 “白金汉电梯联合大陆展望,价格目标在第一次击败后”,由 Priya Nigam 讨论为什么联合大陆控股公司( NYSE : UAL )的前景看起来不错,尽管波音公司( NYSE : BA )737MAX 接地。 Shanshi Rexaline 的《 An Abbott Labs Analyst 的5个持有股票的理由:这一环境的近乎完美》表明,为什么有更多的理由拥有雅培(Abbott)公司( NYSE : ABT )的股票,而不是一个分析师的观点。 Brett Hershman 在《 Cowen's Off-Price Retail Store Visuals 》中展示了对 TJX 公司( NYSE : TJX )及其一些同行的前景的渠道调查。 对于更多看涨的人来说,还可以看看“帝国资本为何更看好迪斯尼”和“新道 RBC 看跌,少看多杜邦”。 熊 “奥本海默加入 CVS 分析师的合唱团近期展望”由汕头市 Rexaline 讨论为什么一个关键的分析师已经走到 CVS 健康公司( NYSE : CVS )的副业。 在戴夫·罗伊斯的《巡航航线股票下跌》一书中,特朗普政府加强了对古巴、委内瑞拉的限制,看看挪威邮轮控股有限公司( NYSE : NCLH )和其他公司如何受到新的旅行规则的影响。 Priya Nigam 的《 Raymond James Downkings Comerica ,说第一季度报告看起来不太好》显示了为什么一位分析师对最新的 Comerica Incorporated (纽约证券交易所: CMA )的利润增长没有印象。 一位关键分析师不再推荐做空 Piers1 ImportsInc ( NYSE : PIR )股票,但预计该公司将表现不佳。伊丽莎白·巴尔博亚的《第一号码头坠毁后的第四季度报告》说。 一定要检查一下“ JBHunt 的第一季小姐 A ‘现实检查’的行业吗?街道辩论”和“ RBC 升级马拉松,降低血压”为额外的悲观呼吁。 在编写本报告时,提交人对上述股票没有任何立场。 通过在 Twitter 上关注 Benzinga ,跟上所有最新的新闻和交易想法。 请参阅 Benzinga