CVS Pharmacy Completes Rollout of Time Delay Safes in All of Its Alabama Pharmacies


2019-04-25 06:45:00 PR Newswire


New safes for controlled substances anticipated to help reduce robbery incidents All 186 CVS Pharmacy locations in Alabama area now using time-delay safe technology WOONSOCKET, R.I., April 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health (CVS), announced today that it has completed the rollout of time delay safes in all of its 186 CVS Pharmacy locations in Alabama. The safes are anticipated to help prevent pharmacy robberies and the diversion of controlled substance narcotic medications by keeping them out of the hands of unauthorized individuals. In addition, the safes are anticipated to help CVS Pharmacy ensure the safety and well-being of its customers and employees.  CVS Pharmacy expects these time delay safes to help deter pharmacy robberies – including those involving opioid medications such as oxycodone and hydrocodone – by electronically delaying the time it takes for pharmacy employees to be able to open the safe. CVS Pharmacy first implemented time delay safes in Indianapolis, a city experiencing a high volume of pharmacy robberies, in 2015. The company saw a 70 percent decline in pharmacy robberies among the Indianapolis stores where the time delay safes had been installed. "Pharmacy robberies are a challenging issue for every pharmacy and we are committed to doing all we can to reduce the number of incidents in our Alabama stores," said Thomas M. Moriarty, Executive Vice President and Chief External Affairs Officer for CVS Health during an event today at a CVS Pharmacy in Birmingham. "We have seen that time delay safes, combined with other security policies and procedures in place at our stores, can greatly reduce these incidents and are pleased to roll out this enhanced security measure. These safes will help ensure that our pharmacies remain a safe environment for our patients and colleagues."  "I applaud CVS Health for being a great community partner in Alabama, and I am pleased to join them today in announcing the installation of time delay safes in all of their pharmacies across our state," said Attorney General Steve Marshall. "The opioid epidemic has hit Alabama especially hard, as it has so many other states, and our communities are working to fight this growing problem each and every day. An important way to do so is to ensure that medications are kept out of the wrong hands and these safes will make it harder for criminals to steal them." The time delay function cannot be overridden and is designed to serve as a deterrent to would-be pharmacy robbers whose goal is to enter and exit their robbery targets as quickly as possible. All CVS Pharmacy locations with time delay safes display visible signage warning that time delay safes are in use to prevent on-demand access to controlled substance narcotics. The implementation of time delay safes across all CVS Pharmacy locations in Alabama is among numerous measures that the company has put in place to help combat prescription drug abuse and misuse in the state. CVS Pharmacy's commitment to helping prevent and address prescription drug abuse extends to community education, efforts to encourage safe disposal of unused medication and increasing access to the opioid overdose-reversal drug naloxone.  The company's Pharmacists Teach program brings CVS pharmacists to schools across the country to talk to students and parents about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. More than 456,000 students across the country, including over 17,000 in Alabama, have participated in the program.  CVS Pharmacy has also completed installation of five safe medication disposal units in CVS Pharmacy stores in Alabama. These units are in addition to the 42 units the company has donated to Alabama law enforcement agencies. Nationwide, 1,029 safe medication disposal units have been installed in CVS Pharmacy locations, adding to the 950 units the company has donated to law enforcement agencies. Through this effort, the company has collected more than 715,000 pounds, or 324 metric tons of unwanted medication, including more than 18,000 pounds, or more than 8.6 metric tons in Alabama alone. Increasing community access to safe medication disposal helps rid homes of unused medications that could otherwise be diverted, abused or contaminate the water supply if disposed of improperly. Additionally, CVS Pharmacy has worked with 48 states – including Alabama – and Washington, DC to increase access to the opioid overdose-reversal drug naloxone, also known as Narcan. Patients can obtain this potentially life-saving medication, which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, without an individual prescription in these states. 
预计将有助于减少抢劫事件的受控物质的新保险箱 所有186个 CVS 药房位于阿拉巴马州地区,现在都采用了延时安全技术 WOONSOCKET , R.I .,2019年4月23日/ PRNewswire /- CVS Pharmacy , CVS Health ( CVS )的零售部门今天宣布,它已完成在其位于阿拉巴马州的186个 CVS Pharmacy 地点推出的延迟时间保险箱。这些保险箱预计将有助于防止药房抢劫和管制物质麻醉药品的转移,使其不在未经授权的个人手中。此外,这些保险箱预计将有助于 CVS 药房确保其客户和员工的安全和福祉。 CVS Pharmacy 希望这些时间延迟保险柜能够帮助阻止药房抢劫,包括那些涉及阿片类药物如羟考酮和氢可酮的抢劫犯,方法是以电子方式延迟药房员工打开保险柜所需的时间。CVS 药房于2015年首次在经历大量药房抢劫案的城市印第安纳波利斯实施了延时保险箱。该公司发现印第安纳波利斯的药店抢劫案减少了70%,因为那里安装了延时保险箱。 "药房抢劫是每个药店都面临的一个难题,我们致力于尽我们所能减少阿拉巴马商店中的事件数量," CVS Health 执行副总裁兼首席外部事务官 Thomas M . Moriarty 在今天伯明翰 CVS 药店的一次活动中说.“我们已经看到,延时保险箱,加上我们商店的其他安全政策和程序,可以大大减少这些事件,并高兴地推出这一加强的安全措施。这些安全措施将有助于确保我们的药房对我们的病人和同事仍然是一个安全的环境。”这是一个很好的例子 “我称赞 CVS 健康公司是阿拉巴马州一个伟大的社区合作伙伴,我很高兴今天与他们一起宣布在我们州的所有药店安装延时保险箱,”司法部长史蒂夫马歇尔说。“阿片类疾病对阿拉巴马州的影响尤为严重,因为它有许多其他州,我们的社区每天都在努力解决这个日益严重的问题。这样做的一个重要方法是确保药物不被错误的手拿出来,而这些安全措施将使罪犯更难盗取药物。” 时间延迟功能不能被推翻,它的目的是作为一种威慑未来的药店抢劫者,其目标是尽快进入和退出他们的抢劫目标。所有带有延时保险箱的 CVS 药房位置都显示出明显的信号警告,延迟保险箱被用来防止按需使用受控物质麻醉药品。 在阿拉巴马州所有 CVS 药店实施的延迟安全措施,是该公司为打击该州处方药滥用和滥用而采取的众多措施之一。CVS 药房帮助预防和解决处方药滥用的承诺延伸到社区教育、鼓励安全处置未使用药物和增加阿片类药物过量逆转药物纳洛酮的使用。该公司的药剂师教学计划将 CVS 药剂师带到全国各地的学校,与学生和家长讨论处方药物滥用的危险。全国有超过45.6万名学生参加了该项目,其中包括阿拉巴马州的17,000多名学生。 CVS 药房还在阿拉巴马州的 CVS 药店完成了五个安全药品处置单元的安装。这些单位是除了42个单位,该公司已捐赠给阿拉巴马州执法机构。在全国范围内, CVS 药房所在地已安装了1029个安全药物处置单元,加上该公司捐赠给执法机构的950个单元。通过这项努力,该公司已收集超过715,000磅,或324公吨不需要的药物,包括超过18,000磅,或超过8.6公吨在阿拉巴马州单独。越来越多的社区获得安全的药物处置,有助于消除房屋的未使用药物,否则可能会转移,滥用或污染供水,如果处置不当。 此外, CVS 药房还与48个州(包括阿拉巴马州)和华盛顿特区合作,增加阿片类药物类药物过量逆转纳洛酮( Nacione )的使用。患者可以获得这种潜在的挽救生命的药物,这可以扭转阿片类药物过量用药的影响,在这些州没有单独的处方。