Mayo Clinic, ASU Unveils Six Digital Health Startups for Inaugural MedTech Accelerator Cohort


2019-04-26 06:55:00 HIT Consultant


The MedTech Accelerator, a collaborative effort between Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University has announced the selection of six digital health startups for its inaugural cohort. The MedTech Accelerator provides medical device and healthcare IT early-stage companies with personalized business development plans to collaborate with Mayo Clinic and ASU and accelerate go to market and investment opportunities.  Benefits of Accelerator for Selected Startups The immersive experience will help participants develop or optimize new products and services, license intellectual property, and sponsor research and clinical studies. Participants will achieve this through individually tailored development plans, a trusted MedTech Accelerator entrepreneurship curriculum, idea mentoring and customer interactions within the health care ecosystem. The accelerator kicks off with an immersion program April 22–May 3 at Mayo Clinic’s Arizona campus with ongoing activities that can be done remotely. The accelerator will be completed within six to 12 months, with incentives, offered to participants to stay and work in Arizona. Here is a look at the MedTech Accelerator’s inaugural cohort: – BioInteractive Technologies produce wearable device and protocols for hand and wrist therapy for sports medicine rehabilitation. – GYANT combines messaging, artificial intelligence (AI) and medical experts to radically improve the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are not urgent. – Hexoskin produces a wearable shirt for in-home rehabilitation that contains embedded sensors connected to a remote patient monitoring platform. This technology behind this shirt uses AI and analytics from collected biometric data. – Life365 Inc., an Arizona-based remote patient monitoring company is working to evaluate patient adherence to care plans in post-acute settings. – Safe, a sexual health application, provides low-cost testing, information sharing, and relevant wellness education. – Securisyn produces a medical device that provides airway stability for ventilated patients to prevent unplanned extubations. “After a nationwide competitive application process, we couldn’t be more pleased with this first group of participating companies,” says Rick Hall, senior director of Health Innovation Programs at the ASU Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation and ASU’s managing partner of the accelerator. “The high level of applicants surpassed our expectations, providing us with a strong pool of MedTech companies with big potential for disruptive success.”
梅奥诊所和亚利桑那州立大学的合作项目 MedTechAccelerator 宣布,将为其首批团队选择6家数字健康初创公司。MedTechAccelerator 为医疗设备和医疗 IT 早期阶段的公司提供个性化的业务开发计划,以与 Mayo Clinic 和 ASU 合作,加快进入市场和投资机会。 加速器对选定创业公司的好处 沉浸式体验将帮助参与者开发或优化新产品和服务,许可知识产权,并赞助研究和临床研究。参与者将通过个人定制的发展计划、值得信赖的 MedTechAccelerator 创业课程、理念指导和医疗生态系统内的客户互动来实现这一目标。 该加速器从4月22日至5月3日在梅奥诊所亚利桑那州的校园中启动了一个浸入式项目,目前正在进行的活动可以远程完成。该加速器将在6至12个月内完成,并提供奖励,为参与者留在亚利桑那州和工作。 下面是 MedTechAccelerator 的首批学员: – BioInteractive Technologies 公司生产用于运动医学康复的手部和腕部治疗的可穿戴设备和协议。 – GYANT 将信息、人工智能( AI )和医学专家结合起来,从根本上改善不紧急情况的诊断和治疗。 – Hexskin 生产一件可穿戴衬衣,用于家庭康复,其中包含连接到远程患者监测平台的嵌入式传感器。这件衬衫背后的这项技术使用了从收集的生物特征数据中获得的人工智能和分析。 –一家位于亚利桑那州的远程患者监测公司 Life365 Inc .正在评估患者在急性发作后的护理计划遵守情况。 安全,性健康应用,提供低成本的测试,信息共享和相关的健康教育。 - Securisyn 生产一种医疗设备,为通风病人提供气道稳定性,以防止计划外的拔管。 ASU Edson 护理与健康创新学院( ASU Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation )健康创新项目高级主管、 ASU 加速器管理合伙人里克•霍尔( Rick Hall )表示:“经过全国范围的竞争应用程序,我们不能对第一批参与公司感到更满意。”“高水平的申请者超过了我们的预期,为我们提供了一个强大的 MedTech 公司池,这些公司极有可能取得颠覆性的成功。”