Probiotics Market Worth US$74.69 Bn at 7.3% CAGR by 2025| Exclusive Report by Fortune Business Insights


2019-05-04 06:30:00 CISION


Driven by changing dietary patterns, the consumption in Global Probiotics Market is expected to rise. This, as per a report by Fortune Business Insights, will push the market at a CAGR of 7.3% between 2018 and 2025. The report is titled "Probiotics Market Size, Share and Global Trend By Microbial Genus , Application , Distribution Channel and Geography Forecast till 2025," and is currently available for sale on the official website of Fortune Business Insights. The report predicts the global probiotics market to reach US$74.69 Bn by the end of 2025, as compared to US$ 42.55 Bn in 2018. Rising Incidence of Digestive Disorders Boosts Probiotics Sales Worldwide The rising incidence of various digestive disorders is the key reason behind the increasing demand for probiotics foods. Most common health disorders are often related to various lifestyle factors. Increasing access to information has rendered conscientious consumers more knowledgeable than ever. Therefore, they are willingly embracing probiotics for improving their health. Against this backdrop, the report highlights increasing health awareness as a chief driver of the global probiotics market.
在不断变化的饮食模式的推动下,全球益生菌市场的消费预计将上升。根据《财富》商业观察( Fortune Business Insights )的一份报告,这将推动2018年至2025年市场复合年增长率达到7.3%。该报告标题为“微生物的市场规模、份额和全球趋势、应用、分销渠道和地理预测,直到2025年”,目前可在《财富》商业观察的官方网站上出售。报告预测,到2025年,全球益生菌市场规模将达到74.69亿美元,而2018年为42.55亿美元。 消化系统疾病发病率的上升促进了益生菌在全球的销售 各种消化障碍发病率的上升是益生菌食品需求增加的关键原因。大多数常见的健康障碍往往与各种生活方式因素有关。越来越多地获取信息使尽责的消费者比以往任何时候都更加了解情况。因此,他们愿意接受益生菌,以改善他们的健康。在此背景下,该报告强调,作为全球益生菌市场的主要驱动力,健康意识不断增强。